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  1. You can park at Qwik Park or Airlines Parking for $11/day ($9 with AAA card) and take their shuttle to the hotel.
  2. This is currently the only known 4 star in the airport area. I saw that the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal was $83, so started bidding at $73 and got it on first bid. I haven't bid in a long time because there was less than a 5% difference in bidding and express deals. Now I'm excited to start bidding again. It seems like the taxes and fees are a lot lower on bidding than PRICELINE EXPRESS deals, as the total came to $87.84 and the express deals total was $101.
  3. I started out by bidding 4.5 star (marked as best deal) in the Times Square area. I believed it to be the Intercontinental. $250, $265, and $280 were all rejected. There was a 5* listed under PRICELINE EXPRESS deals with a 8 approval rating, pets allowed, restaurant, free internet, pool, fitness center, and non-smoking for $395. Taxes and fees were an additional $70/night. Because the list rate of $617 was showing, I was pretty sure it was the Chatwal. BINGO! I am so excited. It is worth $115 more to me because the approval rating is really 8.9 and the tripadvisor rating is significantly higher than the Intercontinental. The Chatwal's web site gave me a $595 nightly rate.
  4. Are yous sure it doesn't say "casino nearby"? There is only one casino and there is no hotel attached. This is misleadng on the hotel's part.
  5. Those other amenities were not listed until after I booked. Then I got: Hotel Amenities Free Internet Pet friendly Boutique hotel Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Golf nearby Spa services Rate was $121 and they quoted an outrageous taxes and fees of $33.25, so good thing they had an online coupon to bring fees down by $15. The total was $139.25. Web site rate was $199. I bid PRICELINE first, up to $81. For $89 and $20, you can get a 4 star hotel (I think it's Hyatt Regency or Westin), which are rated much lower by tripadvisor. I'd rather pay more to get a top-rated hotel, and lately HOTWIRE is filling this niche. Thanks for you help. Spot on as usual!
  6. 3/25 $121, but will use the $15 coupon 4.5* Cinci (Downtown) Boutique 95% recommend Complimentary Free Internet Amenities Boutique hotelBusiness centerFitness centerPet friendlyRestaurant(s)Self-service laundrySmoke-free rooms Is it the 20th Century?
  7. It could be my browser. New computer coming this weekend. What 4 star hotels are listed under Hotwire in Cincinnati? Thanks.
  8. When I click on the link, looking for the list of Hotwire hotels people have won, I get a link to HOTWIRE bidding.
  9. At first I thought I won the Hyatt Regency that everyone always wins, but Siri directed us to this new hotel on Monroe St. I guess it is technically 10 or 11 months old now, converted to a hotel from an office building. It's nice and modern. Only amenities listed were pets, restaurant, business center, and wifi. I think it had an 8+ rating. I got really mad at Priceline on this one, as it originally showed me $95, but when I went back to book it, the price had increased dramatically. If this happens again, I'm through with Priceline.
  10. I just copied the person who won this a couple months ago, as I don't have time to bid lower. With taxes and fees of $14.03, it came to $66.03.
  11. I would really be angry if I got the Intercontinental. I don't think that is what it is because it only has an 81% approval rating on tripadvisor. I believe it's the Pfister, but don't like either at that price, and certainly am not willing to risk getting the Intercontinental. If approval ratings don't mean anything to Hotwire and people start figuring it out, Hotwire is going to lose a lot of business.
  12. Oh, this is in Milwaukee. Amenities match the Hyatt, but 100% recommended? I don't think so.
  13. 8/8 one night, 4 1/2*, downtown, 100% recommended (I really hope this means something), $249 I "clicked through" and got: free internet smoke-free fitness ctr. restaurant business ctr. accessibility blind " deaf " path of travel " bath roll-in shower handicapped parking internet access This must be one of the 4* that has now become a 4 1/2*. The only one that could possibly be 100% recommended is the Pfister, but don't you guys always tell people that that rating means nothing? The Pfister web site is showing NO AVAILABILITY, but I've gotten rooms before on Hotwire when hotels were sold out.
  14. I started out by bidding 3* in Dayton South (mall area). There are 4 free re-bid zones (zones where there aren't any 3* hotels). I bid up to 57 and was rejected. I saw that there was a 2.5* Express Deal for $51, which had an 8 approval rating. The name-your-own-price 2.5* only had a 7 approval rating, so I started at $40. There is only one free re-bid when bidding 2.5* (I think the zone was Fairborn). After bidding $40, I got the message, "If you'll increase your bid by $11....". I ignored it and bid $45, winning the Fairfield. With taxes and fees, it came to $58.40 for the night.
  15. This was my third win at this hotel, as more people want to join us. As with the previous two buys, I looked for a 5* with 100% satisfaction. Once again, amenities listed on the main page included: free internet restaurant indoor pool business center fitness center spa services pools When I clicked on "Buy", another set of amenities showed, which included all of the above PLUS "internet access". Taxes and fees added another $61.51, bringing the total to $307.51. This is a splurge for us so I hope it's worth it.
  16. Amenities are exactly like I posted on my win yesterday, but here they are again: Free Internet Indoor Pool Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center Internet Access Spa Services
  17. Currently the key is to look for the 100% satisfaction rating and then to begin booking. When you do that, you will see amenities listed on the right hand side of the page. Internet is listed twice. I think it's "high-speed internet" and "internet access" or "free internet". Taxes and fees are outrageous at $61.51/night.
  18. The area was North Michigan Ave./Water Tower. Why isn't that a choice on here? Thanks for your tip to an earlier post. You said that when you go to buy the room, check out all the amenities and if you see "free internet" and "internet access", it's the Langham. Other amenities listed included pools, indoor pool, restaurant, spa service, fitness, and business center. $215 sounded wonderful until the taxes and fees showed up. They are $49.50/night. I compared this to a similarly priced hotel and figured that Hotwire is getting at least 1/3 of that. It's still a good deal for the #1 rated hotel in Chicago. I tried to make a second reservation for another family member that is only staying one night, but the rate jumped to $240/night. I will try to make that reservation again later, hoping for the lower rate, and will use your link.
  19. The official name is Holiday Inn Express and Suites.....strange, but true.
  20. No free rebids when bidding a 2.5* in this zone. I tried and failed at $62 after determining that the $73 Express Deal was the Holiday Inn. I based this on the list of 2.5 * hotels with an 8+ customer satisfaction rating. I got a message, "If you'll just raise your bid to $73...." . I ignored it and someone else bid $66 for me, which was accepted. The regular Priceline list price was $119. With taxes and fees the "name your own" price was around $83, the Express Deal would have been around $91.
  21. I've used Priceline dozens of times and this just happened to me. I couldn't bid more than two zones. It takes me to the regular hotel list, saying my bid was not accepted.
  22. When I go back into my account, I get these amenities, but when I made the reservation, I don't recall seeing everything past spa services, as I don't think they were listed when I booked. Free Internet Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet access Spa Services Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Roll-in shower
  23. Yee-Haw! What a deal! First I saw $199 on the Hotwire site, but then I remembered that I better use your HOTWIRE link. When I did, I saw that the price had dropped to $179. I knew this had to be a good hotel because it had a 100% recommendation. All this was after bidding up to $220 on Priceline yesterday. This is the top-rated hotel, according to tripadvisor. I had bid up to $220 on a 4* with no luck last night. I also checked the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals this afternoon. Then I see HOTWIRE with a $179 for a 4 1/2 * for $179. It has 100% recommendation, which is extremely rare. I go for it and get Hotel Commonwealth, the top-rated hotel in Boston, according to tripadvisor. I'd also like to recommend LastMinuteTravel, as they were my back-up. They had the Omni Parker House for $89. Either way, both beat PRICELINE.
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