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  1. I was surprised to get this since this is the first sighting of a 5* hotel in the Brussels Airport area (please update hotel list accordingly) and most hotel websites would not consider establishment a 4*. I was actually hoping for Brussels center... Oh well... BTW, I used the PRICELINE link from this board.
  2. Previous rejected bid was $90. Used the PRICELINE link from the board. Happy to get a real hotel instead of the AT&T Conference Center at UTexas.
  3. Just to follow-up on my trip. I was rather disappointed with the facilities at the Renaissance. Compared to the Sheraton in Brussels, this hotel was definitely one notch lower (should probably be a 3* hotel, rather than a 4* hotel).
  4. I was hoping for the Sheraton (better location), but this will do. There was a $102 option for a 4* on HOTWIRE at the same time. There is no free re-bid options for 4* in Brussels, so I slowly walked up the bid over a week's time. My bids were $65/70/75/80/85(+22)/88(+22)/90(won) (+22) denotes when I was countered with bid $22 more now. I used the PRICELINE link from this board as usual.
  5. This is the hotel I was shooting for based on location and reviews. Previous bid was $105. $110 was accepted (total for two nights was $269.93) Used the PRICELINE link from this board.
  6. I am looking for exactly the same stay (4* for 5/3-5/4 in Manhattan). I have found that this is turning out to be a sold-out weekend in NYC and finding a bargain is tough. I have so far bid up to $280/night for 4* on Priceline with no joy.
  7. Last minute booking for next day using this forum's PRICELINE link. My first bid of $56/night was accepted right away. This is the first time I got this hotel for my LAX stays.
  8. Another one of my last-minute bids through the forums' PRICELINE link. It sure seems like booking within one week of your stay results in higher price... :) I'm surprised that I didn't get the Renaissance, which recently moved up to 4*..... Anyways, previous rejected bid was $73/night. A bid of $70/night was countered with a offer to raise it by $22. I also made an attempt for a 3* LAX hotel, but gave up at $65/night. For reference, hotwire price for a 4* LAX hotel was $90/night (and I think it was the same hotel) and 3.5* LAX hotel was $77/night (and I think that was the Hilton).
  9. Yes, the complete list is Amenities: Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Laundry
  10. Last minute booking (using the betterbidding HOTWIRE link) -- I wasn't getting much on PRICELINE, so happy to land this hotel at this price. HOTWIRE listed laundry as a amenity, but it is crossed out in our Hotwire Hotel List.
  11. Just reporting my unsuccessful bids for Downtown LA (12-Feb-08 to 13-Feb-08) -- walked it up to $88/night and no luck. The only area I'm avoiding is the LAX area.
  12. Bid through SavingsBarn.com. Targeted Downtown specifically (avoiding airport area this time). Previous reject was $80. What I believe to be the same hotel was on Hotwire at $114.
  13. If this report is accurate, this constitutes a downgrade of Millenium Biltmore to 3* (from 4*) -- and in my opinion, a much-needed downgrade. Admin: please update the Priceline Hotel List.
  14. Just to follow-up -- the reason why it was very hard to get a 4* on this particular date initially was because the Sheraton was packed with people arriving in LAX that very day for a cruise ship (Princess Cruises). Both the airport and Sheraton were packed with cruise ship guests.
  15. Just to follow-up -- the reason why it was very hard to get a 4* on this particular date initially was because the Sheraton was packed with people arriving in LAX that very day for a cruise ship (Princess Cruises). Both the airport and Sheraton were packed with cruise ship guests.
  16. Thanks for suggestions. I went back and bid for a 3* in LAX area and I got the Crowne Plaza, which I am quite happy with. I got it for 17-Jan (one night) at $78.00 -- previous reject was $74.00.
  17. Just reporting: Been trying (via Savings Barn) to get a hotel in for Jan17-Jan-18 LAX (must have this location for convenience). I used every zone except Hollywood and Downtown and walked it all the way to $90 -- no joy.... 4* in Hotwire is going for $309 ($3.5* is $134, 3* is $95) -- so there must be a convention going on at the same time....
  18. FWIW, I stay in LA frequently and shoot for 4* downtown/LAX. I prefer LAX over downtown because downtown is harder on parking (easily cost you $30/night instead of ~$13/night at the airport, free if you get lucky with street parking) and with downtown, you might end up with the Biltmore which does not deserve a 4* -- old, tired and rundown. BTW, please support our little community by providing following information on your earlier bids and using the PRICELINE links at savingsbarn. :)
  19. Starting bid of $46/night ($61.10 after taxes/services) was accepted right away -- could've started lower.... At the time, the same (or similar) hotel was available on Hotwire.com for $59/night. Bid through savingsbarn.com
  20. Bid through savingsbarn.com And this was a really round-about way to get it. * First, I walked a 3* LAX up to $63 for a two-night stay (11/14-11/16) with no luck. * Next day, I walked a 4* LAX to $80 for the same two-nights. No luck, even though another user got a similar win over the same time frame (but about a month ago...): another thread * So I went 4* downtown to $75 for only one night (11/15-11/16) -- I got the "please come back in 15 minutes" page at priceline, and it eventually came back with the Millenium Biltmore. I was hoping to avoid this hotel b/c I don't think the hotel deserves 4* (it's really old, really tired, uncomfortable beds...) -- but at least I have the option to expend my stay earlier by one day.... I also hate that area for expensive parking.
  21. Bid through savingsbarn.com I was fishing a bit and used a pretty wide bid increment of $15/step -- started at $95, previous rejected was $110, and went up to $125.
  22. Previous try was $72. Bid through savingsbarn.com This is getting to be a regular weekly event.... I was hoping for the Westin Bonaventure (the Biltmore is a much older hotel....)
  23. Bid via savingsbarn.com -- tried $71/night before going to $74/night. Now if I can only find an alternative to the $35/night parking at the hotel....
  24. I bid $75 through SavingsBarn.com to start and was accepted right away. Should have started lower... Oh well... :)
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