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  1. Another thought. I noticed that the Mills House Wyndam Grand Hotel is listed just above the "hot rate" hotel I described above. Both are listed as having 3625 reviews. I am wondering if there is any significance to this - could the unnamed hotel could be the Mills House Wyndam...or is this just a coincidence.
  2. Hello, I am wondering if anyone might have some insight as to what this hotel in Charleston SC might be. It is a 4 star boutique hotel in Historic Downtown Charleston area. Internet is complimentary. Amenities are: Boutique hotel; Business center; Children's activities; Fitness center; Golf nearby; Pool(s); Restaurant(s) Travel dates are April 28-May2 2018. Price is $275USD Thanks very much!
  3. Thank you so much. We went for the $144/night in Tribeca/Soho and it was in fact the Soho Grand! We are very much looking forward to the trip and thanks again for the help!
  4. Thanks for the reminder! I posted a follow up to my prior thread. Not sure how to close the old thread but would be happy to if someone can point me in the right direction. Hoping for some more great tips/advice on a NY trip from members this time around.
  5. A belated follow up. We ended up staying at Club Quarters WTC, booked on hotwire. Conveniently located and met all of our needs.
  6. Hi, Does anyone have any thoughts on what these hotels might be? Travel dates are December 24-27 2016 4* World Trade/Wall Street. Amenities:Free Internet; Business center; Fitness center; Restaurant(s); Smoke-free rooms Price is $145 USD ($193 Cdn) plus tax 4.5* New to Hotwire in Soho/Tribeca area Amenities: Free Internet; Boutique hotel; Fitness center; Pet friendly; Restaurant(s); Smoke-free rooms Price: 151 USD/night (200 Cdn) plus tax Grateful for any thoughts people might have. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you for those great suggestions. The Eventi looks great, but I think it is just a bit out of our budget for this trip. The W could be a doable option. Where would I find that one? Is there anything that you have come across or anything you would recommend in that price range a bit farther north (e.g. in the Soho-Tribeca area)? The reason I ask is that I will be travelling with my mother and she is at an age where she might need to go back to the hotel and rest for a couple of hours in the afternoon. During that time, I would ideally like to be able to walk to/around an area with some shopping and some coffee shops. My hesitation with the W (and other places farther into the financial district) is that, from what I recall, there is not too much in the way of shopping, cafes, etc. within a short-ish walking distance.
  8. Most of our time will probably be spent downtown so I was looking to find a hotel (at least 4*) for around $175/night that is clean and well located for exploring soho, village, Chelsea, LES, financial district/911 memorial and close to subways for any trips to midtown. I was hoping to get some intelligence about the hotels I listed so I could have at least some sense of what they could be so I could check reviews, etc. before booking (recognizing of course there are no guarantees). I am also open to other options/suggestions and am very appreciative of people taking the time to help!
  9. Yes, when I do the search on BiddingHelper.com.com, I do see additional amenities related to accessibility for the HOTWIRE property. thank you for pointing me to that site.
  10. My thoughts are that between those two, I prefer to be in the area where the Sheraton is rather than in the Fashion District. The PRICELINE EXPRESS listings are also of interest.
  11. thanks for the replies. I am looking to spend between $175-225 (Cdn) a night for a 4-4.5 star. I am hoping to stay in the Chelsea or soho/Tribeca area.
  12. Any thoughts on what the following hotels might be in HOTWIRE? 4 star in soho/Tribeca for $211/night Cdn. Amenities include pet friendly, self serve laundry, fitness centre, internet, restaurant, business centre. 4 star for $225/night Cdn. it is listed as a boutique with a fitness centre and restaurant. Also in soho/Tribeca. The dates are December 24-28. Thanks so much!
  13. Any thoughts on what these hotels might be on PRICELINE EXPRESS? The first is a 4 star in the Soho/Tribeca area for $204 Cdn/night. Amenities include restaurant, fitness centre, internet and business centre. The other hotel is a 4.5 star in the Soho/Tribeca area for $231 Cdn/night. Amenities include free breakfast, pet friendly, fitness centre, and business centre. Thanks!
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