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  1. 3.5 Stars Akron (Zone A) $116 For One Night Check In: 8/15 Check Out: 8/16 Amenities:
  2. Have stayed at the Flamingo a few times and I really think it's the best bang for the buck in the middle of the strip.
  3. Did you look at Hotwire's Zone Map for the Back Bay-Copley Square area BEFORE you bid? If so, is this hotel is their defined zone for Back Bay-Copley Square? I won't use Hotwire for Syracuse Airport/Carousel because the area is too big. I emailed Hotwire and they said they will look at rezoning it. Until they do, however, I won't use Hotwire in that area as it's just to risky
  4. Looking at Akron, OH and found a 3* in Zone A Check In: 8/15 Check Out: 8/16. Hotwire lists this hotel, which has a Fitness Center, Pool, High Speed Net, & Dining for $65 and claims the list price is $98. But when you add in Tax recovery, charges, and fees of $30.81 you're at $95.81. That's right, the fees are almost 50% of the cost of the hotel room. You've got to be kidding me. Meanwhile for the same dates in the same zone, a 3.5 * (replace net access with business center) is going for $116 with taxes and fees of $20.78. IMHO, unless there is some bizarre local tax, Hotwire is ripping people off on the first one.
  5. Used SavingsBarn link to access priceline and bid $55 on a 3* in Syracuse (East) for 8/4 - 8/6. Priceline came back and said I could have a 'free' rebid if I upped it by $15. Instead I upped it to $60 and added the North Syracuse region to the bid. Priceline took the bid and put me in the Wyndham. End Result: $60/night for two nights plus tax = $144.82. That's about 40% less than what is available on Expedia and the Wyndham web site at the moment. Good hotel to boot!!!
  6. Are Hotwire star ratings equivalent to their partner, Hotels.com's star ratings? Or are there differences?
  7. I emailed Hotwire and told them that I thought the for Syracuse Airport/Carosuel Center was too large. The first paragraph explained Hotwire's policies, and why they don't reveal the exact location etc. But I was pleasantly surprised to see them follow this with the following: However, you do have an excellent suggestion, as the mapped area of Central Syracuse is quite large. I have submitted this suggestion to review during our next update to the Hotwire Web site. Hopefully this makes a difference as the Syracuse Airport/Carosuel Center zone is VERY large.
  8. Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well ... :)
  9. 3.5 stars Check in:Sat, Aug 5, 2006 Check out:Sun, Aug 6, 2006 Carousel Center - Syracuse Hancock Intl Airport zone Amenities: Airport Shuttle, Pool, Fitness Center, Restaurant Hotwire lists this for $90 a night.
  10. Price has now dropped to $67 a night ... Anyone?
  11. Also, I showed my Starwood Preferred card upon checking in: 1) I did not get points for my Starwood Preferred program (figured that would be the case). 2) They did give me a Starwood Peferred upgrade because they were sold out of those rooms. No problem, my room was fine. 3) I stayed on the Starwood Preferred floor. 4) They gave me a Starwood Preferred late checkout of 3pm (I asked and it was no problem). So, while I didn't get points, I did get the Starwood Preferred treatment and saved more than $100 in the process. Can't argue with that.
  12. 6/22/06 Zone: Downtown Indianapolis Amenities listed: - Restaurant - Pool - Fitness Center - Business Center
  13. The Westin is the old Maxim. ... And I see someone already posted that... whoops!
  14. Hotwire offered a **** for $86 on a Thursday in June (can't remember which). Booked it the same day. It was the Westin. Retail price for that night was $209 according to Hotwire (Westin's site the night before said they were sold out and the cheapest I've ever seen on the Westin's site is $139 plus tax on weekends, prepaid, internet deals) Total cost before Valet Parking was $103.96 after taxes. Exellent deal, IMHO!
  15. Weekend of September 9, 2.5 star in Burlington. Amenities listed:
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