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  1. Thank you for the tips! After additional research, we ended up going with a package. Now we know if we ever plan a next trip, we should do it much more in advance! 😉
  2. I may already be late to the game, but we just booked a family vacation to Disney World. Our family of four is going, and planning to meet up with grandparents + aunts / uncles. As we are the ones with the kids, we were hoping to stay on-site at a Disney World hotel, the dates re 2/16 - 2/21. I did a quick parse through the Hotwire deals, but it was hard for me to tell which ones might actually be on-property, and I'm looking for the more centrally located ones (like close to Epcot or Magic Kingdom), so was hoping for some tips from folks who might have a little more experience or knowledge of the area. I also looked through things like Costco deals, which did seem to still have the Dolphin / Swan, but where they make you buy a package that includes tickets. The grandparents are kindly supplying tickets, which is why it would be nice to find just a hotel and not have to worry about the park tickets as well. To be more succinct - for hotel help, looking for 3.5* or greater, in the area in / around Epcot / Magic Kingdom, from 2/16 - 2/21, no greater than $400 a night. Help or pointers are greatly appreciated - thank you!
  3. Thank you for the information, it's very helpful! I also appreciate the recommendations for nearby food -- looking forward to trying them out! We are pretty comfortable if we get the standard Queen, but I selected the less definitive version in the hopes to get something a little better based on occupancy. 🙂 Will see how it works out! For the resort fees -- it sounds like it would also be separate from the price quoted through the hotel website? Asking because I was a little apprehensive at first because I was definitely interested in staying at Nomo Soho, but the uncertainty around the HotRate was a little nerve-wracking. The Nomo Soho website advertised a 30% off deal that I was comparing to Hotline and trying to decide which to go to, and if the resort fee was included in this price. I think if it had been, it would have made it somewhat comparable (Hotline edged it out, especially after using the 10% discount). If not, then the Hotline price is a clear winner.
  4. Thank you for this feedback! I chose the deal that I wanted (the Hotwire Soho 4.5* for $190ish a night) and got Nomo Soho. Thank you for all of the help and advice here! I also used the 10% Hotwire code, and I'm pretty pleased about this entire experience! Would definitely pass on the recommendation to use this to a friend. I'm also excited for the hotel that we were assigned due to its central location in Soho. I hope the hotel will live up to its name, as I've been warned that hotels in NYC can sometimes be hit-or-miss. Also, I selected the "any room" option, hoping to maybe get an upgrade (like a king instead of the confirmed queen option). Is that how it works? One question I had was resort fees. They charged one for us, and I understand that is not part of the Hotwire price. Are resort fees par for course in NYC? When I did some searching here and by Google, seems like this is a recent addition that was a surprise for some Hotline bookings, but mine was clearly detailed (and also quite expensive!). Thanks again so much!!
  5. Hello! This is my first post, and I was referred to this site by an especially helpful coworker. I'm excited to try this for the fist time! My husband and I are traveling on our first kid-free trip in years to NYC. We'd love to find a 4/5* hotel in Union Square / SoHo areas for around $200 a night. We'll be in NYC from 8/5 - 8/8. Free breakfast would be a nice but not necessary amenity. Walkable proximity to things like subway stops, yummy restaurants, and good coffee would be amazing.
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