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  1. I am traveling to SLC on 8/9/07 to 8/12/07 I would like to stay at a *4 hotel and I would like to stay at a different hotel than the Hilton or Marriott Most of the wins I have seen on the web sites for *4 hotels in SLC are the Hilton & Marriott and have been in the $60-$64/5 price range. That has also been my experince when I have won the bid for a *4 star in SLC. I have won that price 5 or 6 times, (not all listed on the web site, but I have always gone through SavingsBarn). I would like to get another hotel out there. So here's my question: If I bid, let say, $66, $68, $70 or higher; what is the possibility of getting another *4 facility besides the ones I mentioned? If it is a possibilty, are there any odds on this? I think hotels go on and off Priceline; but could there be only two *4 hotel chains for Priceline, in this city? I think I have read something about the subject on a question or two posed here on this board, but I didn't understand the answer. I don't want to bid higher if there is a strong possiblity I will get the same hotels (Hilton or Marriott), for what I could get at a lower price. I have seen the Hotel Monaco won on priceline, but I haven't seen this hotel on Priceline wins for a couple of years. I don't think I have seen Little America or Grand America (the Grand America would be a*5 star I believe,if it was listed) won on priceline, but I would love to stay at any of these hotels. I would pay more. Bidding History for this trip: I started bidding for a *4 hotel at $50, before I started to think about wanting to get another hotel then the ones mentioned. Using all the free rebid zones I got up to $60 and no takers. I will start bidding where I left off unless I hear of other possibilities. Thanks
  2. I made a mistake, this is not the Hyatt Regency at the Embarcadero. Maybe one of the administrators could delete embarcadero out of the title and then delete this reply. Thanks
  3. I started bidding on 2/16/07 at $60. for a *4 USE, $58 for a boutique USE $55 for a *3 in USE all were rejected. I closed browser & re-opened I added USW, bid $81 for *4 and was accepted. (I think I might have got it for a lower bid) Union Square East - Embarcadero 345 Stockton Street San Francisco, California 94108 415-398-1234 Check-In Date: Sun, Feb 18, 2007 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Mon, Feb 19, 2007 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $81.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $81.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $19.43 Total Charges*: $100.43 used the SB link
  4. The priceline room did have only one bed and they were willing to upgrade for $35.00 a night. The room is in the newest tower. They are happy.
  5. There is a lot to consider when getting credit cards for travel and I would like to get as much information as possible on things that I might not have considered. I would like to hear about what cards are great or anything else about travel deals & credit cards. I have airline cards "United" and "Southwest". I use them for everything and I have accrued several trips etc. I have thought about getting different cards like the America PRICELINE EXPRESS and Diners. I have heard Diners is a good one to have if you travel overseas. Is it true? Is it good for other resons as well? I don't know what advantage there is in having an America PRICELINE EXPRESS. I had heard that if you had an America PRICELINE EXPRESS (gold?) that your auto rental insuance was covered. I called about this and I can't remember exactly what they said, but the "insurance", was not a good deal. Now that I am bidding for hotels on Priceline, I can see the advantage for possible upgrades etc., in hotels if you have the hotel cards. I have been mainly staying in Marriott hotels, I will be applying for their card soon. I would like to be prepared for possible travel to other areas or other hotels and I don't necessarily want to scramble to get cards at the last minute. However, I also don't think I want to be paying annual fees of rarely used credit cards. Can you right off the annual fees on taxes? Lot of things to consider. I would like to hear all thoughts. thanks
  6. Thanks again thereuare for the help For the USW: I began bidding at $68 and I increased the bids by approximately $5 over the last few nights until I reached $117; all were rejected. I decided to add USE. I began bidding at $75 and increased it every $5 until I reached $90 and was accepted. Check-In Date: Thursday, February 15, 2007 Check-Out Date: Sunday, February 20, 2007 Hotel Name: The Westin ST. Francis 335 Powell St San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 397-7000 Your Offer Price: $90 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 5 Subtotal: $450 The notice from Priceline was sent to my friend email, so I dont' know what the tax is I went through Savings Barn I know you will change the heading to reflect this win and also change it from USW to USE. I do have one question and that is: this is the one hotel that I have read tends to give you just one bed. Can my friend tell them that she needs 2 full size beds instead of one, because she will have her adult son. with her? Any suggestions on how to communicate this request. I also told her to join and get a Starwood preference card. Thanks
  7. check out: 2/20/07. I am bidding for them. She's entered all the information and her credit card and I am doing the bidding. Thanks
  8. Thank you thereuare for the help. My friend decided that she just wants to stay only in the USW, so I would appreciate more help. I understand the free rebid zones in San francisco, but what I don't understand is doing the permutations of the free rebid zones and if you can concretely show me how to do this I would appreciate it. What I have done is bid (through Savings Barn): USW (union square west) if rejected, I pick up an additional area in the zone like: CC (civic center) then I bid and if rejected, I ADD: CH (cathedral hill) I bid and if rejected, I ADD: SSF (south San francisco) and bid After I bid all of the 4 areas (including the 3 free rebids areas), I am done, if rejected. I checked a response you gave to someone bidding in San Francisco (different area of the zone but it doesn't matter): So as I understand the above; someone is able to bid 8 times in a session instead of 4 times When I think I am trying this, I am having trouble. After the first 2 trys, I close browser and reopen, when I try to bid other areas of the zone, it tells me there are no *4 hotels in that area, so select again. So I don't get an additional rebidding. This is probably simple but I don't understand. Could you show me by mapping it out exactly the areas in my zone and how I would bid. Thanks
  9. USW - started bid at 68 - rejected added CC bid 70 - rejected added CH bid 72 - rejected added SSF bid 74 - rejected The highest I would like to pay is $100. I see most bids accepted around $75. I should I have bid this to get more bid options? Should I have closed the browser and opened it up several times? Would someone show me how that would look, if that is the case? This is for 5 nights, would breaking the days up help? Are hotels in San Francisco, busy during Presidents holiday weekend and also the weekend following Valentines Day? I would appreciate any help. thanks
  10. I haven't started bidding yet, but would like some help in regards to the weekend or 2/15/07 - 2/18/07 Looking for a friend who will be coming in town her two grown children. She would like to have 2 beds. I have read that some hotels in S.F., i.e. Westin USE, will only give you one bed. Will they give two beds if requested? Are there other hotels in USE or USW that want to give you just one bed? I am also going to suggest that she get a "preferred card" to what ever hotel she stays. Any other suggestions for increasing a possibiliy for a better room, etc.? Also are S.F. hotels busy during presidents weekend? This one is close to Valentines day. Do a lot of people go into big cities like San Francisco around Valentines? They will be coming in on Bart from the Oakland airport, so I thought it would be nice to have something close to the barts drop offs in downtown San Francisco? I understand free rebid zones in San Francisco, and suggestions on where to stay, how to bid this stay or anything else? I have tried to find the San Francisco hotel section that I have seen on this website. It's the one that has the bubbles that you click on to open the hotels location, etc. up, could someone help with providing this for me. I have never used HOTWIRE, they are considering using it with a combined airfare & hotel. What if someone bid for a package hotel and airfare for one and she had her kids stay with her? Does this look like a good thing? Any other suggestions, I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  11. I bid numerous times for this *3 star for $45. and $50 and was not accepted. I kept bidding the same price because I thought that maybe the hotel had not released rooms to Priceline yet (or at all). I finally thought maybe thursday night was hanging me up, so I bid for 1/5/07 - 1/7/07 for $45 and was accepted. Then I hit a tab that allowed me to extend my visit, I first bid 1/4/07 for $45, Priceline came back and said I could have the room for $61. I took it. (you can see more details of my experience with this trip under the topic in the Utah Priceline section: bidding a variation of your length of stay...) Used SavingsBarn.com. Provo Zone Marriott Convention Center Hotel *3 star 101 West 100 North Provo, Utah 84601 801-377-4700 Check-In Date: Thurs 1/4/07 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Sun 1/7/07 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM *******1/4/07 accepted for $61, 1/5/07-1/7/07 accepted for $45 ******* Your Offer Price: $45 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $45.00 Subtotal: $90.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $18.26 Total Charges for Original Reservation*: $108.26 ADDITIONAL NIGHT CHARGE Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $61.00 Subtotal: $61.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $14.53 Total Charges for Add. Night Res.*: $75.53
  12. Thanks again for responding, Dahammer I just came away from Priceline (through Savings Barn) and I just had a win (which I will also post as a seperate post). I started bidding for the (only one) *3 for $45 in that area and got rejected (1/4/07 to 1/7/07). then I bid * 2 1/2 for $45 and was rejected. Then I started thinking that the date I am comming in, is on a thursday night and the time I had won this hotel before was for a friday and saturday night, so I changed my dates to 1/5/07 to 1/7/07 and bid the *2 1/2 star for $45 and was accepted, they upgraded me to the *3. Then I hit the tab that allows you to extend your stay and selected the day earlier and was told I had to pay $16 more and I could have the room. I paid the additional price, $61 for 1/4 and $45 each for 1/5 & 1/6. I am generally happy with the outcome, but I think I could have probably got the original rooms (fri and sat) for less than $45, what do you think? My other questions are; you often read that hotels rates are less on the weekend then during the week, do others experience rooms being available for the weekend but not during the week for the same rates and do they bid for the weekend and extend the way I did or is there other ways of approaching this situation? Thanks
  13. Thanks again Dahammer I want to give an update to what I have done to try to secure a room in Provo, Utah, 1/4/07 to 1/7/07. I would appreciate any continuing recommendation.. from anyone. Since you (Dahammer)said in essence; you never know if a hotel will/will not release rooms for Priceline, I decided to bid for *2 1/2 and *2 hotels in the Provo zone. The top limit I wanted to pay was $50 for a *3. I bid $50 for the *3 and was rejected. Then I bid *2 1/2 for $35 and was rejected. I bid $35 for a *2 and Priceline told me: "If you are willing to raise your price by $9, you can try the same request again right now." So I think that if I raise my price to $9, I could probably get a *2 room for $44, right? Is it the rule, when they give you this offer and you pay, that you can pretty much be assured you will get a room? I have been offered a deal like this before in Salt lake City for *4 Hilton and I got the room when I raised the price to what they wanted. Now I have been reading on this website, that if time allows, I can continue to keep bidding by $1 increments from the $35, to see if I get accepted at a lower price than what they are offering, which I understand, generally happens. I saved the offer for security and I am continuing to bid for the *3 & *2 1/2 every night just in case they release rooms for higher * I want. I am bidding the * 2 1/2 & *3 for $40 to $50., every night. I will probably start to bid the *2 at $36 by Monday and keep raising it to see if I can get the *2 for less than $44. Tell me if I'm wrong or if there are elements or strategy I am not considering. Thanks I have another question, does anyone think Priceline reads these kinds of websites?
  14. I have more questions; one in reponse to Yellowdog's answer. Thank you for the answer, I could have made a mistake. I just want to see the odds on this question: I would like to know what percentage of the time does Priceline offer additional nights and if it is generally at the same rate. To Dahammer; thanks again for answering my questions, you are always very helpful. In regards to your answer, it suprises me, I would have thought that the rate for a *3 star would have been more than a *2 1/2. The *3 star usually have higher rates than a *2 1/2, I don't know why a 2 1/2 would not accept a bid that *3 star would, it's probably very simple, but I don't get it, can you help me? I just checked the Marriott web site and I did see that a *2 1/2 is the same rates as there *3. I guess this could mean a number of things, one, that there is some sort of convention, etc. that could be using up more of the rooms. I still want to understand this better I would appreciate any help with the following trip I am making: I am traveling to Provo, Utah 1/4/07 till' 1/7/07. I have secured my airlines, my rental car (through s.barn) for the dates, but I have not secured my hotel. Provo zone is only one zone. There is only one *3 hotel in that zone, which is the Marriott Convention Center hotel. This is where I would like to stay. The rate that the Marriott is selling a room for is: $89.00. I can find it for $84. on cheaptickets, Expedia had it at the same rates as the hotel: $89. I would like to spend no more than $55 a night and would like to get it for less. I have started bidding at $35, then $40 then $45. That's all I have done. The hotel rate (through the hotel) is lower than it was the last time I stayed there and the other web sites don't show as much difference. They are about the same as the quoted hotel rates. Below is my past experience with bidding the hotel. I know that the last time I stayed was during the Thanksgiving holiday and hotels are usually slow and there was not a ski season yet. Now ski season has taken off and skiers do stay at the hotel, but I was told not a lot. I am also willing to consider a *2 1/2. I just like that hotel. My past experience with bidding this hotel was the following: This was for the dates of Nov.26th and 27th (the sunday and Monday following Thanksgiving). The rates at the time were $109. through the hotel and $89. through sites like cheaptickets. I bid for nearly a month before for this hotel, I started the bidding $35, I keep raising it every $5 until I got up to the $89. This was the price I saw I could get a room through something like cheaptickets and still I was not accepted. So, I decided to go to Sandy, Utah and bid for a *2 1/2 star and I got the Resisdence Inn for $45. I decided to come out early on Nov. 24th, I knew I could extend my stay at the Resisdence Inn, but I tried for the Provo zone *3 for $45 on the same day, Nov. 24 and 25th and I got it. This had me think that the hotel had released rooms very close to the dates and maybe this is the way they do it. That's why I am not bidding more and am waiting to get closer to the dates. There might be more to than I think and that is why I am asking for help. Thanks
  15. I have seen references to individuals getting accepted to a *2 or *2 1/2 star hotel(s) and then getting upgraded to a *3. How and why does this happen? Is it common?
  16. I am bidding in an area that only has one zone. I have to wait 24 hours to bid again. I have only won bids four times, so my experience is limited; but each time Priceline has stated, I could add on days by extending the dates before or after the date accepted, for the same price. If I am wanting to stay 3 days and was not accepted for a bid and bid again starting for one day, or two days etc., is this a good way of trying to get more bidding in an area? What percentage of the time does Priceline allow you to extend your visit, either way, for the same price?
  17. I can't remember how many times I tried to get accepted, maybe 4 times. I started at $14 then I went to $15. I think I tried $15 several times. I had not attempted for about 5 days, when I tried today (12/24/06) I was accepted for $16. I thought I was going to have to pay more because this is a 3 day holiday weekend -Presidents' weekend . I know this is a big ski weekend. So I am happy. Does anyone have an easy way of keeping track of attemps? Thanks Salt Lake City 2/15/07 (pickup 10:30pm) 2/18/07 (drop-off 10:00am) Avis - Midsize Your Offer Price: $16.00 Total Rental Days: 3 Subtotal: $48.00 Taxes & Fees: $23.25 Total Charges: $71.25 Lowest Published Price: $147.78 Total Savings:* $76.53 (You saved 52%) I went through Savings Barn for the rental
  18. first bid was accepted $14. Avis -midsize Your Offer Price: $14.00 Total Rental Days: 3 Subtotal: $42.00 Taxes & Fees: $21.24 Total Charges: $63.24 Lowest Published Price: $147.78 Total Savings:* $84.54 (You saved 57%) Anyone know of ways of getting additional coupons, etc.? thanks
  19. Everyone knows about the Sundance Film Festival (January 18-28th 2007), but I travel to Salt Lake/ Provo every 6 weeks and have for 2 1/2 years (unfortunately not using PL, except the last two trips), and I have become aware of LDS (Mormon) events and local state holidays that affect hotel accomodations, etc. I 'm going to list them and if others know of other events or dates that effect travel in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, I would appreciate knowing about them. The first weekend of April and the first weekend of October the LDS have a HUGE conference/gathering that fills a lot of hotels in Salt Lake City. "Pioneer Day" State Holiday- July 24th There's BYU games that affect Provo hotels
  20. Thanks that helped. "Over time, by posting the rejected bids along with the ultimate accepted bid, we should be able to still figure out the "right" price to start our bids in each zone".My questions are: Don't bids change as to the time of the year, local events, holidays etc.? Is there really a standard, a "right" price in figuring out where to start our bids in each zone?
  21. You just left me a message regarding my Sandy stay and I answered your question on my post. I saw that you were going to be out in Utah at the same time i was going to be there in Janurary and I wanted you to know that I just bid and had it accepted today (12/12) an auto rental for a mid-size for $14.00. It's with Avis. And you can upgrade for good prices.
  22. Yes, it was my first try. If I did it again I would probably start at $35.00 and see. I bid on 11/2/07. I was getting nervous because 3* Provo which is the Marriott (which was closer to where I was doing business and where I wanted to stay) was not accepting any bids and i wanted to secure a room. I have only used Priceline twice before, so I am not really savy about all the in's and out's of bidding, YET. This was the first Sunday and Monday night after Thanksgiving. Goodluck
  23. What does that mean: "no rebid zones in Provo?" Is there a search area on this web site to locate topics like, no rebid zones"? I am reading Priceline for Dummies because I want to understand the bidding process better. Is there any sources that you know of, for understanding Priceline better? Thanks
  24. I travel to Provo, Utah every 6 weeks and I would like to have as much information as possible regarding the hotels, especially the Marriott Convention Center Hotel. Thanks
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