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  1. ...and now one at $57! My goodness. I would never have thought to start so low. Congratulations to those clever bidders!
  2. After seeing a win here for $64 in Regent's Park, I certainly will start my bidding lower next time in low season!
  3. Amazing deal .. probably the best I've seen for awhile, and I LOVE this hotel. Nice neighborhood and the buses work great to get into town and see something along the way. Nice breakfast place next to the library cultural center.
  4. Actually, PRICELINE was very nice and cancelled this reservation for me so I can try again, Will keep you posted.
  5. I used your PRICELINE link here and this was my first bid. I can now cancel a back up reservation I thought was very good with another company. Still saved $20 over that reservation. Thank you for this site again! OOPS! I see my reservation is for an economy car.. I did not click that, but obviously my confirmation says that. I did an exact repeat of the reservation with a low ball price and the midsize comes up first to choose on the list at the top of page, like when I did it the first time.. and that is where I bid, but my confirmation came "economy". I did not review the size of car before I initialed it "OK".. I was more concerned with the correct dates and airport. I do not know how this could happen. I always start larger and move down when bid isn't accepted although in this case I would not have moved down to smaller than a Ford Focus. Careful to everyone. Re-check everything. I have contacted Priceline by email but I doubt they will do anything since I initialed it all OK and pressed "buy my car". A real bummer. Please change title to ECONOMY.
  6. At least checking my dates and the mouse "over" and the list, the hotel I won for Chicago, feb 25-28, 3* M.Mile/River North, is on the list "Four Points Sheraton". I was getting the old format until just recently. This format does NOT have the zones on the left. To clear all and control the zones, it is through a tab on the right that says "areas". Then, unfortunately, when you click on one area, it "closes and comes back", but keeps closing and coming back every time you add an area. The old format only "blinked" the first time you "cleared all" and then added one by one what you wanted. It's just strange. The hotels before were in the middle/right of the page and more "solid/ much bigger and darker font.". I think the design and visual effect of this new format is not as attractive at all to me.. a bit clumsy to work around.
  7. I'm getting old and do not like such big changes. I am at a loss to know how to eliminate zones in a city i do not want so I don't have to scour through the entire long list Hotwire now provides. Can you help me to see if that is still possible because I couldn't figure it out. With this new system the listings come on the left of the page but I cannot seem to reduce the list in any way . Thank you
  8. But DO put n how many people will really be in the room because otherwise they are not obligated to give you the two beds you will need and you might just get a queen/room to sleep only two people as your booking states.
  9. Just bought this hotel I have been checking out. The 3* hotel price with 95% satisfaction and 4.0 Tripadvisor review has gone from $54 to $61 over the past few weeks. I just bought it now at $55 so please adjust the title. It is the Four Points Sheraton. I tried bidding for a 4* up to $58 but when rejected in Mag Mile River North /Millenium, etc. zones I decided I'd rather take this one knowing what good ratings it has. The amenities were Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access I used your HOTWIRE links here as always. Thank you for this website.
  10. I removed my comment because I had confused your post with a London request, realized it and deleted it but I see I didn't remove the "quote" part. Sorry to confuse you. maybe the moderator can clean that up. Good luck finding something. have you looked just outside the city? Copenhagen looks difficult and expensive from your experience. Is the airport really far? sometimes one gets such good prices there it may be worth the extra expense of in and out.!! Right now there's a 4* with 95% satisfaction for $86 in south Copenhagen on HOTWIRE..
  11. Just for general knowledge. The room that Priceline books at this Marriott is a standard one- bedded queen. Since we are two friends traveling, we had requested directly to the hotel by email, a twin-bedded room. However, that requires an upgrade since those are really two QUEENS at this property. The manager has been very accommodating and will put our request in for one of the queen rooms that does have a sofa bed that can be made up, but cannot guarantee it. This is the first time I have had some difficulty in getting a twin- bedded room at any of my Priceline wins although I understand it IS a possibility ( especially in NYC). So far, the manager has been very responsive, first offering to sell us an upgrade (additional 75GBP w breakfast) for the two -bedded room, and later trying to please us regardless with the mentioned option.
  12. I used your links here to look for HOTWIRE ( not very interesting offers) and also for my PRICELINE bidding which in the end was VERY successful. I started out at $75 4* at each of the following individually and later pairing them, etc. This way you can be sure you are getting the lowest price in the area. If you raise your bid after adding a zone without checking that zone individually before, you don't know if it could have been won at the lower price. This way I get more bids, too. I didn't even have to use the free-rebid zones as there were several zones I would have been happy with. Westminster.. rejected new bid: Kensington earl's Court...rejected new bid: Blms/Marble Arch .. rejected new bid: Regent's Park .. rejected new bid: West/Kensington ... $80 R new bid Blmsb/West ...$80 R new bid: Regent's P /Ken ... $80 R getting tired so gave it a little more before I called it quits today Regent's P/Kensington/Westminster ... $85.. ACCEPTED Marriott Website price today for those dates is close to $411/night but I imagine they will have some offers later on, but never as good as this. Thank you for your great money-saving website.
  13. I like this area although "further" from the historical busy section. I have stayed here several times for my work. We also eat a couple blocks away ( crossing the castellana ) at Donde Michel. www.dondemichel.com Buses are your friend here. Buy a 10 ride pass from a metro station or pay as you go.You are very near the good shopping. Easy bus ride to the Prado area/Thyssen/ train station area. The American Embassy is around the corner, literally. You will enjoy the outdoor cafés along the Castellana at night between the hotel and the Centro Cultural/city Hall at Cibeles Plaza. Just take a taxi back to the hotel or nice stroll. Breakfast places leaving the hotel to the right up towards Calle Serrano. Usually coffee, toast and juice 3-4euros. But in August many small local places on side streets will be closed. Enjoy.
  14. Can you please ID this hotel with the following amenities? From present list it seems it might be the Four Points.. $59.. 95% HOTWIRE customer satisfaction 4.0 Tripadvisor Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Thank you. I am using the HOTWIRE link here for my searches. Meant to say Mag Mile North/Water Tower
  15. The moderators will need the exact dates to compare the property.
  16. I'm not a moderator but first I would check through the support link here on Travelocity or another website to see what the normal going price is. then go to name your price on priceline to SEE if that route allows one way. many are not allowed. Also there are lots of coupons out there for discounts you can google for.
  17. I don't know why I have the feeling that I was given the smallest car since I had such a good priceline deal.. so that I would be more tempted to upgrade. I will definitely next time ask to see all the compacts before I accept the one they try to give me. It was no where near the size of a ford focus, for example., which I would have happily taken. Or maybe they have "priceline" compacts and full price compacts. Anyway, an experience I wasn't expecting from Hertz who , for some reason, I assumed would have a better line of cars . I will be more generous on my mid-size bids if I don't have the time or desire to play around with bidding next time!
  18. Actually, looking at a car list, there should have been a compact car that was much larger on the inside than what we were given, without having to upgrade. it seems it is an easy way to get someone to upgrade.. give him the lower end of your compact fleet.Next time before upgrading I will ask to see other compact cars they have available as I am fairly certain others would have been acceptable.
  19. I was VERY disappointed with the miniature, metallic sounding car we were given. I cannot recall the name/model right now, ( but will try to post it soon) but we ended up paying $5 a day to upgrade as I was shocked at how small this Hertz compact was. We ended up with a Malibu.. so.. in this case I could have just been more generous with my first bid for the mid-size to start out with. I have to admit, years ago even when you ordered a small car you were almost always upgraded. Not so anymore.
  20. I started at $9 plus $6 bonus cash/day at mid size but was rejected. I maintained the bid but dropped to compact size and was accepted by Hertz. Perhaps I could have saved a bit bidding lower or another day but just wanted to get it done!! I used your PRICELINE link here to access my account and use my bonus cash in my rewards from there. I had never used bonus cash til this trip. Maybe I have never looked. It was a welcome gift both rentals!
  21. After several days of trying for a 12 day rental, using my $5/day bonus cash for 7 days, I had no luck up to $13(including bonus cash). So since I have to go to the airport again the 23rd, I decided to see if I would have any luck today for today for a one week rental. I started at mid size at $14 ( $9 plus my $5) and it was accepted by Alamo. I'll start trying now for the 5 day remainder of my stay and hope to be as lucky. The best deal I had found for the 12 days was at Thrifty for $287 (including coupns,etc). So I am confident I will save money in the end with this solution. I used your PRICELINE link and accessed my account through your link and used my bonus cash from there.
  22. Just wanted to follow up. We decided to book a group rate of $75 +tax for the rest of the group directly on the phone instead of the HOTWIRE offer as we were not sure it was the same hotel .
  23. I called La Quinta and it seems they do not have an outdoor pool, just an indoor pool.. which is confusing since Indoor pool AND "pool(s)" is listed on the amenities on HOTWIRE. So in that case it could be several places I think.. I'll wait on this one before letting family book. I am terribly afraid they may end up elsewhere and then I will be in hot water.
  24. Here is the list that appears on my print out. When I booked all these were not all visible until I opened "see all" Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Do you agree that if today HOTWIRE no longer lists its 85% satisfaction and the Trip Advisor review of 4.5 is actually in a different place ( above instead of below) that the 3* hotel represented today for $54 MAY WELL NOT BE the same one even though the price is the same? The indoor and outdoor pools ( am I reading that correctly?) might be a deciding factor to decipher this hotel now. I will try to look into it. This "change" on the webpage sure has thrown me for a loop.
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