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  1. Need Help Iding three properties on Hotwire: Staying October 23 - 25. 4* $85/nite Riverwalk North and Alamo Area Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) High-speed Internet Access Trip Advisor 3.5/5 4* $95/nite Riverwalk South - La Villita Area Hotel Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Trip Advisor = 4/5 3.5* 85/nite Riverwalk South - La Villita Area Hotel Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities. High-speed Internet Access Trip Advisor = 4.5/5 Thanks!!!!
  2. Okay, FYI, I was doing research for a friend. She went to this site, hit the HOTWIRE link and then saw a deal for the MGM somewhere and went with that. Didn't book thru HOTWIRE. Sorry.
  3. Okay, one more for the same dates ... 5 Star Center Strip $132/nite Casino Fitness Pool Restaurant Business Center Golf Tennis Spa Trip Advisor 4 out of 5. 1780+ reviews Best Guess: Wynn
  4. Looking at four hotels for Sep 14 - 17. 4 Star Central Strip: $105/night. Casino Fitness Pool Restaurant Biz Center High Speed Net Spa Trip Advisor: 3.5 out of 5 -- 1920+ Reviews Best Guess: TI 3.5 Star Central Strip: $79/night Casino Pool Restaurants High Speed Net Business Center Golf Tennis Spa Trip Advisor: 3.5 out of 5. 2060+ Reviews Best Guess: Flamingo 4 Star South Strip: $99/night Casino Fitness Pool Restaurants Business Center High Speed Net Golf Tennis Spa Trip Advisor: 4.0 out of 5 -- 2780+ Reviews Best Guess: MGM 3.5 Star South Strip: $69/night Resort Casino Fitness Pool Restaurant Biz Center High Speed Net Golf Tennis Spa Trip Advisor: 3 out of 5. 3580+ Reviews Best Guess: Luxor Am in in the ball park? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Used PRICELINE Link. Started bidding for midsize at $15. Priceline countered with $17. I took it. Total cost = $88.17. Lowest published price = $139.67. Company = Alamo.
  6. Needed one more day, so I used the PRICELINE link and did bids of $43, $48, and $53. Got the Sheraton at $53 again. This is for August 9, 2009. Total Price = $63.58.
  7. Used PRICELINE Link Started at $40. $45. $50. Then got it at $53. Total cost = $130.48 Regular price via PRICELINE would have been $85/night and a "Fee Chop" total of $195.40. So, about a $65 savings. That's dinner each nite!!! BTW: A 3.5 star in the airport area is going for $63 on HOTWIRE at the moment ... not sure if it's the same one.
  8. Used PRICELINE Link. Started bidding at $50 and worked up. Avoided Downtown Syracuse as I wanted to be in the Carrier Circle area (otherwise, probably would have gotten the Genesee Grande Hotel based on HOTWIRE Research). Ended up with Courtyard for $80. Total Room Cost: $103.83 Current price listed on Priceline's site for the same date is $114 (After taxes $128.82 - yeah the fees are lower cause of the "fee chop" feature). So, about a 20% savings doing a last minute booking on a summer weekend. Not as great a deal as my Hyatt Regency score in Jersey earlier in the week via HOTWIRE, but saving money is saving money :) that $25 is dinner or a round of drinks :)
  9. Used the HOTWIRE Link. 2 nights ... 7/28-7/30 • Fitness Center • Pool • Restaurant • Business Center • High Speed Internet Access • Tennis Nearby $65 night. Total = $153.14 after taxes and fees. Travelocity Price = $188/night.
  10. #3 is the answer. I understand your point and my point is Priceline 1) Disappoints people who expect a true strip casino and get the Westin or the Trump. 2) Drives business to Hotwire with this policy, and thus, costs themselves money. It's simply bad business.
  11. FWIW: I wrote Priceline about this and told them that by insisting on having off strip hotels such as Trump Wyndham in their "Strip Vicinity" Zone they were losing business to Hotwire. First response was just a form letter that maid no sense. So I wrote to corporate management. Here is their response: We do understand your concern about are Las Vegas reservations with the strip location. We do apologize for any confusion; however, the zone is called the strip vicinity and any hotel inside that shaded are that accepts your price is what you would receive. If you want to be directly on the strip then we suggest you use our shop and compare site where you can choose your hotel and location. We are sorry we did not provide you the answers you were looking for and we thank you for your time. Well, that was helpful ... :)
  12. I'm staying there a few nights later. If there are any concerns about the hotel, let us know! :)
  13. This thread should be sent to Priceline management as it's an ad for Hotwire!!!
  14. Used PRICELINE link. Started doing Burlington bids at $40 (after trying to lowball the Inn at Essex at $60). Added Colchester and then Williston and got it for $50/night for 3 nights. Good deal since the list price is $145/night. Total cost is $174.88 -- yeah, basically what one night would be at list.
  15. FWIW: I just called the Wynn today for my reservation (late-April) and asked for two beds. Got it with no problem. Didn't ask about the smoking thing ... guess I'll try that next. Anyway, might be worth calling again ... and again ... and again until you get the answer you want :)
  16. I hope you have a great stay. Definitely let us know how it turns out. One thing you can do is write a letter to Priceline indicating that you don't think off strip casinos should be part of the Strip zones. I refuse to bid on the Priceline strip casinos because you can end up at the Trump or the Westin. If you email, you probably won't get anything. When I emailed them, they gave me a nonsense response (seriously, it did not address my concern at all, just restated polity). But, if enough people write letters, then maybe they will change this. Hope you enjoy the Westin. I've stayed at Westin's before and love their beds. SOOOO comfy! You're not that far from the Flamingo and definitely walking distance to the Bellagio fountains, the BEST free show in Vegas.
  17. Booked this a while ago when I got stranded at the MB airport this summer. Did the booking by phone. Sheraton MB Convention Center $75 ... 08/10/08 - 08/11/08 Total Price: $91.14 Amenities: Smoke Free Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center High Speed Internet Access Not a bad stay and the rate was better than the "distress" rate offered by the airline.
  18. Lost a sweet package deal on Expedia for the Encore, but scored the Wynn at $99 per night. Forgot to use the HOTWIRE link (Sorry about that) as it was $99 ... then shot up to $159 ... and then I checked it on a whim later in the day and it was $99. I acted right then as I didn't want to lose the deal. Next time I will use the HOTWIRE link. Anyway ... $99 per night - 5 nights ... 4/21/09 - 4/26/09 After taxes and fees just under $555. Amenities: Casino Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center Golf Tennis Spa TripAdvisor Rating = 1460 When I check in I'm going to try the $20 trick and see about getting upgraded ... Overall, happy with the result, especially with the NAB convention taking place during part of the stay. Next time I'll use the link.
  19. I sent the following to Priceline as I really don't like the idea of getting an off-strip hotel when bidding on the Strip Zones. I would like to bid on a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip using Priceline. However, your maps for the Strip include OFF-STRIP hotels such as the Westin - this place??? Really??? You call that four star??? -- and the Trump Hotel --- No Casino, no gambling and you call that 5* in Vegas??? Really??? Neither of these hotels are ON the strip. Why do your zones have OFF-STRIP Hotels. Surely you must know that many of us who go to Vegas want to be on the strip and only on the Strip. The Westin, The Trump, etc. ARE NOT on the Strip. As a direct result of this bizarre map you use, I WILL NOT BID on Las Vegas Hotels because I could end up OFF-STRIP. I will be happy to use Hotwire because their Strip Zones are truly STRIP HOTEL ZONES. Priceline's Strip Zones are not. Just thought you should know that by having this horrible zoning policy, you are losing business. Fix your zones and I would be happy to bid using Priceline. Until then, I simply cannot as I am not going to be stuck paying and on strip price for an off-strip hotel. So, did they send me a helpful response? Well, you be the judge... Thank you for taking the time to send us an e-mail. We apologize for any confusion and understand that you would like to state that the maps for the strip include off-strip hotels. The hotel chain examples listed on our site are provided to illustrate what you might expect when choosing a certain Star Level from priceline.com. We do indicate that the brands shown are only examples and may not be part of the priceline program. You have two options when reserving a hotel room with us, and where your hotel will be located is up to you. 1) When you Shop and Compare for your hotel, you can actually choose the hotel you want to stay in - so you'll know exactly what your location will be! Locations are also grouped into different areas in case you don't know exactly which hotel you'd like to stay in. Choose the area you are interested in and we'll provide you with a list of hotels in that location and the prices per night. Your savings may not be as significant as Naming Your Own Price, but you'll still pay less and you will tell us what hotel you want to call home for your stay! Please note that the areas presented for Name Your Own Price reservations are not the same as those offered for our retail rates. 2) When using the Name Your Own Price option, we've broken down many major cities into more manageable areas, and provided maps on our website indicating where each area starts and ends. Choose one or more areas where you'd like your hotel to be located, and we'll search them for a participating hotel at your desired star level willing to accept your price. If you see multiple areas for your city on our website, be sure to choose as many as you can - this allows us to search more hotels and gives you the best possible chance of getting rooms at your price. Remember - your hotel can be located anywhere within the area(s) you choose, and once hotel rooms are purchased they cannot be changed or cancelled - by us or by the hotel that accepts your offer. We thank you for the opportunity to assist you and hope you find this information helpful. Sincerely, Pradeep C. Customer Service Specialist I sent another email stating that they hadn't addressed my concern... Let's see if the robot has an answer .... If more people complain to priceline about this ridiculous zoning, maybe it will get changed.
  20. ANd if that doesn't work, might not hurt to call the hotel and ask them directly if you can transfer the reservation ... can't hurt?
  21. Yeah, the possibility of Trump makes it really hard to bid on 5*s now. Just like the Westin is making it difficult to bet on 4*s. PRICELINE is really making it difficult by adding non-strip casinos to their strip zones.
  22. Four Stars Center Strip 4/21 - 4/26 $155 Per Night Amenities: Casino Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Golf Nearby Spa Services Any guesses?
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