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  1. Ah makes sense, thanks! I did book it using the link and it was indeed the Courtyard Marriott
  2. Oh thanks! Sorry I didn't realize the links expire. Your RevealHotels.com site could not automatically identify it ( Our Guess: no Instant ID found) but when I clicked on the link it guessed it was the Courtyard Marriott with "Excellent" confidence. Here are the details for the hotel room. It seems to match up to the Courtyard. Dates of travel: Oct 19-25 Hotwire rate for those dates is $79/night Regular price on Hotwire is listed as $159* * Hotel details on Hotwire 3.5-star Hotel in Upper East Side area Other details: Guest ratings Very good! 4.2 Rating details Condition of hotel 4.1 Quality of service 4.3 Room comfort 4.2 Room cleanliness 4.4 Amenities Free internet Business center Smoke-free rooms Accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible for visually impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Health and safety measures New Information is provided directly by the hotel. Updated Sep 04, 2020 Property follows a brand or regulatory agency's sanitization guidelines Property is cleaned with disinfectant Guests are provided with free hand sanitizer
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the Marriott Courtyard Manhattan Upper East Side, but wanted to check if others could weigh in. https://www.hotwire.com/hotels/details/MzA4Njg5MTc5OTQ6MzEzNTU0MzI2MTQ5NQ-- Here is the Expedia listing for it: https://www.expedia.com/New-York-Hotels-Courtyard-By-Marriott-New-York-ManhattanUpper-East-Side.h1312663.Hotel-Information
  4. Ok, I got up to $335 on Priceline unsuccessfully before I decided to go for HOTWIRE instead. Got Hotel Wailea @ $379/night. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks for this. So I understand your strategy I should start at $200 and work my way up via this method to my max bid of $350?
  6. That makes a lot of sense, thanks. I don't think I'd be devastated if I ended up getting the Four Seasons for a really decent discount on a Priceline 😄But all things considered I'd probably prefer the Hotel Wailea even if the absolute discount percentage is not as great, so yeah maybe $25/night isn't worth it. I would love a bidding strategy for Priceline for a 5* in the Wailea-Makena zone. I think I would not be comfortable with North Ka'anapali-Lahaina because of the Ritz-Carlton possibility (even tho that zone shows no 5* hotels available for NYOP bidding), But I would be comfortable with the other zones. Thanks again. I'm going to aim to pull the trigger on this one today so I will post an update with my results, whether it ends up being Priceline or Hotwire.
  7. The Hotel Wailea for $379 sounds pretty good from Hotwire actually. If I were to *try* for that same hotel on Priceline do you think there is a chance of bidding below $379 (say in the $350 range) to get it? Since the Hotel Wailea is cheaper than the Four Seasons and there are only the two 5* on Priceline in Wailea, I'm guessing whatever successful bid would ultimately end up being the Hotel Wailea. I guess I can just try to bid and see what happens... Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for all the advice! The disclaimer really threw me for a loop! My dates are Nov 10-16. I was looking at the rack rate for booking directly with Hotel Wailea (non-refundable advanced purchase) in Wailea and it's $446 before taxes and fees. Would be nice to get a 5* hotel like that for sub-$400 (which probably excludes the Four Seasons in Wailea.) I was going to aim for $350 as a min and probably ~$385 as a max because I believe the Hotel Wailea is probably the 5* hotel listed for $400/night on Hotwire for those dates. I was also looking at something cheaper, a 4* hotel in South Kaanapali-Lahaina, such as the Sheraton or the Westin. But I'm a bit leery because I read that the Westin is under construction this year and it seems most likely to be the hotel I'd get since it's the cheapest of the 4* on offer (at least on Hotwire, I'm not sure about priceline. I'm pretty sure the Westin is the 4* hotel listed in the Hotwire deal for $205/night.)
  9. This is my first time at betterbidding and also my first trip to Hawaii. I was confused a bit about which hotels are in which zones on Priceline in Maui. I was looking to bid on a 5-star hotel in Wailea-Makena (probably the Four Seasons or Hotel Wailea - but I'm guessing more likely Hotel Wailea since its cheaper). No other zones in Maui have 5* on Priceline. So I thought I was pretty safe to try re-bidding by adding zones. However I noticed the following disclaimer at the top of the Name Your Own Bid page for Maui: "Please note: Kaanapali, Hawaii is located within the Maui Island, HI region and may or may not be in one of the areas listed below." I'm a bit confused because a) There are separate zones listed for North- Kaanapali and South-Kaanapali. So how is it that Kaanapali itself "may or may not be in one of the areas listed below"? And is there a chance that some Kaanapali hotels end up in the Wailea zone? I ask because there is also the Ritz-Carlton, which is in Kaanapali and is a 5*. But we're trying to avoid that one due to its specific location. It's the cheapest of the 5* hotels listed on Priceline. Since Wailea is the only area on the Name Your Own Price page that actually lists a 5* hotel in Hawaii (no Kaanapali zone lists any 5* despite the presence of the Ritz) is there a risk that somehow if I bid on a 5* hotel in Wailea that I'd actually get the Ritz-Carlton, even though it's not in the Wailea area? Alternatively, if I bid only on Wailea and then have to add one or more of the Kaanapali zones as part of the rebidding process, is there a risk that I could get Ritz-Carlton (even though there are no 5* hotels in Kaanapali listed on the Name Your own Price page?) Thanks!
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