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  1. The dates are from December 24th to 27th. The amenities of the PRICELINE EXPRESS hotel are ; - Indoor or outdoor pool - Casino - Restaurant - Free Parking - Business Center BTW, Is Bellagio included in this area ?
  2. I want to stay at Aria or Cosmopolitan avoiding Vdara on Chrismas holidays. There is only one *5 hotel for Express Deal of $149 at South Strip Area. Any idea what this hotel is ?
  3. - Started with $80 for 4 stars at Granville Entertainment Area - Failed - Add Downtown and raised to $84 - Failed - Add City Hall-Downtown Vancouver South and raised to $86 - Accepted (Tip: I think it could be successful even with $85)
  4. I didn't realize that it is not possible to get a 4* hotel at Midtown East area in the middle of May until bidding($150~$190) more than 100 times. But I want a hotel at Midtown East area badly, So today(March 12) I decided to start my bidding from $190 and the result is as follows; $190 4* Midtown East $195 4* Midtown East + rebid-zone1 $200 4* Midtown East + rebid-zone1 + rebid-zone2 $205 4* Midtown East + rebid-zone1 + rebid-zone2 + rebid zone3 Suddenly, I got Omni Birkshire Place and was satisfied with it. Thanks!
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