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  1. I did use your PRICELINE link, as I have done previously when using Priceline.
  2. Just booked Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Beach for $75 for Nov. 7, 2011. Started off $60 for FL Beach, added Coral Springs, Airport North, and FL North in $5 increments and was successful at $75. Booked 2 rooms for $150 plus taxes of $26.44 for total of $176.44. Staying one night pre-cruise.
  3. Just booked W Hotel Ft. Lauderdale Beach for $90 on March 31, 2011. Started off Beach Zone for $85, then added Coral Springs at $90 and was accepted. Booked two rooms with taxes and fees total of $210.36
  4. Just received Hyatt Regency on Hudson for $71, same price as most of the recent wins. Was looking to stay in NYC but were leery about bidding on Grand Hyatt (MTE) even though recent wins were decent price, since looking for room for three people and rooms were described as small. We have stayed at Hyatt on Hudson twice before and was very nice at excellent price. Just a little longer to get into city, but not a big deal. Originally bid $70, was asked to counter offer for $22 more. Did not accept, just rebid adding Elizabeth zone for $71 and was accepted. Thanks for great website. I also used your PRICELINE link.
  5. I tried last week to get a full-sized car for Ft. Lauderdale for 4/14-4/16/05. I bid $17 and was rejected. Got message from Priceline that I could bid again after 7 days, so I rebid for $18 and was rejected. Then I changed type of vehicle to mid-sized and was accepted at $18. I received Hertz midsized car. I checked Hertz website and regular charges with all taxes and fee were almost $90 for the 2 days. I used savingsbarn.com link for this as well as my hotel at Hyatt Pier 66 which I received last month. Thanks for all the postings here that help me with my bidding. Rick Hertz Mid-size vehicle (Madza6, or Malibu) Your Offer Price: $18.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 2 days (1 day and 22 hours)
  6. Just received a successful bid for Hyatt Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Will be going on cruise out of Port Everglades on April 16th and needed a room for 2 nights. We have stayed here past two years and really enjoyed it. Excellent hotel in excellent location. Had been watching this board and TOBB (but never dared to ask any questions there) for about a month now. Have bid about once a week since beginning of December with no luck, the highest bid being $95. I had not seen any activity for this hotel yet in April, I guess it was too far out. I read recently that someone had bid $90 for this hotel and counter offer appeared asking them to add $22. They rebid using $92 and their bid was accepted. I tried the same method tonight and was successful. Thereuare, thank you for all the help you have given to me in the past and thanks for making this a great board for travelers. Rick Check-In Date: Thursday, April 14, 2005 Check-Out Date: Saturday, April 16, 2005 Hotel Name: Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six 2301 South East 17th Street Fort Lauderdale,
  7. thereuare, I would pay more than $80 for either property and would be willing to take a new hotel at the star level I bid, even though I don't think that will happen. I was just wondering if anyone had any luck with these star levels around these dates, and what amounts were accepted. Thanks, Rick
  8. Just booked flights to Ft. Lauderdale for cruise in April. Looking to stay at Hyatt or Marriott Harbor Beach for 2 nights, April 14 and 15, 2005. Has anyone had any luck that far out with either of these properties? Have stayed at Hyatt Pier 66 twice, last year and year before, with Priceline for $80/night, a great price. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  9. Thereuare, I was just wondering if the self-parking facility is part of the Hyatt or a private entity? Is is an outside lot or an indoor garage. You mentioned about a "Sticker" for this parking lot to get the $18 rate, does the sticker come from the hotel or from somewhere else? Thanks for your help. Rick
  10. Thereuare, I will be driving to Hyatt on Friday July 23rd and was inquiring about the parking. I had read a post somewhere about valet parking for $30, with a self-park lot a short distance away from the hotel for less money. Any info that you have on this would be appreciated. Once I am at the hotel, I don't think I would be using the car until leaving on Tuesday morning, so the self-park lot would be fine. Thanks, Rick
  11. Thereuare, I forgot to add that I placed the bid using savingsbarn.com Rick
  12. Just received Hyatt Regency Jersey City for $37 on first bid for 4 nights July 23, 2004 to July 27, 2004. Had wanted to stay in NYC but at this price could not pass up something so good and so close. Thereuare, thank you for the reply that you sent to me today concerning this hotel. Rick
  13. Tried a few weeks ago unsucessfully for Hyatt at $75. Tried again tonight and bid $75 for 4* Ft. Lauderdale Beach Area. Was not accepted but was asked to add $22 to be accepted. Declined this offer and tried again with rebid adding Miramar Zone 4* for $80 and was successful. Hyatt Regency Pier 66 2301 S.E. 17th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 Check in: April 16, 2004 Check out: April 17, 2004 2 Rooms, One Night Subtotal $160.00 Taxes and Service fees: $26.74 Total Charges: $186.74 We stayed at same hotel last year at approximately same time, also for $80.00. It was an excellent hotel in excellent location.
  14. I bid 3* Downtown FLL on March 7th, first bid of $75 was accepted and received Marriott Marina for one night postcruise stay. Had tried Marriott Beach Resort for same date but bids from $95-$115 were rejected. RTS
  15. Have been bidding for 2 weeks for precruise in FLL. (4/17-4/20). Had been trying Marriott Resort from $95 w/rebids up to $115. and 4* Hyatt beginning at $75. Had tried on March 7 and 11 with no luck, and finally was successful last night March 14 with Hyatt for $80 on second bid. Three nights $240, taxes $26.07, and fees $5.95 for total of $272.02. Previously had also tried Downtown 3* beginning at $75 but had been rejected except one counteroffer to add $22 to my second bid of $80 which I did not accept. BurBunny helped me alot with some questions that I had (Thanks). The best thing about all the rejections was the practice that I got in learning about the free rebids. It is actually quite easy. Now I can relax and think about my cruise and precruise and postcruise stays. RTS.
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