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  1. Express deal for 3 star hotel downtown Salt Lake City. Rating was 9.0 and list price $94. Paid $52 plus fees. Free Parking, Internet, Breakfast. Booked through PRICELINE link.
  2. Initially bid $52 for 3.5 star, downtown SLC only. Was rejected. Expanded to airport area and bid $54 which was accepted. Very happy as I've stayed at this property numerous times. Excellent hotel. Taxes and fees included $68.53
  3. Started with $60 NYOP bid for 1 night stay, 2 rooms, 4* in Sea World/I Drive area. After being rejected I added the MCO area (which has no 4*) and increased my bid to $63 which was accepted. 2 rms @ $63 = $126 + tax/fees of $26 = $151 total for 2 rooms/1 night. Savings of approx 64% (+ resort fee/parking)
  4. Hi I was wondering how you ended up on these bids? I'm looking at similar dates in same area. Thx
  5. Hi, I'm brand new to bb but I have used name your own price about 50x on Priceline. I have a question no one has ever been able to answer and I hoped someone might? In one priceline area, INTERNATIONAL DRIVE/SEA World Orlando FL there are multiple 4* hotels. If the advertised rate on one of them is $179, and another is $300 (BOTH are 4*) do I have a better chance of getting the nicer one ($300) if I bid higher? In other words, I know I can get the $179 rm If I bid, say $90. But if I bid $125 are my chances of getting the $300 room better? or am I just likely to overpay for the $179 room because they are both 4* in the same area? Thanks!
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