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  1. For a 5* North Hotel it's $139/night on HOTWIRE the week before compared to $169/night for when you are looking. So it looks like you picked a more expensive weekend. You might try waiting awhile. Also HOTWIRE has a 5* in the South for $109/night. Good Luck! I need to stop reading the Vegas postings I'm getting a bad itch to go now.
  2. The Aria and Vdara have the same amenities on HOTWIRE so it will be hard to aim for this property. HOTWIRE has 5* Strip South with Restaurant, Pool, Fitness $82/night for your stay. 5* North is $129 looks like either the Palazzo or Venetian. I'd go for that unless it is out of your budget. Now that the Trump is out of the North Zone on PRICELINE I'd bid there if you are looking to spend a little less and get a 5*, since you can't really aim for the property you want on HOTWIRE. Good luck! Make sure you are spelling Aria correctly in the search. The Mandarin Oriental has never been reported.
  3. Actually I didn't have to change my room. I was given a really nice room. I could just tell there were smaller rooms on the map that's on the inside of the door. The one they put up for the fire exits.
  4. Great hotel! Perfect location, very modern. I could see from the floorplan there are a few "Hotwire" rooms. Just make sure you get a room with a tub. Also bring your Starwoods Member card as they have two dedicated floors. I was given a full size room to begin with.
  5. VERY happy with this deal, website was at 200 EURO a night. Used the HOTWIRE link. Thanks to the previous posters. This location is fantastic! Matched the list, but I want to note that it actually falls outside the marked zone on HOTWIRE. I was a little worried I might end up with something else. 95% of reviews reccoment 4.5 trip advisor rating Amenities Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Laundry Facilities, High-speed Internet Access
  6. Wow I can't belive how much the prices have come down on this hotel compared to when I bid. Make sure your request rooms in the main hotel, not the annex. I mentioned it in a previous post. Priceline Room Assignment Also I noticed I was asked to post my winning, which i have done: Priceline Venice.
  7. So I put in $90 and I get that sad red bar saying that I have little to no chance of being sucessful. Sad times cause it did that up until $140, I know you advise not to worry about this warning. I started at $100 rejected, added zone bid $115 rejected. I did a little more research and I have to pay for internet and breakfast at this hotel. The Eurostars Central has a promotion for 99 EUR (~135 USD) a night that includes taxes, breakfast, and internet so I may book this, since it's refundable and see if prices drop some more. I'll kepp you updated if I decide to bid again
  8. So I'm aiming for the Le Meridien Munich. It's the only 5* that comes up for City Center South on the retail section of PRICELINE and the average price that shows up on "name your own price" when I put in my dates is $186 USD which is the price of this hotel. It's an awesome location right next to the train station and #11 on trip advisor. I think I'll start off at $90/night then I get two free re-bids adding south and airport. Do u think that's a good price to start at? My dates are May 24th to the 27th. Mon to Thursday. Thanks for you help. I will make sure to use the PRICELINE link and hopefully add this hotel to your list.
  9. I know I miss the trip advisor rating and number of reviews. :) I've got to crack this % reccomend thing, is it from Hotels.com ratings? What's with them anyway?
  10. So how to tell the Sheraton and the Warwick apart... If I look for Friday 4/16 for one night I see a 4* hotel downtown that 85% of people recommend. (Priceline has the Sheraton for the cheapest that night) If I look for 4/20 where Warwick is priced well under the Sheraton 80% of people recommend. You think this could be a good clue to telling them apart. I think I would have to test a few more days to be sure. I stayed at the Sheraton before and I was not impressed, I still don't think it deserves a 4* rating.
  11. Haha oops I always forget something it's the Monaco
  12. Friday night. I'm crazy excited about this deal. This hotel was NOT up yesterday, the hotel's website said they were sold out. I actually though I was going to get the Oxford. There is a huge convention in town and the Rockies first home game is also this night, so I feel really lucky. I've stayed here a few times before, and the hotel is very nice and I love the restaurant. I thought I could extend my stay, but I guess that's only Priceline. Thanks! Amenities Boutique Hotel Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Spa Services Hotel rate per night - Hotwire hot Rate: $108.00 Nights: 1 Rooms: 1 Subtotal: $108.00 Tax recovery charges and fees: $21.66 Total price: $129.66 Total charges to your credit card $129.66 Also the reviews said 5 out of 5 for everything based on 10+ reviews with a Trip Advisor of 4/5
  13. I think there is a a Holiday Inn on the north east side of town with a shuttle, but it's not within walking distance of downtown. The skyride is a great deal to get downtown and very nice to ride. It may be cheaper for you to rent an SUV from a downtown location. Travelzoo has a promotion up too Ski Savings: $50 OFF SUV Rentals in Ski Locations The Hertz Corporation Travelzoo Hertz Link
  14. I did not feel like a 4*. It had all of the services promised, but I've stayed in other 4* hotels in Minneapolis and they are a lot nicer.
  15. I just hope I save someone else from an unpleasent stay. It's just so flipping cold in Minnesota otherwise I would not of spent so much time in the room. I posted a review on Trip Advisor too, if they care enough they'll contact me there. I've had other large chains contact me after I post there.
  16. Oh my, very sad hotel. Just old and dirty and the locatation is only good if you are going to a convention. Old TV, old phone (didn't work), old smell, and the elevators didn't work properly. No soundproofing to speak of, the people next door and in the halls might as well of been in my room. I'm going to use Hotwire in MSP from now on just to avoid this hotel. To made it worse it was new years and there was a bunch of kids puking in the elevators, pulling fire alarms, running in the halls. Had to take the stairs to the 12th floor. Cops showed up. It was like a frat house there. :) Never again for news year for sure, I've stayed in hotel for new years before so I expected some stuff, but it was over the top here.
  17. Just an FYI hotel Travelzoo has hotel Ivy for $89/night http://hotels.travelzoo.com/chicago-hotels...ing=&tppct=
  18. well I just just booked a hotel through your link with PRICELINE, I put my dates wrong in this thread
  19. Bid $45 rejected added Burnsville Bid $50 accepted, never stayed here before looks nice, great price Used PRICELINE link!
  20. I know crazy right, the terms are kind of funny 72 hours prior takes two days to accept.
  21. I was shopping around for a hotel in Minneapolis Dec 30-Jan 1st and Graves 601 has a "place bid" button with their reservation system. Has anyone tried this. The location of the hotel is ideal for me so I was looking at their regular rates.
  22. Accepted on first bid of $56, surprised to get this hotel since it was listed at $179/night and both the Westin and Grand Hyatt were at $140. I'm happy with my win since the Sheraton is a better location for me. I used the PRICELINE link and my starting bid was based off previous winners who took the time to do $1 increments. Thanks!
  23. If that is the hotel, Warwick's website shows that they have a rooms avaliable with two double beds. The also have a room with a pull-out couch, then there is always the roll-away option. There is no way to know what a hotel will do. I've had some places charge me more, I've had some place only have two bed rooms when I wanted a single. You are taking the hotels leftover with Hotwire, if you think they will fill up you might have a problem. Is it worth the premium to go directly thru the hotel's website to garuntee you get two beds? BTW the rates look liked they dropped on Hotwire to $76. Personally when I am aiming for two beds I like to book last minute and make sure they hotel I think I am getting has lots of double rooms left.
  24. I think this might be the Warwick, too bad they don't have the trip advisor rating on there. Hotels.com has this as the least expensive 4* on those dates, at $95 a night. The hotel's website it is coming up as $174 a night, but they have a "Senior Discount" coming up at $85 a night. Looks like a glitch in their system. They have a pretty sad website. Looks like they just had a renevation.
  25. Grand Hyatt is pretty close to 16th street (1.5 blocks), I know the Hyatt Convention Center's indoor pool is part of their spa/gym and you have to pay to get in. I don't know if the Grand Hyatt is the same, but it looks like it's free from their website. There are lots of parking lots downtown and it will usually run you about $10/day. Also meter parking is free on some holidays downtown so make sure to take advantage of that. http://www.denvergov.org/Parking_Managemen...67/Default.aspx You can use this map to find all the parking and rates and lots downtown. http://www.experiencedowntowndenver.com/sp...splash_map.html I know how you feel sometimes after paying for internet and parking you wonder if you are really getting a good deal. There is lots of free wifi downtown. Pretty soon all the hotels will have to give that up. The Grand Hyatt has a pretty good prepaid rate. make sure you use PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on this site to book
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