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  1. Thnaks for letting us know the hotel and price. If you could, when you get back could you please give a bief review of the hotel? Oh by the way, you're within easy driving distance of Canaveral National Seashore, known locally as "Playalinda". Personally I recommend the beach at parking lot 13 (assuming the parking lots haven't changed in several years, haven't been there in awhile), but that's just me. Thanks again and I look forward to reading your review.--Charles from north NJ
  2. My guess is Amsterdam North is across the "Ij", trust me, unless you have a fondness for waiting in lines for ferries and then waiting for trams you dont want to be there. I just came back and I'm familiar with Amsterdam, it wasn't my first or even my 5th trip there. You want to be in the Centrum. Message me if I can help, but do so within a couple of days because I rarely check this website. Good luck-Chas from northern NJ
  3. Thanks for the insights, given the sophistication of computers I figured someone would come up with something like this to make it harder to figure out which hotel is which. If I book it I will use your HOTWIRE link and post info. It's probably worth the gamble, if it has a restaurant it's not one of the run-down motels along A1A. Thanks again.
  4. I have replied to the referenced unresolved thread. My data is from July 2007, specifically, the last week in July while searching for a vaction for Sept 20, 2007, for 4 nights. I am probably stating the obvious when I mention that Florida is a very good deal in September (shoulder season, I suppose). As always, thanks for your help.
  5. Hello and thanks. I have followed up on the Miami/Fort Lauderdale thread. Not quite sure what you mean by "bump this thread" but assuming you mean "reply", it's finally done. Thanks again. Since the San Francisco Hotwire data is old, don't invest any time. I again apologize for not replying to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale thread.
  6. Never went due to lack of identifiable hotel in my price range. I certainly thank you for the time you spent in assisting me on this thread.
  7. Ok, this is for August 29 thru Sept 1, total of 4 nites in Fort Lauderdale Beach Zone. When searching for vacation packages the Sun Tower Hotel comes up as 2 star with Beachfront, Pool, and Restaurant. When I try to get a hotel alone, for exact same dates, there is a 2 star hotel in the Beachzone but it only has 2 ammenity icons, Pool and Restaurant, for $49/nite, which is what historically the Sun Tower has cost on Hotwire during Septemeber (I actually keep records from previous years, odd as it may seem) So, the question is, are they removing an icon to keep the identification of the hotel vague? By the way the Sun Tower is now 2 stars, not 2 1/2 as is stated in the "pinned" section. It comes up 2 stars when doing a vac package search. Thanks
  8. Anyone have any ideas what this may be: 5/26/07 thru 5/31/07 Union Square West 2 1/2 stars 3 icons Fitness, Restaurant, Business Center $65/night for one person Looks like Hotel Kensington except it doesn't include complimentary breakfast, which Kensington does if searching for a vacation package for exact same dates. Any ideas? Is Hotwire excluding an icon to make hotel identification more difficult? Thanks.
  9. I believe I have pinned a Hotwire hotel that is not listed on the "Hotwire Florida Pinned" page. I found it by first looking for a hotel room for Thanksgiving 2006 ($58/nite Nov 24-26) and then looking for a vacation package for late October 2006. Stars and ammenities matched up exactly, so I think you are safe with this one, and I hope it helps someone: Miami Beach North/Sunny Isles 2 stars 6 icons Beachfront Fitness Pool Rest Laundry Tennis Nearby Turns out to be Best Western Thunderbird Resort, 18401 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160
  10. Hi everyone, need help ID'ing this hotel when doing a search for Fort Lauderdale. I checked the "Miami Beach North-Sunny Isles" box and this hotel came up at $61 for Fri Sept 8 thru Tues Sept 12. Would certainly appreciate any help, (its my birthday in Sept) 3 stars Resort Fitness Center Restaurant Hi-speed Internet Tennis Nearby Spa Services Beachfront Pool Laundry Golf Nearby Kitchenette Childrens Activity Programs
  11. Sorry for confusion, I doublechecked, 3 star, beachFRONT, rest, pool, fitness cntr, business cntr, $62 for 9/8 thru 9/12, North Miami/Sunny Isles section of Fort Lauderdale (there is a seperate selection you can check to select this particular area of Fort Lauderdale).
  12. Yes it could have been beachfront, I didn't realize there were 2 seperate categories so I could be mistaken. It came up when doing a search for Fort Lauderdale, but if you have any ideas I would still like to hear them. Thanks very much.
  13. Hi everyone, I need help identifying a North Miami Beach 3 star hotel in "Sunny Isles" that came up when doing a Fort Lauderdale hotel search with these ammenities: Near beach, restaurant, pool, fitness center, business center, was about $60/nite for 9/8 thru 9/12. Would appreciate ID, review too if you stayed there but mostly ID, thanks so much.
  14. JUst an idea, you could call up the Oceanfront and ask them if they ahve laundry facilities....that would at least give you an idea if its them. I staed at the this hotel 9/9-9/11...here is their phone number: (954) 524-8733 By the way I booked thru Hotwire and they put me on their lowest floor, they were VERY uncooperative in terms of moving me to a higher floor.
  15. OK folks,here it is, turns out to be Doubletree Oceanfront, (not the Doubletree on the intracoastal near the Galleria Mall, that's a different hotel) Maybe they are inthe process of changing the name to "Oceanfront Hotel" because they dont disclose "Doubletree" until you go to the second page of the hotel description. I figured it out using the "Packages" trick. Oceanfront Hotel Ft. Lauderdale 440 Seabreeze Blvd Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 (954) 524-8733 View hotel's amenities : Near Beach, rest, pool, fitness (total 4 ammenity icons)
  16. Thank you very much for your fast response. I will keep you posted. Ironically it looks like the Holdiay Inn they claim can't "honor my reservation" is still coming up on Hotwire's Fort Laud beach zone at $50/nite. But can't be sure because ammenities have changed ever so slightly. See my other post regarding "New Fort Laud hotel" I will keep you posted and if I buy, will of course use the SavingsBarn link. Anyone else is welcome to make suggestions...thanks again.
  17. Due to hurricane I lost my reservation with Holiday Inn booked thru Hotwire. For Sept 9 thru 12, Fort Laud beach zone I can get a Customer Favorite, 3 star hotel for $50 with the following icons: near beach, restaurant, pool, fitness center (total 4 icons) Yes, it seems similiar to the Holiday Inn but that used to include the "business center" icon and I dont recall it being listed as Customer Favorite. Would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions for alternate hotels as my airfare is not refundable.
  18. Just got an e-mail from Hotwire, "due to the hurricane the hotel (FLL Holiday Inn, tho ironically they dont mention it by name) can no longer honor your reservation". They claim they are offering me a full refund or I can re-book with them, and they have given me a phone # to call. Any suggestions? What generally happens to hotel prices after a hurricane....do they go down cause no one is travelling to the location or do they go up because of the laws of supply and demand? Would appreciate any help....thanks in advance...Charles from NJ.
  19. How much do I have to pay for a respectable place in South Beach, nothing glamorous, but don't want to be woken up by marauding groups of party animals. :) Any help greatly appreciated. Have used (& posted on this forum) Hotwire for Fort Lauderdale but thus far South Beach has seemed pricey. Thanks in advance. BTW I can go almost any month. Thanks again.
  20. 3 star Holday Inn Fort Lauderdale Beach Area 5 Icons: Beach Access, Rest., Pool, Fitness Center, Business Center $50 x 3 nites = $150 + $22.95 Tax/Fee = $172.95 Total I've stayed there in 2003, the business center is non-existant, but otherwise very nice hotel. Hotel manager apologized about lack of computer and claimed in future if I tell clerks to let me in the office to use their computer they would, I've never been back though. In 2003 rooms were well equiped (Cofee maker, fridge,safe,microwave). It's my birthday & I'm going to be in FLL.....yea baby. :)
  21. Bostonbali, may I respectfully suggest one way to figure out the hotel, though it is not absolutely a guarantee, is to do a search by "Package", for the same area you are interested in, in this case, Fort Lauderdale. If you do, you will see the ammenity icons match EXACTLY for the Holiday Inn Fort Lauderdale Beach Area. They also have a small picture of the hotel. Also, I used Hotwire 2 or 3 years ago for 3 star Beach Area with the same icons and got the Holiday Inn for $46 plus tax/fees. It is at the intersection of Sunrise Blvd and AIA. In the off and shoulder season it generally goes for between $46 and $56, but much, much higher in the high season. See my post on www.tripadvisor.com under the name "chas" for a review. Peace.
  22. Hi everyone, please need help for setting up Xmas trip, starting 12/25 check-out 12/30 Orange County, neighborhood John Wayne Aiport SNA-Costa Mesa, 3 stars: Selected amenities include: Airport Shuttle, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Business Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service). Would really appreciate help identifying this hotel. Thanks in advance.
  23. I forgot to answer, "yes, I am looking for airfare plus hotel". I generally don't need a car.
  24. I am off work from Sat Dec 24 to Sun Jan 1, maybe even the 2nd (new company calender isn't out yet). I am totally flexible on any of the dates but of course would like to keep the trip to some reasonable price, (say approx $1,000 or less). I would be most appreciative of any info you could give me. Hey by the way if anyone is a Fort Lauderdale fan, Hotwire's 3 star hotel in the Beach area for $52 in the Sept time frame is the Holdiay Inn, its located at the corner of Sunrise and A1A, its on a bus line so you dont need a rental car (buses are erratic but they work, day pass for bus is $2.50, unless its gone up). The price goes up to something ridiculous in October, so get it while its hot !!! Thanks to all-Charles from New jersey
  25. Hi everone, has anyone ever bought a package from Hotwire? I had good luck getting a hotel from them in Fort Lauderdale but would like to know if anyone has actually purchased a PACKAGE from them and how it went. I once read Hotwire has some kind of "18 hour rule" for international flights which allows them to book you with up to an 18 hour wait for your connecting flight if you are outside the country. Needless to say the person who posted this was livid & said they would never use Hotwire again for international flights. Would appreciate any info on packages....either domestic or international...thanks very much, thinking maybe about the Caribbean or similiar from Newark NJ. Thanks again.
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