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  1. Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Fitness Center Free Internet in public areas
  2. Hi there, Thanks so much for your feedback and guidance as always, it is very much appreciated. FYI that I did a deeper dive last night and determined that the other 4-star properties (including Zelos) allow pets as stated amenity and Marriott Marquis does not. In addition, the other possible hotels with common amenities do not have Business Centers as amenities (Park Central does but did not align to other common amenities). So I did take a gulp of faith -- PL outrageously admitted to me in a social media DM that it sometimes does not disclose resort fees and it is tough luck for its customer if he-she gets stuck with it (unlike Hotwire which always discloses the fee). I've had the same situation pop up during NYC hotel research on Express deals, where the likely hotel(s) absolutely had $25-40/day resort fees that were not disclosed in the total Express price breakdown. In the end, Express Deals did end up being the Marriott Marquis thankfully - for $80 total more, a 4-star hotel with king bed vs. 2.5-star with double bed and no a/c as i had originally in place (The Mosser is actually a great property, well run, convenient and relatively comfy as long as private bathroom). The bad news and I apologize in advance as I religiously book via your links - I had a 10% promo code from a NYOP past stay (incredulously, some are valid only 2 days) that was expiring today and valid only on PL's app. So there was no way to link from BB to get the full discount. Promise the next times I will as I always do if bookable on the main website via your link. Thanks again and have a great day.
  3. Hi there, I'm looking at these dates and this Zone based on a $125 rate for a 4-star hotel, which is fantastic for that holiday weekend. It does not show a resort fee the payment screen. But the challenge is how Priceline selectively displays Resort Fees on its opaque express deals. I've even gotten them to admit it's a crapshoot and that they do not fully disclose it on all deals. Because technically the fine print says you're responsible for it even if they don't show it. Insanity. My challenge is this, the listing shows free internet, non-smoking, gym/spa, restaurant, business center. The percentage-off metrics align to it being the Marriott Marquis. However, Hotel Zelos - which has exorbitant resort fees - is the other possibility. Adding to the challenge is that both currently have cheapest rate with a king bed, and the express deals listing does not specify bed type (moot even if it did because of both hotels' inventory). Thoughts or anything that I am missing? I'm usually pretty analytical and can make a definitive decision. The extra $130 or more for the resort fee would really kill the value of the deal as I have a nearby decent budget hotel as a backup. Thank you in advance and of course I would book through your PRICELINE links.
  4. Pretty methodical bid win with free rebids. Originally had looked at late August and knowing how Boston is a very expensive hotel city for the most part, I was surprised to see some trends on PRICELINE EXPRESS deals for Seaport and also downtown. So just played around and tested rates around the July 4th holiday either from the weekend before or from the holiday through the following weekend. Express deals did have $95 and then 97 for this Copley 4 *, as well as 102 downtown 4 * which is clearly the Omni. Begin my bid yesterday through this website's PRICELINE link. One FYI is not to be discouraged if you prefer to do the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal and suddenly it goes away as being unavailable, hotel is likely still out there available for bidding If you bid smart. Even after the Sheraton went away on the express deals, it still showed as 100 per night when I was logged in to my Priceline account, but is otherwise booking for $236 per night period for me $91 is a no-brainer for anyone who knows downtown central Boston hotels. I've stayed at the Sheraton before and had a great experience. PS if you do rebid, it is a good idea to avoid Boston Commons Theater District zone. Plenty of sub-4* zones besides, what Boston Park Plaza Hotel has an exorbitant Resort fee to be avoided.
  5. Just a quick holiday weekend getaway.....identified that this property which is a block or so from the east end of Canal was 100% the likely property. It was $80-81 on Priceline Express Deals and $83 on Hotwire (French Quarter East zone). Was tempted to hold off and see of something more French Quarter popped up in the next week or so, but $76 for 4-star works just fine -- especially as, compared to the weekend, the likely room type was one king bed vs two queen beds. Bid in $1 increments with free rebids (started at $72, ignored $87 counteroffer) knowing that overall price with fees would be cheaper, beginning from the PRICELINE BB link. Accepted at $76. And room verified on Hilton website as being one king bed...voila!
  6. Pretty basic bid as had been looking for reasonable hotel decently located and sensed that rates might come down a bit. But just wanted to get this out of the way (I'll hold my breath on the noise and maintenance issues folks have mentioned but heard this is an OK hotel if you take it for what it is). Brians 24 (24 being 24-7 open) restaurant in lobby is killer, plus location is 1-2 block radius for most all transportation to everywhere (important for a 2-day trip). Saw rates dropping slightly - PL had a members-only retail rate of $80 plus PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals showed $74 (dropped to $71) and Hotwire was in similar range. Did free rebid (San Ysidro) to stay in 3+-star zone and was rejected at $67 last night, noticed Express Deals was $3 cheaper today, so began at $65 and accepted at $66. Maybe I could've waited it out for a nicer hotel but got it done :-). Thought I'd share (and yes, I began the bid via BB PRICELINE link as I always do).
  7. One of those situations I knew I could get reasonable flights (with expiring SWA funds) surprisingly on Memorial Day weekend Friday-Monday and took a deep gulp to see if any SF decent hotels might be possible. Usually slim or none so was pleasantly surprised and also had a promo credit to defray things a bit. Hotel is booking close to $300/night for that weekend and it's San Francisco - so no-brainer! This hotel ID was pretty obvious or close to obvious as only two 3.5-star hotels have ratings of 8-8.9. Both are great hotels (Pier 2620 is the other one) in great locations so a win-win either way. On VP searches, Marriott also came up as cheapest. Amenities: Free Internet (in Public Areas), Pet Friendly, Non-Smoking, Gym, Restaurant, Handicap Accessible, Business Center. FYI for future searches using this and seeing a hotel rated 8+ (meaning under 9): the Marriott has "Pet Friendly" amenity whereas the Pier 2620 doesn't (so I was pretty sure I'd receive the Marriott). If anyone is looking at this for Memorial Day weekend, availability at that rate included Thurs 5-25 when I checked, so definitely add days at the beginning or end and see if the price holds. Began PRICELINE booking via BB link.
  8. Fairly methodical bid...started at $67, rebid $69 and then accepted at $70 (Pittsburgh's only 4-stars are downtown, so many many free rebid zones currently). This property showed on Hotwire (identifiable as boutique 4-star) but the Westin matched the only 4-star on Priceline Express Deals. I then tried a Priceline VP search and that displayed the Omni by far as cheapest ($260+ less than next 4-star as 3-day package). Have stayed at this hotel previously and loved it -- the Omni touch the the central location-classic feel. On proprietary hotel site, I verified this is for one queen bed -- for me, not a problem (I'll ask for king if possible) as I'm traveling solo (but this could be a problem for couples or others with specific needs). FYI if anyone else is looking to book/bid...pretty inexpensive weekend rates also as all three major sports teams (Pitt, Steelers, Pens) are away or off that weekend. I considered waiting til closer (in hopes of a promo code or dropping rates), but liked the idea of locking in this property given the almost-certainty of receiving it. Bid began via BB link for PRICELINE.
  9. Pretty identifiable (as 3.5* plus TripAdvisor rating in correlating to retail rates). So with the BB $15 off link, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do much better (maybe a better hotel but just wanted to get this out of the way). This hotel's pricing started at $66-67 on Hotwire for a couple weeks, jumped into the mid-upper $70s, then back to the current $64. Amenities: Free Internet Pet friendly Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service Laundry Internet access Golf nearby Accessibility: Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower Rate per night $64.00 Nights 2 Rooms ( 2 adults ) 1 Subtotal $128.00 Tax recovery charges + fees $30.23 Discount -$15.00 (thanks, Better Bidding!!!) Hotwire total $143.23
  10. Nah, Renaissance is horrible option and what I was trying to avoid (along with Hilton Anatole)...Warwick or not at all in that zone. Will probably book Hotwire downtown property instead, so there won't be additional follow up from me on this thread. I will post the Hotwire win if goes as expected. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Thanks, will do. Interesting variable is now on mobile PRICELINE shows Pool and Gym/Spa as amenities, validating Ren and eliminating Warwick.
  12. Thanks, that's what I was thinking...kind of risky. Even if an amenity is omitted, it doesn't mean you won't get a hotel that has that amenity or amenities. Trying to avoid a location that isn't easily connected to public transit and is in a decent walkable area (to-from transit)...Market Center would be a disaster but Oaklawn or downtown would be perfect. I already have Plan B for downtown, probably going to wait it out (got Sheraton last year as it got closer (within about a week of arrival)...as hoping to avoid Crowne Plaza which is cheap now on Hotwire.
  13. Super Bowl Week Thursday night (usually lots of fun events in the host city) and a way to add on to my previously booked (through Feb 2nd) stay at Club Quarters (via PRICELINE) -- both stays booked via the BB PRICELINE links. $113 rate with taxes fees hit $144 and the BB $15 off $100 promo knocked it down to $129 (equivalent of $110 if booking direct with hotel and paying applicable taxes). Hotel shows no availability except on LMT and the night before is in the mid-$400s as is being renovated from a Crowne Plaza in time for SB Week. A bit southwest of the downtown center but for this price...perfect! Also so you have it, this is a new hotel in the HOTWIRE Downtown Houston zone. Trip Advisor rating showed 4.5 stars (in Hotwire click-through page -- thsi threw me a bit) but is actually 5 stars on TA's site now. Full listed amenities are as follows: Hotel Amenities Free Internet Boutique hotel Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower Thanks!
  14. Howdy, a bit stumped (although hardly ever) and hoping you may have insight on this. For 4* Market Center/Love Field zone, I'm hoping to get Warwick Melrose as its on public transportation line -- and in a neighborhood with lost of restaurants and the like (other properties almost require rental car and are not among a lot of stuff.) Priceline Express deals is showing only these amenities with guest rating of 8*: Business Center Restaurant Free Internet No Smoking Rooms/Facilities The price displayed is $85 with a retail rate of $157. There are three possibilities (all have guest rating in the 8s): Warwick Melrose (retail rate $163) Renaissance Dallas hotel (retail rate $159) Hilton Anatole (retail rate $169) Also, FWIW that Pool and Fitness Facility are not stated amenities, which would lead to Warwick. But as all hotels are 8*+ and PL doesn't have to state all amenities, I'm not comfortable guessing and being wrong. Additionally, I tried a dummy VP and order of cheapest Air-hotel packages came back with Anatole (with Anatole cheapest by far - by $150+ - and then Ren and then Warwick. Thoughts? I'm really hesitant as this'd be a 2-day vaca and need to be somewhat central to be able to come-go and pit-stop fairly quickly. Otherwise I'll stay downtown (when rates drop a bit or gulp and stay at Crowne Plaza via Hotwire). Thank you in advance. (And of course any purchase or bid will be via your PRICELINE / HOTWIRE links as always.)
  15. Thanks - I was stunned to get this and as of 1132 PM ET it remains available. Btw I did begin bid from the BB link.
  16. Howdy, wow oh wow was this a deal. Was a bit stumped on hotel ID and knew that $77 price (originally shown) and "good news, the price is lower" $76 on payment screen were incredible for June in NYC. When I saw the $15 off $100 HOTWIRE link on your homepage, it was perfect ($76 plus taxes-fees hit $101). Couldn't buy this fast enough as my total cost was $86 with discount, taxes and fees. Amenities: Pet friendly Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access I had a great deal on the Travel Inn Hotel hotel, about $103 with taxes-fees, but Sheraton is way better located (esp for my fav eats) and is much nicer overall (sans frig but with bigger bed). Thanks so much, Better Bidding, for offering this promo HOTWIRE link today. I'm very excited.
  17. Similar to the previous poster for end of June, I jumped on this today not knowing how long it'd be offered. This property was showing occasionally in the upper $90s the last few weeks, but not enticing enough for me to stay there (preferred closer to subway and a few other things). But $62 net (I had an extra 10% off PRICELINE EXPRESS deals offer) from the $69 posted price was plenty of incentive. Was looking at a mystery east coast city for the first part of a weeklong vaca ending in Toronto (NYC, Boston, DC, and others were on the radar -- $62 a night...boom!). Added the Friday night given how cheap the total cost was. FYI...I also did NYOP bidding with rebid zones (started at $58) up until $64/night until the next bid ($65) would exceed the Express Deals total price (with coupon). Then booked via ED. One tip: if this disappears, keep on trying -- it may come back (the $90s previous ED rate did that too, on and off). Amenities below (but a clear match for this property based on Priceline rating, zone and in general): Free Internet (in Public Area) Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center Began bidding and then PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals via BB link.
  18. Pretty methodical bid with all the free 4-start rebid zones in Dallas area. Surprised such a great rate during Texas State Fair weekends. Began at $70 and then used $1-2 increments to end up at Price.line's floor (naturally received a counteroffer for $92). As PL designated this property as a 7 rated in NYOP and PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals (a 4-star match for same hotel at $91 for $328 total, my NYOP total was $288), I was fairly confident it would be the Sheraton. Hotwire had this property at $78 or $79 ($290-295 total) depending on the browser. The reason I'm confident is that based on regular rates and inventory, it could only be the Sheraton or Adolphus -- based on Hot.wire showing a 4-rating on TripAdvisor (Adolphus is 4.5 and Sheraton is 4) and teh aforementioned PL 7-rating (Sheraton is in the upper 7s, Adolphis is in the 8s). So I was pretty certain, that when accepted, it would be the Sheraton (hopefully it offers the 500 points/day SPG bonus for no housekeeping, that would be awesome). Began bidding via the BB [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link.
  19. Pretty methodical bid as was getting stymied for awhile with the usual really expensive Boston hotel rates. At one point I saw a low 100s Express Deals rate for a 4-star Seaport hotel but that soon went away before I could book it. Also factoring in is it's a busy spring week in Boston + the Frozen Four National Hockey Championships and also the 13th is opening day for the Red Sox. The only other reasonable rate for a decent hotel was Hotwire at 3.5 showing the Park Plaza for about 130 (and that with full bed in 100 Sq ft room w no windows most likely). On Express Deals, I saw a 107 Thursday 9th to Monday 13th rate for a 4 star hotel in Copley. Tried different date variations and it worked as long as you checked out on Monday the 13th, with arrival as early as the 7th. The Express price did go up to about 112-114 if arrival before Thursday. Researched some on Priceline's website showed it was definitely the Marriott as well. Copley not my preferred area but actually pretty excellent considering how well regarded this hotel is and also the two subway lines and commuter rail lines that are nearby. Plus a winning Priceline bid for this Marriott will automatically generate a room with one king bed, a big deal in a city like boston where you could end up with two twins or a double. Began bidding at $80 and did a series of rebids using free zones until accepted at 97. Lol, at 96 I was offered a counter offer to add about $15 to my price. Began my building through the Better Bidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link.
  20. Methodical bid once I realized that the Ren was available at a close to $100 rate for Halloween weekend, also Broncos-Patriots weekend (I'm from Denver). Bid starting at $100, got the obligatory $132 counter-offer, went up in $3 increments to $109, then rebid in $1 amounts until accepted at $115. Used the BB PRICELINE link to begin all bid series.
  21. Pretty methodical bid .. started at $60 based on $78-84 pl Express / Hot.wire price. And bid in $1-2 increments until accepted. Only drama was hoping against hope the hotel would not be the Clarendon (resort fees); based on my research I assumed Hyatt Regency would come up so a bit of pleasant surprise for Sheraton. I had a 10% off NYOP code that expired an hour or so ago or price woulda been about $14 lower - oh well a very good deal for being in actual downtown Phoenix vs north of city in the "downtown Zone" Began bids via BB PRICELINE link.
  22. Pretty easy bidding, Express showed $86 and Hotwire $84 plus I was pretty sure from other indicators it'd be Hotel Felix as was hoping for smaller hotel. Began in $60s with all the free rebid zone flexibilities, then rebid in $1 increments after $72 until accepted. Cheapest PL rate is $162, cheapest direct hotel rate averages $143 so a nice deal. Also considering I manuvered $50 RT airfare (from Denver), all the better to get this done LOL. Now if Blackhawks could just have a playoff game that weekend, I'd be all set (getting greedy there ha ha). Used the PRICELINE links from your website to begin all bids.
  23. Pretty straight-forward win especially with all the free rebidding 4-star zones. Ended up for the last few dollars bidding in $1 increments, prompted at $63 to add $11 for an accepted bid (counteroffer) and then accepted at $64 ($1 more). HOTWIRE showed 4-star at $68, PRICELINE EXPRESS at $73. One or both appeared to be Millenium or Hyatt Regency, which I was hoping to avoid as preferred closer to city center. Westin sure was a homerun there especially as hotel's best retail rate is $158. Used the BB PRICELINE link to begin all bidding. PS- This is the weekend of NCHC hockey championships at Target Center (down the street) and Big Ten Hockey Championships at Xcel Center (St Paul)
  24. This successful Hotwire stay was via your link -- I was already at this hotel for Super Bowl week and weekend and was stranded because bad weather cancelled my flight. Kinda held my breath as various opaque metrics showed the hotel could possibly be the Roosevelt (I was pretty sure it was Metropolitan based on the amenities -- but didn't want to stay at Roosevelt nor move with lots of luggage for one night). $105 night rate 4-star Midtown East DoubleTree Metropolitan Amenities: Pet friendly Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Self service laundry Internet access Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Roll-in shower
  25. Good day. Just wanted to post some info that would allow this thread/topic to be closed. I had the existing reservations already on hold. Also had Holiday Inn Chelsea via Priceline (using BB link) as backups hoping the IHG would price match (free night plus match) but the cancellation date (24 hrs apart) was used as a technicality to not match. Then as the date got close and I was monitoring things, inexplicably Hotwire showed a Midtown East 4-star for $81/night with January 25 checkin and Feb 3 checkout (day after Super Bowl). Meaning no change of hotels needed. Did try bidding on PRICELINE (using your link) beneath final HOTWIRE cost but unsuccessful. Here are my Hotwire booking details: $81 night rate Sat Jan 25 - Mon Feb 3 4-star Midtown East DoubleTree Metropolitan Amenities: Pet friendly Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Self service laundry Internet access Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Roll-in shower The stay by the way was amazing, hotel staff was incredible, and location very good. Did get stranded (bad weather, cancelled flight) and did book an additional night using your link (I'll post that next).
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