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  1. My cousin & his soon-to-be-enrolled-in St John's son are flying to visit the campus. Today was my third attempted. I only bidded the JFK area because they are flying Jet Blue into NYC. I started all bidding at $75/3* and was rejected and add 2.5* but at $60 and rejected. So, I opted for hotwire (see that post). first time I didn't get a hotel on priceline! :)
  2. New city alert! My second cousin is going to Victoria. I did Orbitz to see what was available (LaQuinta was $61 there and on laq.com;other hotels ranged from $60-$75 (like Holiday Inn, Hampton, Super 8 and a Quality Inn). Priceline listed 1* and 2* hotel catagories. Advised my second cousin to bid $35 and got it! $46.10 total with taxes.
  3. I had bidded, $48, $48 and $55 over the past 9 days. I rebidded again at $55 and was finally succesfully. Compare priceline's $165 (before tax) to $329 at hyatt.com.
  4. I only bidded downtown Toronto and got this hotel on the first bid! On Sheraton's site, it was $140, Hotels.com $135 and Orbitz $154.
  5. Initially bidded $35 for a 2.5 star in the Ohio State area. Rejected. Add 2* and reduced bid to $31 (hoping to get Fairfield Inn). Rejected. Increased bid to $40 and added CMH (airport) and got this property. Happy with it. I did it for a cousin & his son who are flying up there for a day visit to Ohio State University.
  6. I initially bidded $55 on a 3* hotel, downtown Montreal only. Rejected but I added $5 to my bid and 2.5* hotel and got the 2045 Peel St location for $60 ($120 + $22.91 tax, $142.91 total).
  7. Based on the reviews for this place, I may opt to get a Motel 6 .. I have a really bad vibe about this motel. I bid $35 for a 2.5* in San Jose (hope for the Courtyard) and added $5 and Sunnyvale. At least I fly out the next morning and only need a bed. Seems this place should not be on priceline. Wish I did 3* to begin with [Note: I got the Hilton Santa Clara for $45 on the 15th!] :) :) btw. the hotel website had a $79 nightly rate for this date.
  8. dang .. it was $250 US (140.00 GBP) on their website .. that's a steal and a half and it was rated high on tripadvisor.com. And you are walking distance from the Tube (Marble Arch station on the Central Line). It would have to be one horrid room to make that $60 bid look bad! :)
  9. First bid was $78 for Kensington/Earls Court/Knightbridge. Failed but got counter offer of $100. Opted to add Marble Arch/Bloomsbury with a $82 bid. Got this hotel. With taxes, it was $299.52. :) And on the hotel's website, the lowest rate was $158.50 before the nasty VAT tax! :)
  10. I stated out doing a $35 for a 3* hotel in Mobile West. No room. Added 2* at same price and got this. Probably better than the Red Roof (which was $44.99 on their site). Cousin is heading to Orlando from Austin and that will be his layover for Christmas (he & his son are going to a soccer tourney).
  11. I bidded $30 for a 3 star in Rancho Corvoda. Got a counter-bid for $43 but opted for $35 and added University area (which has no 3 star hotel) and got the Holiday Inn. No idea on the amenities.
  12. Got it on the first try for a cousin. No idea on the amenities.
  13. Fairmont Vancouver Airport may be the 4* hotel at the airport.
  14. One bid. Unfortunately, I put in the wrong zone so I'm eating the cost of this hotel for the relative I was bidding for. :) 1 nite, 10/30/04. (Feel free to re-edit this post!)
  15. First bid was for a 2.5* at $30 (since I got the Courtyard at that rate). Denied. Since we wanted to stay in that area, added $1 to bid and 2* catagory. Got the TownePlace Suites by Marriott (they have studio, one bedroom & two bedroom suites). Note, I have seen $24 bids for the TownePlace Suites being accepted. I will call back later to see if we can get a 2 bedroom suites.
  16. One bid for $30 and only used the one zone for Houston (Northwest). It is located at Hwy 249 & Lorretta (about 3 miles NW of the Willowbrook Mall). I did the bid this past Monday.
  17. Bidded once at $30 and nailed it. Only had YYZ (Pearson Int'l Airport) as my only choice/zone. Amenities included 3 on site restaurants, cocktail lounge pool, sauna, airport shuttle, high speed internet.
  18. I did bid earlier at $55, $57 (added Delta) and $58 (Langley) but all were rejected. Tonite, one $50 bid with Vancouver as the only choice and, voila! :) Amenities and Services include: restaurant and cocktail lounge on site, room service, pets permitted, high speed internet, pool and airport shuttle
  19. Rainmen1956, I don't remember the hot tub or sauna but it was listed in the 'information' book you get in the room. I liked the hotel. Good Location (one block west of Crescent) and about 3 blocks from the Metro. The parking in below the hotel for $13.50 CDN (it's a private lot and not the Novotel's). The room I got was a king and it was comfortable (and there was a sofa bed too). No microwave/mircofridge and local calls are $1 CDN. I would recommend this hotel to others. one note: The US dollars is getting weaker and weaker to the Canadian dollar. I was getting $1 US = $1.35 CDN and now it's down to $1.32 CDN (and I remember only a few years back it was $1.61 CDN!!).
  20. Thereuare, Le Novotel Hotel (per hotwire) features the following amenities: suite, airport shuttle, restaurant(s), fitness center and spa services. one question: I believe I can not get the GST and Quebec Provincial tax back because I may not get a bill for the room from the hotel. Someone I know used priceline for a Toronto Hotel and didn't get a bill so he couldn't get the GST back.
  21. I got the Novotel Hotel for $58/night for the nights of Oct 1st & 2nd. I trying $45 for 3 stars on priceline but no luck. According to hotwire, I should have a suite. btw, nice site and I read about this site at some bulletin board I happened to visit.
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