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  1. Thank you for your advice on how to get Harrah's for cheaper. I never would have known! But, when I tried to get their "Best Rate Guarantee", unfortunately under their "hot Deals", their price as about $174 per night. :) So there went that plan. On top of this, now the 4* in the Central Strip is no longer $145/night... Please let me know if you think I should keep on checking periodically, or if you have any other suggestions. Basically, I would most want to stay at Harrah's but if not Harrah's, any other casino in the Harrah's area that poses a great deal. I assume you would still suggest the Aladdin from the EasyClickTravel site? Have a nice day!
  2. For $169/night, the 3.5* on Hotwire has the following amenities: casino, pool, business center, golf/tennis nearby, spa services, fitness center, restaurant, high-speed internet. On the EasyClickTravel site, I couldn't find their cancellation policy. Do you know the rules? I know Hotwire and Priceline have essentially non-refundable reservations, and I was hoping to have a back-up through EasyClickTravel. Thanks!
  3. thanks for the quick reply. the reason for harrah's is because friends are staying there and they REALLY want to stay in the same hotel. i'm going to try to convince them to go with the aladdin, or this $145/night 4* i'm seeing on hotwire. if i need to book at harrah's, am i safe purchasing the 3.5* location on hotwire? i probably won't end up with another hotel, right? the 3.5* rate on hotwire is lower than the $180 averages i'm seeing for harrah's on other sites. regarding the EasyClickTravel travel links you gave for the westin and aladdin...am i missing something? both say "off the record". or do you know from experience which properties these "off the record" ones are? :)
  4. Hi! I would like any advice/assitance you can offer. I haven't seen anyone else on this Hotwire or Priceline forum with matching dates. I am looking to stay only in the Center Strip area. When I checked on Hotwire, the best deal seems to be $145/night for a 4* property. Any idea which hotel this is, base don the following amenities: casino, fitness center, pool, restaurants, high-speed internet, business center, golf nearby, tennis nearby and spa services? (trip advisor rating: 3.5 of 5.0 based on 300+ customer reviews.) I ideally wanted to stay at Harrah's, and judging from the Hotwire "spotted" map, I think Harrah's is the only 3.5* hotel in the Center Strip? But, Hotwire is offering $169 for a 3.5* property so I figure I might as well get a 4.0* for cheaper. When I've investigated rates, only one night--3/24 (saturday) skyrockets in price. This night runs about $200 minimum for a 3* or higher hotel. I am willing to pay an average of $150/night, and would even change hotels halfway if necessary. If you think Priceline may be able to suit my needs better, let me know too. Thank you very much!
  5. hi guys, i have been tracking wicked tickets in chicago on ebay. and, i have been very surprised to see that people are getting two tickets for a combined cost of less than $50 on a thursday night! what is going on? i ask because i am so used to seeing tickets sell for $100 minimum for this show. do you think this is due to the show not being on the weekend? is it the venue? don't these wicked performances sell out all the time in chicago? or am i missing something? thank you!!
  6. hi guys, thanks! i think i will stick to the train. besides, i'm on vacation. but, the bus sounds like a good option if i just wanted to take a day trip or something (light luggage). i'll keep this in mind! blindman: yes, i'm from honolulu. let me know what questions you have and i will try my best to also give you some good tips. :)
  7. sorry, i am not sure if this was the correct place to post this question, but i couldn't find a better place! i have a quick question...what are all of your opinions on ground transportation to and from phili? i am very confused, not having much ground transportation options here in hawaii. i know about the amtrak, but i do know there are bus options too. i know amtrak is significantly more expensive than a bus ride, but what do you really think in terms of the pros and cons of each? i heard of chinatown bus companies such as today's and new century. both of these buses sound decent on their websites, and seem to have decent departure times and direct routes, but am i missing something? i will have to travel with a decent amount of luggage. please advise! thank you!
  8. I used your HOTWIRE link. You were correct--I got the Hudson Hotel. My back up was the Best Western Convention Center Hotel, so it seems that I now have a much better location? What do you think? Thanks!
  9. $155 per night Amenities: Fitness Center, Restaurants & Business Center Traveler Rating(2.5 out of 5) Based on:120+ customer reviews Last Reviewed:August 2006 This low rate compared to all others for these dates scares me! And, the 2.5 rating is not very promising either. Please help! Thanks!
  10. Great. Thanks so much. I will have to do my research, as we will only be in Chicago for 2.5 days and I'm sure there is too much to see! Also, I have to assume that I will be in the same boat as other visitors in the hotel...at least my being overly paranoid will make me more street smart. :)
  11. I won this late last night (9/21), and was pretty surprised myself. Based on recent replies about the area, I will definitely be careful. Thanks...So basically I should not get lost, go toward the west side, and I should head straight to public transportation, right? I hope the transportation system is easy enough to understand. :S
  12. Hi, I wanted to share my recent win in the Greater Chicago area. I feel a little worried based on the location of this hotel, as I've heard both positive and negative feedback about its location. I know this hotel offers free rides within a 1 mile radius, which I assume will at least help us get to great local transportation. If anyone has any advice or input for this first time Chicago visitor, please share! We will of course be alert, not lingering around the streets at night and aware of our surroundings at all times. I feel this win was a good one, because I can't even remember the order of al my bids and re-bids. I believe there is a large convention in town during this time? Thanks, All! Marriott Chicago at Medical District UIC Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $345.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $63.51 Total Charges*: $408.51
  13. Hi, I just wanted to post my recent win at the Hilton Washginton. I am pleased! Thank you so much for all the advice! Sorry, I do not recall the order of my numerous bids and re-bids. Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $170.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $32.19 Total Charges*: $202.19
  14. i will be flying into LGA on a thursday night at about 8:30p.m. today i tried priceline in the MTE, MTW and UM/CPS zones (as per the bidding strategy) up to $205 or so and got rejected each time. so, i'm happy to have a backup plan. i'm still contemplating trying MTS on priceline, too. if you have any other basic tips for a first time new york traveler, please let me know. in particular, i'm wondering which tickets, if any, i should purchase in advance (i.e., broadway shows, main tourist attractions)...and if any websites can be recommended. i already decided that i don't want to wait in line at the TKTS booth for same day tickets, so would purchasing from ticketmaster or a similar site be a good idea? thanks!
  15. hi...here's an update. the grand union, as i feared, was not available at the price listed on the website. i was able to get a cancelable reservation at the Helmsley Middletowne for $231 per night, plus taxes. i didn't want to pay that much but i think the hotels are really booked for my dates. in the meantime i will continue to try bidding for 3*+ on priceline up to now $200 (before taxes). hopefully i will get lucky. do you know much about the helmsley middletowne? i think i want to avoid splitting my bid because i wouldn't want to change hotels. off the subject, does anyone have good advice regarding transportation between the hotel and the airport? is a taxi the only way to go? or should i check with my hotel to see if they offer a shuttle? thanks again! aloha!
  16. what a tough decision! i am tempted to try for the MTS zone in hopes of getting the murray hill east suites, but i wouldn't want to chance getting a desolate hotel, which like you mentioned might be a problem with the one by the convention center... the maps were very helpful! it looks like the hotels in the midtown area are all close together, with the exception of two that are further south. and it seems that the murray hill east suites are as far south in midtown as priceline goes--at least when i looked at bookings within the past year or so. am i missing something? do you think it would be wise to try to get the grand union? what do you think about the area that hotel is located in? thanks again for this advice. do you know if the hotels on priceline tend to reduce their asking price if they have many rooms available with only a couple of weeks to go? :)
  17. thanks for the fast response... when i checked at justnewyorkhotels.com the grand union is being offered for a total of $1,037 after taxes. but now that i look at the site better that price might be pending availability...and i'm afraid it might not be available after all. the site is also offering the best western convention center for about $160 cheaper (total), but i'm wondering if the jacobs javits convention center is an inconvenient location...it's hard to tell how far various places are in relation to each other! we want to do all the regular tourist things, so i'm thinking the closer to times square the better? what do you think?
  18. Hello, This website has been very helpful...I have a question though! I've been trying to bid in the MTE, MTW and UM/CPS areas on Priceline and have been unsuccessful. I'm willing to go as low as a 2* hotel and would not like to pay more than $200/night after all fees and taxes. I'm now considering MTS, and the Murray Hill East Suites seem great--assuming this is the hotel I would get? Does anyone know what other hotels Priceline offers in MTS? I would hate to be all the way south--like all the way by Union Square. Can this even be helped? Alternatively, I have found rooms in my price range at Grand Union and Howard Johnson Penn Station...Any opinions on these hotels? Thank you so much in advance for your advice! :) Our trip is coming up very soon so hopefully I won't have to worry much longer. :)
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