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  1. Free internet, parking, airport shuttle, biz car, fitness ctr, pool (closed for season) restaurant
  2. Complimentary Free breakfast Free internet Amenities Business center Fitness center Golf nearby Pet friendly Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms I had to book via phone because of the credit card issues.
  3. So now in this insanity. Tried to book a couple times. Got an error saying problem with my card but I check with the bank. They say they went through just fine so they call Hotwire and Hotwire says that the room sold out before I hit book and it will take a 5 days to release the holds. i now can’t book anything at all for 5 days because Hotwire offered me rooms they don’t have
  4. It was working for me then suddenly started saying invalid. I called them on the phone and ravel won’t pop anymore now of course. They also told me it is for hotels over $200 a night and I had to repeatedly insist the fine print says $200 purchase (and mine was over $360)
  5. I can’t with Hotwire anymore. I’m going to find something as cheap as humanly possible and I’m going to book it and use up my hot dollars. If it doesn’t meet the promises I’m going to file a cc dispute. I will NEVER seek resolution through Hotwire again and anyone who does is mad
  6. Radisson Wall Street is even cheaper but no balcony or guaranteed view 😭
  7. I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger I’m prob going to regret this but I’m going to try to resist til I get out of the shower 😭
  8. Nervously watching rates creep up. About to pull the trigger on Boro. Any last tips?
  9. Are you seeing any better than 192 for a queen balcony at Boro ? LIC 4.5 * I’m using 1 adult 1 child criteria for 9/11-9-13
  10. I can’t get Ravel to pop no matter my criteria unless I omit 9/11. i can get boro Queen with balcony for $196 which is a lot more than I want but puts me in at $10 over HoJo and guarantees a balcony with a Manhattan view. Waiting to hear from you to pull the trigger hopefully
  11. So update. Still having major issues with the hot cash thing and spent literally hours today going in circles about it. Problem is still not fixed but they threw another $40 hot cash at me as a sorry so I will suck it up. Looking for best recommendations fitting the above criteria with $80 hot cash and the 8% and I’m going to try to be a little more flexible in the budget to avoid another nightmare or at least get a good enough deal I can cope cause I don’t want to have to do their resolution process ever again. Asking here as i’m not sure why but your rates are always a few dollars cheaper than what I see and I’m clearly a budget traveler.
  12. Yeah it’s gone thanks to my hot cash not working from mobile and hotwire’s refusal to help think I’m going to quit blind booking
  13. Lets try again though I'm scared that I might have missed my chance since I'm getting $188 now.
  14. No they don’t, they just have issues with it on mobile web and I can’t use desktop right now. Really frustrated with their customer service. what is special about the link? If you can tell me for future reference so hopefully I can do it myself - lol
  15. Two nights. 9/11 and 9/12. We have flights booked but we fly southwest so theoretically we still could change our flights to leave on the 10th but likely won’t as we are 3 wks out now. I am planning to hopefully opaque book the KCI Ramada in Platte City for that leg of the trip. I’m just trying to finalize the LIC plan. love LIC but not opposed to something in Manhattan that is outstanding and on budget
  16. I apologize. Have had much going on lately and apparently am only skimming things. We ended up sticking with our original plan of flying from Kansas City to LGA so I will share my KC win when I book it. We are looking for a hotel for the nights of 9/11-9/12. My preference is Long Island City. I’m flexible on star rating, but I want clean and safe and especially no bugs. I’d be interested in options of splitting the stay between two hotels if anything jumps out. My back up reservation is at the Howard Johnson in LIC and the total for the reservation is $382.00. More than I want to pay period but definitely more than I want to pay to stay there. I have $40 off a hot rate that I can combine with a coupon also. Wishlist is a balcony. A rooftop would be nice as well but not a need. I want to stay at the Ravel but i’m still hoping it will come down a bit from that $181
  17. still have not made a decision and getting discouraged lol. I am still hoping for a price drop but as of now we are probably going to keep our reservation at the Howard Johnson unless there is a great coupon, a rate drop, or I just decided to up my budget and book the Ravel.
  18. I’m especially familiar with LIC Also I forgot to mention that I have $40 HotCash so that combined with any promos to get me close to budget would be good. I want to stay somewhere nice for sure the 11th and 12th but for the 10th we just need safe and clean and no bed bugs. Prefer to not move hotels. Traveling with my 14 year old
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