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  1. Hello Now that i have 3/4 and 3/5 taken care of i'm still trying to get a night at the AKL. I can see rates in the 380.00 - 500.00+ range but was wondering if you see anything cheaper than that? That price that i'm seeing is before taxes. I have seen the Coronado for that night at 170.00+ but i stayed there last year and out of all the hotels that i've stayed at which is now everyone with the exception of the Caribbean it is my least favorite. Maybe because of the convention and construction that was taken place but it for some reason did not have that Disney feel to it. But it's a decent price and I might bite if it pops up again, but i'm really trying to get a night at AKL for my daughter. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hello I'm wondering if anyone has had any success finding a car at MCO March 1st (arriving 10:30 PM) departing Friday March 6th 5:30 drop off. I'm looking for a mid size or smaller car, in terminal is preferrabe, preference is to stay with on of the larger carriers Dollar, Alamo, Enterprise, Budget, Hertz than one of the carriers that are a shuttle away with very low scores. Thank you Kyle
  3. Hello I was able to to get the Dolphin, and i have it booked for the 4th departing on the 6th using the coupon code provided. Now to fill in the rest of the nights but this will be a nice way to end the trip, always nice to be on the boardwalk, it is a beautiful area. Time fo find a rental car for the 1st thru the 6th any suggestions for a good site to use? Thank you for your support Kyle
  4. Hello, Yes 200.00 a night would be fine for those two nights, i have stayed at the dolphin and enjoy the location. I'll figure out the room with the sofa for the 3rd, i believe that i can get something at the Caribe Royale. Kyle
  5. Hello 3/1 and 3/2 i'm going to find a room that works for me. Tuesday 3/3 departing 3.4 is when m sons join us and i'm looking for a property close to disney Springs that accommodates 3. This is the night that my son joins me so i will check the hotels that have 2 queen beds and a Sleep sofa. For 3/4 and 3/5 i would like to get a standard room in Disney Springs that is nice two queen beds is what i need for these nights. A disney property would be perfect but i also know that might not be feasible. I need to find a rental car now for March 1st - March 6tj. Sorry again for the late reply Kyle
  6. This is interesting since it seems like the nights aren't 3/3 working out for me. If the AKL rate for 3/4 was available for 3/5 i would jump on that since that is the Thursday prior to departing Friday night and would give me two days to relax at the pool and allow my daughter to enjoy the hotel. Tuesday 3/3 do you see anything in the disney springs area that would have two queens and a pull out sofa? I also wanted to ask if you think waiting another week or so would possibly open up a few other options? I'm not worried about waiting until the last minute if necessary. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Kyle
  7. Hello, This was the Hyatt hotel, it is 108.00 on priceline, but there are additional fees, i'm not sure it that is about what i should expect to get it for? I looked at this for the first night and we could use the pool on 3/02 or possibly do this for both 3/01 and 3/02 departing 3/03 that might make more sense. Hyatt Regency Orlando Intl. Drive - Convention Center - Sea World Thank you Kyle
  8. Hello I am ready to book now, I was waiting for the tournament schedule to be locked for the team. Out of the disney Spring hotels that you listed would do any of those have a sleep sofa for Tuesday 3/03? The team has a day off on Wednesday 3/04 and my son will be joining us for a night. Also do you see anything for disney hotels now for 3/4 departing 3/6? 3/1, and 3/2 i will probably just take my chances with what i can find, last trip i stayed at a Hyatt, not sure of the name but it wasn't to far from MCO i believe it was on International drive and looked like a hotel for conventions with a large parking garage off the property at least thats how it felt and a large pool area that was very nice. Thank you Kyle
  9. Just curious, what are the Disney springs properties at 125-150 that you are seeing? certainly interested in that area. thank you for your help kyle
  10. Hello Thanks for the follow up. I should have been a little clearer. Sunday March 1st since i'm arriving at 10:30 PM i'm going to be staying some place cheap i will find that with no issues. The 4 nights were the 800.00 budget. I am flexible enough to bounce from hotel to hotel all 4 nights. Disney springs is certainly an option, Tuesday March 2nd i will probably look for a hotel that has a sleep sofa since my son is coming down to stay with us for the night since he has an off day on wednesday. I would be looking for a Disney property March 2nd for one night. March 4th and 5th would also be open to a Disney property or a hotel in Spings or Bonnet Creek that has a nice pool to relax at for the day. Port Orleans Riverside is nice but i've stayed there and for 222.00 is not what i would be looking for would love to find the Animal Kingdom for one night then we can use the pool for two days and that is the hotel my daughter is most interested in money is not an issue for that. Thanks again for looking, i'm probably more of a bother but you've been extremely helpful, have a lot on my plate right now and your feedback has allowed me to think through some things. Take care Kyle
  11. Hello, it is a big tournament but most people tend to stay in the Lakeland/Winter Haven area with the Teams. i like to stay in the Disney area since you can find nicer hotels for less money at least that is what I have found in the past. the first day Sunday 3/01 we don’t get in until 10:30 PM si I really don’t want to put much money into a hotel that night. i could easily hop to another hotel on Monday the 2nd and never have an issue with hotel hopping. I think I would like to stay in the 800.00 range for the trip but if something nice opened up for more money can be flexible. i hope that helps. Thank you kyle
  12. Hello I am traveling down to Winter Haven from NH for the Russmatt College baseball Tournament Sunday March 1st 2020 departing Friday March 6th 2020. My son will be staying with his team from Saint Josephs College in Maine and I am looking to stay with my daughter in a Disney Resort hotel. I am open to a 3, 4 or 4.5 star hotel, and have no issues booking single night reservations or all 5 nights. Can anyone help with identifying what i should be looking for to potentially get a resort hotel? moderate would probably be preferred if its all 5 nights but again i can accomodate anything. My daughter has expressed an interest in the Animal Kingdom, loves the Coronado spring, POFQ, Carribean, Disney Swan or Dolphin. Polynesian or Beach Club would be AWESOME :0 Trying to find out if its too early to be looking? and what i should be looking for? Appreciate any help that anyone can provide. On a side note a Universal Resort would also be an option, i have only stayed there on one occassion and that was at the Hard Rock. Thanks for your hep in advance and sorry for the lengthy post Kyle
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