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  1. Started on Tuesday with a bid for a 3* in Cedar Park at $46, rejected; increased to $51 and added Buda as the only free bid zone, rejected. Tried 2 1/2* at $56 and received a counter offer for $73. This morning I tried a 3* at $65, received a counter offer for $101; added Buda and increased the bid to $75, still rejected. Began a new bid for 2 1/2* at $65 and it was accepted. Lowest comparable price for the room was $110, so I'm happy with the deal - and the hotel is rated as Excellent!
  2. Was hoping to get the Crowne Plaza, since that is where the actual meetings are being held; but any place at the airport was okay. Began with a $58 bid for 3 1/2* in the Airport North zone, increasing $4 with each rejection, up to $90 with no acceptance. Started a new bid for 3*, and since the average price was even higher than 3 1/2*, first bid was increased to $75 - which was accepted right away. Lowest advertised internet price was $89, so I might have gotten it for much less, if I'd just tried that first. Oh well, still saved a little.
  3. Started at $46 per night, and received a counter-offer for $61; used free bid zone in $2 increments before it was accepted at $54 per night. Lowest price on internet was $89.
  4. Not having good luck with Priceline the last couple of weeks... seems we're having to pay much more than usual for rooms, no matter where we go - NY or SC. I've been trying for a week for a room near Glen Head, NY, without success - starting with 4*, making my way through to 3*, from $65 to $105. Most all first bids return a counter offer of $125. Finally got a room for $110 this morning. The only redeeming factor is that ALL of the decent hotels within a 6 mile radius are $148 - 237.
  5. Best internet price for the Holiday Inn was $91, with similar hotels pricing over $100 per night. $58 per night was accepted on the first bid (should have started much lower, since there are a large number of free bid zones) Total for 4 nights is $232 + tax of $47.76 = $279.76
  6. Lowest internet price $125 - 139. Started bid at $75, rejected with +$19 counter-offer; increased to $80, rejected; increased to $85 and it was accepted
  7. There are two listings on PL for Enid, OK - entering Enid,OK results in a list of 12 cities, with only 2 free bid zones; enter North Enid and you'll see a list of only 4 of the same 12. I first tried $46, received a counter offer of +$34 for a total of 80; resubmitted with Hennessey and raised to $64, rejected; started a new bid with Enid and Arkansas at $68, returned the same counter offer of $80; added Hennessey, increased bid to $72 and it was accepted by Country Inn & Suites. Lowest internet price for the same room was $95.
  8. I couldn't locate any posts for this area, so wanted to share this one. Washington, PA is south of Pittsburgh, hotels range $65-90 per night, $46 was accepted on the first bid for a 3* room, taxes 36.32 for a total of 220.32. It's possible that a lower bid may win the same room, I just haven't had a lot of luck with really low bids in quite a while - still good deals, just not like scoring a 3* for $36.
  9. Tried $65 for 3* and $60 for 2 1/2* last week, with no luck. So, started at $75 for 3* today and was rewarded with a win at the Courtyard - good deal, as the best internet price I could find was $149.
  10. Internet searches for area hotels confirmed that Candlewood Suites was the only 2* hotel located in Alabaster, AL, so I felt certain that I wouldn't get a different hotel. Best price I could find online was was $91 per night. The area has 5 bid zones, but all of the other areas have 2 1/2* and 2* hotels, which doesn't allow for any free bids. I started last week at $46 - it was rejected with a counter-offer of $78. Since then, I've gradually increased the bids, but each rejection came back with the same counter-offer. This morning, I finally got an acceptance at $73 per night, taxes of $110.40, for a total of $694.40 - so, some savings, after all.
  11. Tried for a 3* room in West zone at $55, received a counter-offer for +$27 to $82; added East at $61, but was rejected again. Started a new bid at $55 and it was accepted at first try, for a total with taxes of $$266.04. Internet pricing for advance purchase was $80-83 per night on other sites.
  12. Burlington is the only zone in this area with 3* hotels - I was hoping for a Hampton Inn or a Courtyard, and with Days Inn being granted the same star level as Holiday Inn, I was reluctant to go below 3*. Started at $48, received a counter offer for $78; continued to try free bid zones at $5 increments before I finally got the Best Western Plus at $70. Not a lot of savings, but better than the $85 per night from other websites. Total with tax = $329.20
  13. Secured a room the previous week at the Crowne Plaza for $86, but was hoping to get an equally nice hotel with breakfast included for an employee.  Breakfast is not included with the room price at this Holiday Inn, however, but the room was slightly less expensive.  Finally got the room for $81 per night - total of $388.24; best internet price was $107.24, or $493.31 for the stay.  
  14. I started at $48 a couple of days ago, worked my way up to $76 with free bids, but only got counter-offers for $93. Began again today and finally succeeded at $86; with taxes of $68.08, for a total of $412.08. Best internet price for the room was $114 per night, or $524 for stay.
  15. I'd secured a room for the previous week at $46 per night on the first bid; so lowered my bid to $40 for the second week - it was also accepted on the first try. Internet price for the room was $85.
  16. Average price on PL showed to be $88 per night - tried $46 and it was accepted the first try at the LaQuinta. Lowest internet price for the same hotel was $86 per night. I need to book another room for the next week, so will try a little lower and see what happens.
  17. Room Subtotal 328.00 + 107.52 = $435.52. Cheapest internet price I found was $84 per night.
  18. Lowest internet price I found was $108. I'd received a counter-offer from PL for $80 per night, began using free bid zones in $2 increments to reach $71. 8 nights 10/1/15 - 10/9/15 at $71.00 per night + taxes 110.96 = $678.96 total
  19. Farmington Inn and Suites 3* for 4 nights 8/17-8/21 at $84 per night, plus taxes of $68.20 = $404.20. Lowest internet price I'd found was $116 per night
  20. LaQuinta Inn and Suites in North Olmstead for 4 nights at $59 each, plus taxes of $51.60 = $287.60 total
  21. I couldn't find any postings for bids in this area, so started at $59 and worked in increments through 3* and 2 1/2* before I finally got this one to go through. Lowest internet price I found was $127.
  22. I'd been trying for a 3 - 2 1/2* room on the south side of the airport for the past week - every bid so far was rejected, or answered with a counter offer for a 2 1/2* at $56. After trying again for a 3*, up to $71, I bid $51 for the 2 1/2* and it was accepted. Lowest internet price for the room was $61. Rates through the hotel website range from $83-109. I was a little dismayed to see that it was for the Magnolia Inn, as only the Country Inn and Fairfield Inn were listed for SAV hotels; but after reading the reviews, I think it's okay. Biggest complaint appears to the be size of the bathrooms and dining area, so I'm not too concerned. There weren't any recent posts about 2 1/2*, so wanted to let everyone know what might come up.
  23. Bids for 3 1/2* rejected at $60 and $70, first bid for 3* accepted at $60 - lowest internet price I found was $140
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