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  1. free parking, pet friendly, airport shuttle, free breakfast, studio, free internet, full kitchen, suite, smoke free rooms. recommended by 95%
  2. Okay. Thanks so much for all the help. I think I answered everything on the Ft. Lauderdale post. As far as the San Antonio thing goes, I will probably need to scratch this idea. That hotel is the destination itself so it would be a big deal if we did not get it. Once we get there we don't leave the entire time we are there. It would be a little risky to book and hope for it. I wish they still had resort as a listing. That made it really easy. If I decide to take the chance, I will come back and update. Here is the interesting thing though. The Hilton by Sea World used to be considered 4* on PRICELINE and now it is not. I've researched and know the area really well and there is not another 4* in that area. Still a little risky I guess. Thanks again, Debbie
  3. I keep confusing the names. Hyatt House Ft. Lauderdale South. 90 sw 18th Street. Zone 9. 3 star and listed as a condo. Booked two rooms. Each was $72 each before taxes and fees. Thanks, Debbie
  4. Got it. I went back to my profile on my posts and think I updated all. Thanks, Debbie
  5. I'm sorry for not coming back here and posting. I booked through HOTWIRE and got Hyatt Place. 2 rooms. $173 total including all taxes and fees. Each room is a studio king Suite for one night on November 23rd.
  6. Hello. The last two summers I was lucky enough to score the Hyatt Hill Country Resort on Priceline because it was the only "Resort" listed in that area of town. This year it is not listed as a resort but does show up as the only 4* in that area with a price of $211 on the days I want it. However, when I go to name your own price it is broken down to a smaller area of Sea World area, which is correct. However, it says median retail price is $166 for a 4* so that makes me think there are more hotels than just the one 4*. I looked on your list and it shows the Hyatt as the only 4* as well. Any advice on this? (Also last time I posted you asked that I go update my San Antonio post. I just looked at that post and it was updated. I think there was some confusion because I had also asked about seattle then ended up going to San Antonio instead. ) Thanks so much, Debbie
  7. Any thoughts on what this might be? I looked on your priceline list and there was no 4.5* listed. On name your own price, priceline has it listed as the median retail price of $329. Thank you, Debbie
  8. Thank you for helping me. I decided that i wouldn't be happy there and did not want to take the chance. I did, however, get on priceline and was able to book the Hyatt hill country resort for $85 a night for two nights and $123 for the other two nights using priceline. Thanks again, Debbie
  9. Thanks for everyone's help. This trip was canceled. Debbie
  10. Sure. no problem. I actually ended up replacing this trip with that trip. As soon as I can figure out how to get to that thread I will post that trip was canceled. Debbie
  11. Hello. I've used these boards before and they have been very helpful. Can you please help me identify the following? I have tried to do my own research and my gut says Indigo but I couldn't find anything on hotwire listings for Riverwalk West. San Antonio Riverwalk West and La Villita are Hotel $71 Recommended in 90% of hotwire reviewers Amenities: Suite, Boutique Hotel Fitness Center laundry accessible for deaf in-room accessibility roll in shower pool high speed internet access free internet accessible bathroom smoke free rooms business center accessible for blind accessible path of travel handicap parking Thank you, Debbie
  12. I'm not an expert but I'm looking at the same stuff you are for our seattle trip and as far as I know the Edgewater is in the priceline downtown area, whereas hotwire has it listed in the space needle area. Are you wanting to stay there or not wanting to stay there? I'd love to hear your opinion. Debbie
  13. I apologize that I keep asking questions but in my defense this is from my husband. If I'm trying to book for 4 night and I'm concerned about getting a hotel i don't love on the first try, is there any benefit to bidding twice? Each time for 2 nights? I'm referring to priceline bids. doesn't priceline sometimes give you the opportunity to add nights? Thank you, Debbie
  14. I also noticed that the Pan Pacific is the only 4* that seems to be in the space needle area. It seems like it is a little farther away but gets great reviews. Is that correct that is the only 4* in that area? I also need to correct myself. i called the edgewater and they said they did have AC Thank you, Debbie
  15. Thanks for replying. Same trip, different dates I'm considering. HOTWIRE is way more reasonable the earlier dates. Thank you, Debbie
  16. I would like to edit the above also to ask if Hotwire uses the Edgewater when booking downtown-pike place hotels. I'm sure it is a nice hotel but I don't think it has AC in the rooms and I can't take that chance in the summer. that is one reason i was avoiding priceline. Thank you, Debbie
  17. Hello. I've gotten help from you guys before and it has been great. Can you please help me identify a hotwire hotel in Seattle Pike Place downtown? July 10-14th $159 per night 4* Recommended by 85% smoke free rooms fitness center restaurant high speed internet. thank you, Debbie
  18. Hello again. So I've also seen that Edgewater seems to make the list of winning 4* pike place bids. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong but that looks to not be anywhere near. Am I wrong? Thanks, Debbie
  19. Thanks for all the info. I've read the message and clicked on both links., Debbie
  20. Hello all, I'm new here and you guys seem really helpful. I am not new to priceline and hotwire. I just read that the Sorrento, which is not really by pike place, is on priceline's 4* list. Does anyone know that is still happening? I have read what seems to be all the recent info and didn't see that as one but it is a little scary as we really don't want to rent a car. We are going July 24-28th. Peak season, of course. Thanks, Debbie
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