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  1. I was thinking about getting the $127 HOTWIRE deal but I am going to wait for a promo to come out. If I name a Priceline price of 115$, for minimum of 4 star will that work?
  2. Hello, I am looking to get an hotel for April 11th-14th. I was thinking about using the priceline name your price tool. What will be a good price to start at for a minimum of 4 star hotel in the Union Square east area. I was planning on using HOTWIRE hotrate deal but they currently do not have a Hotwire Coupon available. I was going to use PRICELINE EXPRESS deals but they start at 199 a night for that specific area.
  3. after everything. I did the $159 a night and WON the Hotel Nazionale Rome. thanks again
  4. im sorry dissregard the last post, this the one i meant: $176 a night june 1-4 5-star Hotel in Repubblica - Via Nazionale area Amenities Business centerFitness centerRestaurant(s)Smoke-free rooms i used the tool, nothing is coming up. i will be buying tonight. sorry for the inconvenience of asking so much.
  5. Ok I’m sorry this hotel finding been getting a little confusing. Last option is this one. 4* hotel repubblica via naZionale $110. Internet business center fitness restaurant smoke free room. Is that the Iq hotel? If so I’m just going to get that
  6. Right after I put the credit card info in. It says processing and then just go back to the same page of where you put the credit card info in. No error code or anything. But when I look at Hotwire site directly those 2 deals are not on there. The closest pricing is a property for $147 and another one for $165. No 148 or $156 property. This happened a couple days ago when I seen a 5 star property on here it was one price on here but that specific deal wasn’t on Hotwire site directly. And when I went to checkout from the link on here it still didn’t work.
  7. And just to compare with one final option, Priceline has the 4* hotel at Spanish steps-Trevi fountain $146. Shuttle restaurant no smoking free internet.? thanks for your help I will Be buying today since the 2 above didn’t work for some reason. I’m guessing they are not available
  8. Ok, the only problem is when I use the betterbidding tool it shows a hotel under 4* villa vaneto june 1-4th one for $148.28 and another one for $156.00 when I tried to purchase each of those through the site it doesn’t process the order like those doesn’t exist
  9. Hello, Now since the 10 percent Hotwire Coupon is available I am ready to book this rome trip. Question I tried to use the tool to see what 2 hotels are these but it doesnt populate in the tool. the first one is: $160 4-star Hotel in Piazza Navona - Pantheon area 51% off Amenities Complimentary Free internet Amenities Pet friendlySmoke-free rooms my guess is Hotel Nazionale Rome The other one is $163 4-star Hotel in Piazza Navona - Pantheon area 37% off Amenities Complimentary Free internet Amenities Pet friendlySmoke-free rooms my guess is Hotel Rinascimento Rome, IT i could be wrong please help clarify then I would book through this site
  10. I tried to look on the hotel lists but it shows 5 different hotels on what it can be
  11. Good evening, I am looking at a property June 4th- June 6th Florence Italy. Priceline Express is the site I am looking at. I tried to use the tool but when I try to load the "is this a good price" it doesn't show anything. The price is $153 a night. Do you have an idea of what this property will be? Hotel Amenities Free Internet Available Pets Allowed No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Access
  12. Its from Jun 1st to June 4th $254 a night Priceline 5-Star Hotel Veneto - Villa Borghes Indoor Swimming Pool Pets Allowed Fitness Center Business Center Spa Restaurant No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Free Internet Available Free Internet Access Swimming Pool
  13. Thank you I really appreciate this info. Now I did find one more pricing and it’s over at Priceline same dates June 1-4th it looks like that one is giving the Westin. Roughly around the same price. Is it possible Priceline is the better deal?
  14. I took a look at it, buying it separate become the same price as buying it whole with the coupon. Last question is the vaneto villa area a good area to stay compared to other areas? I noticed all the bigger hotels such as the Westin is all in that area
  15. Thanks again for the information, do you think that is a good deal at $220 a night? I’m considering doing the $25 off for each night. If I book 3 different reservations does that cause issues at the hotel or they typically allow to keep the same room each night?
  16. Ok thank you very much, I was just reading around on some reviews and people say they don't feel as though its a 5 Star type hotel. Also do you believe I should wait to book this until I find a 10 percent off deal since its still early?
  17. I had won this deal!!!!! It was a nice room! HOTWIRE gave me the clue saying last person got the Loews, so I hurried and purchased it!!! Amenities: Free internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby, Children's activities
  18. Hello Everyone!! I am looking at the Hotel 5* hotel in Veneto - Villa Borghese area from June 1st- June 4th. It says the last person received the Grand Hotel Palace in Rome. Do you think that is what i'll get. I looked at reviews on the hotel and it does not seem like its anywhere close to a 5 star hotel. Hotwire has the price at $218 per night. I never been to rome and I want to be able to stay in the most tourists location. And I noticed most of the name brand hotels I am familiar with is in that area. I know we have the $25 off Hotwire Coupon promo right now, should I wait to see if another better deal comes out since its not until June. Amenities Complimentary Free internet Amenities Business center Fitness center Golf nearby Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Smoke-free room Thanks!!
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