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  1. Thank you for your advice. I am still looking for a Miami Beach property and I am sure I will consider your hints. Sometimes a few dollar make the difference to feel good or great. Anyway, have you seen my remark considering the hotel list? Please change the Key West Parrot Key accomodation into 4* and record the 24 North in your list.
  2. A couple of days ago I tried some bidding on PRICELINE. I was looking for a hotel in Key West. I choose a 3.5* in New Town. I tried with 110$ but were rejeted. Nevertheless I got an offer to increase me bid to 125. I checked the hotel list at betterbidding and was sure. This hotel has to be the Parrot Key. Amenities were exactly the same as displayed there: Indoor or outdoor pool restaurant free internet free parking business center resort fee exactly $28.13 I selected another area, tried with 116 and was successful. But unfortunately not the Parrot Key. I got the 24 North. Please update your hotel list, I also think that the Parrot Key now has to be a 4* hotel. Anyway, is not a bad deal for this property. I paid with tax $252,04 for 2 days and ends up with resort fee in a total of $308,30. Quit cheap for the 4th of July in Key West but forjust a moment I was disappointed not to receive what I am looking for.
  3. As expected, it was the Trianon. Started bidding at $59 but were rejected. Added zones and got the hotel for $61. Bidding price plus $12.88 tax ends up in a sum of $73.88. I am happy with this deal, seems to bee a good price for $61, cheapest price online was $99.
  4. I am looking now for a hotel in the Naples / Ft. Myers area and placed a 55$ bid at PRICELINE yesterday for a 3,5* in Bonita Springs. Has been rejected, but maybe I will increase my bid today. I guess this hotel should be the Trianon Bonita Springs. Amenities are: Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Business Center, Guest Score 8/10 or Higher I am looking for a one nite stay at the 7th of July. If you also think this will be the Trianon, I would try it with 60$ today again. Thank you for your help. Marco.
  5. started bidding @40$ and was successful. Got, as expected, the Super 8 Motel. Including breakfast it ends up with taxes in 52$ what I think is o.k. for this. BTW, I used the BiddingHelper.com tool and I really like the new "Is this a good price" button on PCLN Express. Thanks again for your help, Marco.
  6. I am also looking for a hotel at the 6th of July in Homestead. I missed yesterday Pricelines CyberMonday sale but will try to get the same price per NYOP. Bidding on a 2,5* hotel in this area. Amenities are only Indoor or Outdoor Pool. There is also a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for 46/nite with Free Parking Free Internet Free Breakfast Indoor or Outdoor Pool No Smoking Rooms/Facilities I assume this will be the same as offered in NYOP. I will give it a try with 40$ to catch up on the CyberMonday 15%. My guess for this would be the Super 8 with a small chance on Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn. What do you think?
  7. thank you again, I think I will book it later this day and report the win of course.
  8. fine, I have finished alle the unresolved threads. May I ask again about the Hotwire search above. What is your opinion? Hilton or Pullmann? Thx.
  9. We changed our plans and booked a hotel in Rahway New Jersey and displayed it here to the board. Has been booked PRICELINE linked by the board.
  10. NYOP bidding had no success with this topic at all beside many trials. We decided to stay in Providence and booked directly.
  11. As I stated above, I booked a hotel via Expedia and stayed there. The NYOP bidding had no success with this.
  12. Hello again, I am thinking about a stay at Miami Airport. HOTWIRE offers for a 1night stay in a 4* hotel at the 1th of July next year a price of $82 plus $20.28tax. I am asking for a family stay of 2+2kids. amenities are: Free Internet Pet friendly Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Golf nearby Tennis nearby Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Wheelchair accessible Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower My guess would be Hilton Miami Airport or Pullmann. What do you think? Will 82$ o.k for this? Thanks in advance,
  13. I searched mid of September for a hotel in Glasgow and found a 4 star recommendation by Priceline as "best deal" for a hotel in Glasgow. I myself want to go together with family to a UEFA Champions League match (Celtic vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach) and all hotels are fully booked there due to the Germans. I placed a bid for the fun and got surprised. Astonished with the 4,5* Marriott and am more than happy with. 62$ + 14$ tax ends up in 75$ per room/night. Comparable room on booking.com has shown 215$/night. Looks like a bargain :-) Amenities: Indoor pool, restaurant, business center, handicap accessible
  14. I have searched several weeks for a hotel in Munich, Germany for a Oktoberfest-weekend. Today I got an offer via HOTWIRE for 90$ with the following ameneties: Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access. I have guessed for the Victor's Residenz Hotel an got that one. Including tax I have to pay 110$ what has to be a massive bargain for a hotel during this crazy Oktoberfest weekend in Munich. Comparable prices are at least over 250$. I have used the BiddingHelper.com tool, of course.
  15. Thank you, anyway. I will try some bids again. Maybe I will have luck with it. I have booked secondary a hotel via Expe.dia in this area. I keep you informed if I would be successful with a bid.
  16. no, it is a bid on NYOP. There has not been shown pet friendly, just as I mentioned Fitness Center, Free Internet, Business Center, Guest Score 8/10 or Higher
  17. Hi there, need another help, this time for Rhode Island. I am looking for 2 rooms in August. Due to the highly prices I just decided for a 3* Hotel. Priceline offers me no amenities for the time being, but a couple of days ago, it has been shown with a pool, Restaurant and Business Center. My guess would be the Newport Harbour and Marina. What do you think could it be?
  18. I have finished the reports and quoted the results to the board. I know the board lives with this information. Do not blame me again, it was my laziness to fill the template. Again sorry for this. May I ask you again for your help in North Conway?
  19. I got the Best Western Riverview Inn &Suites as you estimated. Started bidding at 45 with a 2$ increase and won this deal for 51$. Thank your for your help.
  20. Got this amazing deal over PL EXpress. It has been offered for 122 plus Tax and brought me with a 10% discount to a final price of 119$ all in. I think an amazing deal for this property. Many thanks for the help an you can see your guess was 100% correct.
  21. Hi betterbidding-Team, I am bidding for a 3* hotel in North Conway and am not able to guess which hotel it could be. Travel date is the 12th of August for just one night two rooms. Ameneties has been displayed as: Fitness Center, Free Internet, Business Center, Guest Score 8/10 or Higher I wonder if you would have any idea which hotel they offer. My estimations are: White Mountain Hotel & Resort Fox Ridge - REd Jacket Resort Red Jacket Mountain View Hampton Inn & Suites I know the difficulties with hotels in areas which are unusual so I appreciate your help.
  22. Another one in Carteret Rahway Area. I am looking for a 2 day stay from the 25th to the 27th of August. Priceline Express shows me a 3 Star hotel in the area for 65$. Amenities are Free Breakfast Free Internet in room Indoor Swimming Pool Free Parking Business Center Fitness Center Guest rated it at 7 out of 10. My guess would be the Home2 Suites by Hilton Rahway or the Best Western Riverview Inn & Suites. What do you think?
  23. Thank you. Do you think there is also a chance to get the Radisson Blue Warwick?
  24. I am looking for a 2 day stay in Philadelphia and have found an offer at PCLN Express. Are you able to decode this? Stay would be from the 15th to 17th of August. Guest score 8 out of 10 or higher. Ameneties are Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Business Center and Fitness Center. Price has been offered at 108$. Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance for your help, Marco.
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