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  1. 4-star hotel in Downtown New Orleans Check in 1/19 Check out 1/21 $88 Fitness Center Restaurants High Speed Net Swimming Pool Business Center Customer Favorite
  2. Was just looking at Priceline as I've had succes bidding on 3* hotels in the East Syracuse zone.... However, I just saw the Holiday Inn was upgraded from a 2* to a 3* property. There is no way this property is the equivalent of the Wyndham, Embassy Suites, or Double Tree, all of which get 3* from Priceline as well. With the Holiday Inn a possiblity, I think bidding on 3* in East Syracuse could be a very chancy proposition. Why on earth would Priceline consider a Holiday Inn to be the equivalent of the Embassy Suites? Other than pure profit motive, I just don't understand -- and frankly, it's not helping profit that much as it's preventing me from bidding...
  3. Created a printout of my charges on Hilton's web site. It lists the room rate at $106.00 per night. So, I'm guessing Hilton charged Priceline $106 per night for the room and then Priceline passed it on to me for $110 per night plus whatever fees they tack into the final price. Any thoughts?
  4. Okay, having read the mixed reviews of the Palmer House and having just stayed there let me say ... 1) Prime location. 2) Lobby area is absolutely gorgeous. They serve drinks in the lobby lounge at night (pricey) and it's a great place to unwind. 3) Service was fantastic. Polite and helpful. 4) Showed my Hilton Honors Gold VIP card and got the VIP treatment (access to the VIP lounge, which isn't as nice as the lobby lounge actually). Did not get any Hilton points (at least last time I checked). 5) Room with one King bed was a bit small - couldn't do a yoga workout in there. But the bed was comfortable, the room was very clean, they provided plenty of shampoo, soap, etc. and overall it was anice room, if a bit small. ( The only two double bed rooms left were smoking, so I took the king room which I've read is smaller.) 6) Tower records is nearby. Won't be for long. I remember when this was Rose Records ... great music store. Hope another music store takes it's place as this has been a music store, in some form or another, apparently since 1916 or so. 7) Thumbs up! So, if you get this, don't expect a big room if you get a king, but frankly that's the only negative that I can see. It was a very nice experience.
  5. And, not that this is really a factor, there's the NAB/BEA convention the week prior that ends 4/21 (100K overall)... so, they are coming off a hot week. Probably isn't a factor, but ya never know.
  6. Nice pickup. Can't beat the price and you're right on the Monorail. Plus the gaming is $3 a table during weekends and you can find $1 tables at Slots of Fun, healthy 1/4 mile walk down the way. What I find amazing is that Priceline gives both the Sahara and The Flamingo 3 star ratings -- sorry, but I've stayed in both, and there is no way anyone could consider them equal under any circumstances.
  7. At this moment, Travelocity"]Travelocity has the IP for $81 a night. You can get the Luxor for $110, which is a bit inconvenient at the end of the strip, but still might be fun. However, the Flamingo is $118 a night. It combines tremendous location with good but not spectacular rooms and usually a good rate (and a great pool, but that won't impact you in January). When you factor what you're getting on the middle of the strip, the Flamingo is usually the best bang for the buck in the middle of the strip. Harrah's is the other side of IP, and it's a tad cheaper than the Flamingo, but you are MUCH better off in the Flamingo. Harrah's is just so freakin' bland!!!! If you want to go on the Cheap, The Riveria and The Sahara have great rates, but both places are very dated. Last time I stayed at Sahara (2001ish) it was suffering from neglect. I did stay in CC once for a convention. Did the towers and the rooms were fine. Nothing special AT ALL but the room was clean and comfortable, which is all I needed. Tropicana is going for 71 a night, but I've never stayed there -- anyone have any thoughts? In sum, if you are going to do mid-strip, do the Flamingo - most bang for the buck while not being too expensive, and the monorail goes right into the hotel.
  8. First bid on Priceline was $16/day and they took it. Cheapest price for Hotwire and Travelocity"]Travelocity was around $30/day for midsize that weekend. Total after fees was just over $66. Used Savings Barn.
  9. AaronJB - Thanks for the info!!! Yeah, you're right. Just wanted to get this thing done. BTW: Cheapest thing online that anyone in my union saw was $129/night and that was a Travelodge, so I'm coming in $19 under a night (the union will like that) and staying at a much nicer place (I like that) ... thanks in large part to what I've learned through this board!!!! :)
  10. Used SB link. Started at 55, 60, 70, 75, 85, 95, tried again which said 105 had little chance of being accepted -- didn't do that on Safari -- so I bumped it to 110. Palmer House Hilton Check-In Date: Fri, Nov 17, 2006 Check-Out Date: Sun, Nov 19, 2006 $110 per night Total after taxes: $262.53 Lowest price listed on Hilton's site is $170/night. Parking is $30/night, which is a little steep ... any cheaper ideas? Still, looks like a good deal.
  11. And the Shakes aren't too bad either. Never saw a room, though. How bad are they?
  12. I think booking the Sahara as a backup is a good idea so that you have a backup - and it is at the end of the Monorail. But frankly, $112 for the Sahara is steep. Last time I was there, the facilities were not that nice. Kinda run down. It's been a few years since I stayed there, so it may be better now. The casino used to have some $1 craps and blackjack, but it hasn't for a while. Based on my recollection of the two, I think the Riveria would be preferable, but it's been a while since I've been in there too. The Flamingo on the other hand, would be a great score.
  13. I've stayed there before (2002, I think). The rooms and casino are both fine. They have a shuttle to the strip (drops you off at Barbary Coast) and it's free. Entertainment there is pretty good at times and there's even a bowling alley on site. So, if you are going to be off strip, all in all, it's not a bad deal at all for $60+ tax.
  14. Let me second that. The Flamingo easily gives you the best bang for the buck in the middle of the Strip. Yeah, some places are nicer, but usually not worth the cost difference. The places that are cheaper -- well, there's a reason why they are cheap... The Riveria is a step above the grind joint that is the Sahara ... and some of the others that are nearby, but while I like being near the Peppermill at the end of the night as much as the next guy, it's overpriced for what it is.
  15. Yes. Very nice hotel. Showed my Starwood Prefered card and they upgraded me to Starwood Prefered Floor, which was nice. Also, I missed the airport shuttle, and the conceirge drove me to the airport (8-10 minute drive). Solid service.
  16. Started bidding at $47, 52, 55, 60, 65, and got it at 70. Total cost $87.09 Starting rates on Sheraton Web site: $155+ Used SavingsBarn.
  17. Trip got cancelled. But thanks for the info!
  18. If you don't plan on going off the strip, then DON'T bother with a car. It can be more of a hassle than it's worth. Monorail is a bit expensive,- though $35 for ten isn't too bad -- but it's actually pretty convenient - moreso than a cab during peak times of the day. However, if you plan on going downtown and Hoover dam and other off strip places, then the car can be worth it.
  19. A good resource for last minute getaways is Site59
  20. The Sheraton at Cayuhoga Falls is indeed within that zone. But didn't want to risk it and end up in a different hotel. So, I just paid full price. FWIW: It's an AMAZING propery right on the river. Lounge is open late and overlooks the river ... very nice way to relax after a long day of travel. Gets a very strong recommendation from me.
  21. One night in Stowe, 9/10/06. Hotwire lists retail at $101.70 and is offering property at $70 for one night. Amenities are: Resort:
  22. Can't tell, but I thoght it might also be the Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls as the map zones are hard to figure out. The 3* has the weird tax and fee scenario ($30 on a $65 tab). Sooo, since that Sheraton seems real nice, I just reserved at The Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls using the link on the support better bidding page.
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