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  1. won this PRICELINE EXPRESS deal Springhill Suites by Marriott Lexington Near The University Of Kentucky started at $57 per night January 23-24 1 night I used a Priceline Coupon to get a few bucks off. Total after tax and fees was $69.13
  2. I tried for the 5*. I started bidding at 205 and went all the way up to $325 with no luck. I switched to 4* (not as many rebid options). Started at 150 and bid up to $210. At that point, I was out of bids. I ended up using your link and used Priceline.express deal where I knew what hotel I was going to get. I got the Club Quarters World Trade Center for $225 ($300 after tax). for 4/29 (1 night)
  3. If there was a meaningful enough discount to the "for sure" prices (i.e. double tree is going for $260, if i could get a 4* for under $215, I'd take the risk that it's in the financial district, but may not be as close - even if it were the Ritz). Does that help? Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  4. Well, then maybe I'll need to move down to a 4*. I noticed that the 5* is most likely the Conrad Hilton which is too far from where I'll be (NYSE). So maybe if there is a 4* or 4.5* near NYSE, that would be better (and could lower the pricetag). I don't really know how to work the Hotwire system, but maybe that would be a better way to go. I've always used Priceline via Betterbidding, And to answer your question, my max bid is $250. So I'd like to be within a few blocks of the NYSE and then pay the cheapest I can for a 4* (if I can get a 4.5* for under $250 and it's really close to the NYSE, I'll take it - otherwise, I'd rather pay less for the 4* and be closer to the conference).
  5. Can you offer any advice on booking a 4.5* or 5* in downtown/financial district? I'd like to keep the cost as much under $300 as possible (maybe even under $250). I must stay in Financial district (attending a conference) on April 29th. I'm interested in if there has been any success booking 4.5 or 5* in financial district and what the price was. Thanks
  6. regarding: FYI, I stayed in the second to top floor (2 BR suite w/ kitchen, etc.) last summer (2013) with my wife and 4 kids. the price was right, but the room was infested with bed bugs. The hotel denied everything and comped us nothing. I think they are going through a renovation so it might be better now.
  7. Opening bid at $55 rejected. Added another area and bid $60 - rejected. Added another area and bid $65 - accepted.
  8. Thanks, I started at $69 and was denied. I rebid at $75 after adding a zone -- accepted. Got the Sheraton Towers for one night 12/29/08 Mag mile.
  9. Happy Holidays, You've always given good advice in the past -- so I thought I'd come back. I haven't bid on anything in Chicago in a while and it looks like things have changed. Would you mind giving me a strategy for bidding on a 4* in the Magnificent Mile area for one night (12/29 - 12/30)? It looks like Millenium Park area just south is going for 59 - 70 during that time. I'm hoping for something under 80 bucks, but my wife prefers the Mag-Mile. As an aside, she likes Boutiques too, but it looks like those rules have changed. In addition to my above question, to you have any advice on locking in a boutique for the same date? If it's too risky, I'll just go for the 4* I'll use the betterbidding PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links of course. Thanks, Scrooge
  10. I need a hotel room for one night on Aug 13 in central Rome. I want to spend less than $120, but don't want to be in a seedy spot (I'll have my wife and two babies with me.) Is priceline or hotwire preferable for finding something in this location? Ideally, I want to be within walking distance of the tourist attractions, but I could be flexible. Also, I checked out hotwire's listings and the prices shown are in dollars. Would I pay that now, when I make the reservation, or do I just hold the room and pay when I check in? How does hotwire account for constant fluctuation in the currency exchange rate? Anyway, the "best value" hotel that popped up first was a 3.5* for $106 (retail $118.20) Their are only two amenities: Complimentary Breakfast <amenity names only please... not descriptions> High-speed Internet Access Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply. Any ideas what hotel this is? Sorry for the multiple questions. Any and all advice is much appreciated. Chiao.
  11. I'm in a similar situation, but just different enough to fish for wisdom from this forum: In August I need a room in Rome for one night for: Me, my wife, my 2-1/2 year old, and my 7 month old. So that's four people, but 2 of them are under 3 years old (I'm not afraid to have the kids in bed with us). Most of this info above was about the UK and France/Germany. Is Rome, Italy any different? I don't think my wife will agree to anything other than us all staying in one room -- and we're not rich. Any and all help is much appreciated!
  12. And now, for the much anticipated conclusion... I used a hotel link you had on your main website (top of page...don't remember details...it was a long time ago) and booked the Wall Street Inn for something like $180/night. It was a fabulous hotel...clean, plush, updated, quiet -- in the Wall Street area of NYC so surrounding buildings were under rehab and the hotel was hard to find, but inside you would never know. Well worth what I paid relative to NYC prices in general. Also, I hit Lombardi's Pizza. Thanks for the recommendation -- great za!
  13. Hey, don't get sour just because Ohio beat you guys at home. :) I'm new to this whole forum thing...I never saw a request for me to follow up on the NYC thread. Where do I look for that? There are no new messages in my box. Anyway, the follow up is...I used a hotel link you had on your main website (top of page...don't remember details...it was a long time ago) and booked the Wall Street Inn for something like $180/night. It was a fabulous hotel...clean, plush, updated, quiet -- in the Wall Street area of NYC so surrounding buildings were under rehab and the hotel was hard to find, but inside you would never know. Well worth what I paid relative to NYC prices in general.
  14. Not sure what in the world happened... Had to have a 4* in USE (2 rooms 1 night 12/13/05-12/14). Bid: 72 USE rejected 75 USE/SSF rejected 77 add cathedral rejected 79 add civic rejected 3 days later... 81 USE rejected 83 USE/SSF rejected 85 add cathedral rejected 87 add civic ... I won. I watched several bidders get a 4* in USE for under $80 during the last several days including today! Luck of the draw?
  15. So...I'm going on a business trip with my dad. I gave our "office assistant" the bid strategy and she messed it up (instead of adding one free rebid location at a time, she entered them all...and at the same price). So I got locked out of more rebidding options. So I then tried to use my dad's card: different name, different address, different card number... and priceline somehow still saw it as a duplicate request. I even had had her close and reopen the browser between my card's and my dad's card's bids. Any idea what happened?
  16. Wow! I've now bid $260 and cannot get a 4* in SoHo. I've also bid up to $240 and was denied a 3* in the same area. When you add taxes...I'm almost at $300 and I can't get a 3* in SoHo. Am I going to catch a disease at the Windsor...is that what NYC has come to? Can I do better...any other ideas now that I'm regretfully willing to spend $300 to stay in SoHo? (yes, my wife is back to a strong desire to stay in SoHo).
  17. I would be interested in the midtown area. Can you recommend the best way to get around NYC (from my hotel to the areas I'll be working in). My max bid after taxes is $250...so maybe that's a max bid of around $210-215?
  18. Sorry if this post overlaps your response. I actually will be in NYC on business. I have three different meetings all in that area (one at NYU, one on Little West St, and one at Trinity Pl...possibly another at Hudson/Houston intersection). -don't know if that helps. One meeting is late at night, the next is crack of dawn, so I wanted to limit my commute times with a close hotel...wife just likes the area. Thanks.
  19. I won't say I'm getting desperate...but I'm close. I'll try the midtown area (isn't that the next closest), but I could also use some advice on how to get back and forth from the hotel to several locations at the southern most tip of Manhatten. What's my new priceline strategy?...and, is priceline still my best bet or are there better ways at this point to book in NYC? Thanks.
  20. Started bidding 4* at $120 have gone down to 2.5* at $195 I may be all out of options, but I can make one last attempt having my wife bid. Does that work? I am not flexible on the date 9/19/05 and my wife wants to be as close to SoHo as possible (the further south in manhatten the better). I have tried the Financial District and South Midtown zones...wife won't let me try other zones that are further north. Jersey City is also not an option. I'm not an expert bidder and don't know NYC very well, so I don't mind advice on the best strategy. My limit after taxes is $250, and l'd like to think I could stay above a 2* at that price but,...bid on 2.5* at $195 for MTSouth and Financial District failed... :) Advice?
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