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  1. Priceline Express had a hotel in this vicinity for $144 which based on amenities I figured was either the Venetian or Palazzo. Using your 5% link would have brought that down to $137 so I used that number for my bid strategy. Started at $120, then free re-bids at $123, $126, $129, and finally accepted at $131 for The Palazzo.
  2. Priceline.Express had 4* hotel in this area at $88. With coupon that brought it closer to $83. Started at $70, free re-bids at $73, $76, and accepted at $79. Pretty excited as this a great deal in the summer for a hotel right in the middle of the city.
  3. JEALOUS! I've been trying for 8/20-22, which you would think would be cheaper considering it includes a sunday. Have gone all the way up to $120 (including $5 credit) and still rejected :) Though now that I look at Palazzo's site, Sunday is actually $100 more than Friday night. Lame!
  4. Did you bid $140, then straight to $150, nothing in between? Just curious as others got 8/19-21 for $143, and I'm wondering if it went up, or maybe you could've gotten it a little lower. Thanks
  5. Those were definitely the only 8 listed. In fact, it still shows that way on Hotwire if I search those same dates. Which is the same that steph85Fr showed on his winning bid. I feel like when I was looking in the past (before the price dropped), it did show "Spa" as an amenity, which seems to be what others are showing. My email confirmation lists "Spa".
  6. Just booked two rooms through hotwire. Used the link in the forum. Incidentally I had bid Priceline up to $110/nt and got nothing. A week ago hotwire had this property at $129/nt, then two nights ago it went up to $139/nt. Today it dropped to $116 a night and I couldn't resist. Same nights on Wynn were $179/nt (although included some coups). As others have seen, listed with 95% recommeded rate and the following ammenties: Casino Fitness Center Pool Retaurants Business Center High Speed Internet Golf Tennis
  7. Seems a bit high for two week nights, but I haven't really researched these dates on Wynn's site. Maybe it is a busy time. I just booked a 12/11-13 for $116 and got Wynn, and one of those nights is a Saturday night. Incidentally, looks like 12/26-28 now has the Venetian/Palazzo on hotwire for $139/nt. As for Wynn v. Venetian, I think that is debateable. The Venetian rooms are a little larger, with a sunkin living room, but are also a little older. You can always ask at check-in if you can be switched to an Encore room, which is a little larger, and more suite-like. Some people in the past have been able to do this, but not likely. I think the Wynn has better grounds, better buffet and better clubs.
  8. Well the nice thing about 5-star is you have 12 rebid zones. So you can start low, at like $100 and work your way up, adding $5 per zone. Looks like hotwire has one of these hotels (likely Venetian/Palazzo) for $149/nt. But I'll let the pros chime in with more precise advice.
  9. If those are both, Las Vegas Strip - North Then the top looks like Wynn, and the bottom Venetian/Palazzo.
  10. Looks like that matches queenfrostine recent win at the Wynn.
  11. Actually, based on past winners, and the most recent win by queenfrostine, I'd say it's almost certainly the Wynn. A little bit smaller rooms then the Venetian, but a very nice property, especially for the rate. If you end up winning, be sure to post!
  12. I noticed other people had bid for similar dates and received winning bids for as low as $105, but considering this was just for a Friday and Saturday night, I figured I'd need to pay more. Cheapest I could find for this hotel online was $161, and that was a special promotion. Started bidding at $105...rejected with counter of $140 raised to $110 with free rebid...rejected w/ counter raised to $115 with free rebid...rejected raised to $120 with free rebid...rejected Started over with friends card at $125... rejected w/counter raised to $126 with free rebid and was accepted.
  13. JHW, I was wondering if you were able to find a place to stay on the other nights. We too are going going to Paris 10/2-10/5, and have yet to book a hotel. Now that it is last minute we are really scrambling to find a good deal. Were you able to find anything decent?
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