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  1. Started off at $80 and was countered at $116 - no. Added Nellis at $90 - no Added LAS at $102 - no Added West of Strip at $110 - (thinking the only 4* would be the Rio and Palms - both very nice) - won the Nugget. Rack rate for the Nugget is $139 for that weekend. Not the biggest savings I have won with Priceline, but still OK. With the new pool, I really wanted to win this hotel.
  2. IMHO, Despite the short stay over on Oahu for that last night, I would still suggest anyplace in Waikiki as opposed to the hotels near the airport. There are only a few and they both are BAD. Motel 6 is better than these two. There are several hotels that should be winnable in Waikiki - even a 2* that will be better than these lousy hotels near the airport...YMHO
  3. Wanted to stay away from USE to hopefully avoid the Hilton Financial 4* hotel. Started at $80 bidding on USW - no, but got $22 offer to rebid - I declined. Went to $85 and added Civic Center and won. Their website showed $299 for the Sunday thru Tuesday stay. A great deal. Happy travels
  4. Started off at $95 for WDR area, no... went to $100, $105, and won at $110. The day before winning, Hotwire had the Omni (I think) at $120, and the Omni webiste had rooms at $159. The following day (this past Sunday), I bid and won and the listing on Hotwire was gone as the available rooms on Omni.com. Looking forward to the stay.
  5. Looks like Hotwire decided to change the zoning for the Honolulu / Waikiki area. The following zones now are listed: Waikiki North Waikiki South Waikiki Beachfront Downtown Honolulu Diamond Head Airport Seems like it'll be a challenge to identify and see where hotels with similar icons show up. Priceline recently changed up the zones as well.
  6. What happened to my post from the other day starting a discussion about the changes in zone for Waikiki?
  7. No more Waikiki North and South. It's now City and Beach. Bid carefully!
  8. Had a direct Alamo res for $280 total. Tried Hotwire and got $167.65 + $52.40 in fees = $220.05. Hertz tonight offered a full-sized car for $314.99.
  9. Was shocked to see such a savings. Looked at plenty of direct sites and tried Hotwire. Best I could find out there was in the mid-$160's.
  10. Started off for a friend at $150 - won right off the bat. Hilton website shows $220 Thanks to all for your postings and hard work.
  11. The Reef is going through a major renovation again. The front desk (soon to be the rear desk) and the lobby / lobby shops are all going to be moved around. The one tower (of the two) will be closed all at once. Regaring the Outrigger project - it is RIGHT across the street and it about two blocks by four blocks big. A few hotels have been knocked down, a few remain to be redone. Trump is coming with his own 'luxury' tower of condos...Bottom line is it's a mess and will be for months still. Noisy, messy, not nice to look at... The Reef is on the water, but is not a resort for Waikiki...On Priceline, it has been upgraded lately to a resort. In Waikiki North, you will get upgraded, beware of Waikiki North
  12. Just an update...Had the pleasure of winning a 12 day stay earlier this month here at the soon to be Hilton Prince Kuhio. As you might expect in the renovations, delay delay delay. The top 18 floors (of the 36 ) are down so the hotel is pretty quiet. The valet and self-park were in the back of the hotel, but is now back to the 'front' off Kuhio - $20 per night for valet now. I was on the 9th floor and the room was fine. The images of the new rooms look fantastic, but am afraid that the ratings on Priceline and Hotwire for this hotel will be movin' on up!
  13. Planned on visiting the City months ago after getting the $49 each way from Burbank on Southwest. Much to my surprise, I could not win anything for weeks. I booked my backup at the Renaissaince website at $209 for the Parc 55. It soon went up for all 4*'s to over $300. I tried 4-5 times a week to win something in the normal range for a 4*. Found out that there are several conventions that week and it seemed that there would be no chance to win anything. My attempts were up to $140 per thinking it would still save me from the $209 rate I had. On 9/15 - tried again and won on my initital bid of $90 - two rooms needed. The Renissiance website showed rooms for my dates at $169. I guess the lesson here is to NEVER GIVE UP! They must get more inventory closer to the dates. I must of tried 30 times with no success and viola! Looking forward to my stay - thank you all for your efforts.
  14. The Reef a resort? I don't see how. It is a 3* at best - the lobby is torn up due to a major renovation. They will be closing one of two towers to renovate. There are very few rooms with an ocean view unless you lean out on the Lanai and look to the left. Most of the rooms in the front tower (off Kalia) only have a view of the hotel ewa of you. Another issue is the giant Outrigger project that is right across the street - several blocks being completely redone....messy and noisy. Beware those of you hoping to win the Prince, you'll get upgraded to resort and be unhappy. I looked at a dozen or so sites and could not find any that showed the Reef more than 3.5*. That rating is because it is on the beach. There is no comparison of 'Resorts' - not even close to the Hilton, or the Marriott, strange....
  15. Try starting at $130. The Hawaii Prince hotel comes up at that price range. It is a Japanese owned hotel, that is NOT suited for children (other than the 3-1/2 " pool). It is at the top of Waikiki and is very quiet. Good luck!
  16. This Hotel is going through major renovations floor by floor and by the time of your stay, should be done! FYI, this property will become a Hilton at the first of the year. Do you think this will affect the relative easy access to this hotel on Priceline and Hotwire? Keeping my fingers crossed, this is my favorite 3* win on Priceline and 3.5* on Hotwire. Enjoy your stay
  17. Beware the Reef.. Because of the HUGE Outrigger project right across from them, the Reef is undergoing major room and lobby renovations as well. Be sure to call that hotel before you accept to see where they are at.
  18. Started off at $60 and won off the bat. Probably should of started off lower since I have plenty of time. Needed only one night for lay-over to outer Islands. Been here before, a basic 2*. Happy travels to all
  19. The Radisson has High-speed internet at n/c in their rooms. I checked on other dates and saw that icon comes up. You can go to www.outrigger.com to check out the hotel. It is a hotel/condo building. I would guess you won their 'hotel' room. There is also studios and 1/2 bedroom units as well. The pictures on their site looks nice. One thing that I noticed - The property should be in the Waikiki near beach or Waikiki Gateway. It is not at the top of Waikiki like the Ilikai or Hawaii Prince are, but it seems like its right at the start of Kalakaua.
  20. Started off 9/5-9/17 at $70 no. Changed dates to 9/6-9/17 at $75 no. Added Airport and won at $80. Then added extra night (9/5) at $80 - win. I just stayed at the Radisson last month for 9 nights and enjoyed many aspects of the hotel. They are upgrading all the rooms and currently floors 28-36 are closed for renovations. I am afraid once the new rooms are all in place - this will step up to a 4*, but I'm good to go for now. I know the Sheraton Princess comes up in this zone/rating, but lucked out to get the Price Kuhio. The 'add' is moderately new and worked out just right for me. I am still open in regards to my dates on Oahu, thus the change of dates on my bids. Note that there is now a Diamond Head area on Priceline, but I have not heard of any wins yet. Happy travels
  21. Started off at $70 in USW - no Added Civic Center at $75 - no Added Cathedrial Hill at $80 - won the Hilton Wanted to stay away from USE since the Hilton FD keeps coming up. I am coming in for the SF gift show at Moscone and the W area is more convienient to the show. Happy travels
  22. They are done with renovation in the public areas and is very nice. They are working on the rooms, floor by floor, starting from the top now. Hopefully by your trip, they'll be done. Check out the Radisson website. Have a great time!
  23. You should like the hotel, although not on Waikiki beach, it's a 5 minute walk to it or to Ala Moana beach park to the right. It's quiet, good sized and did I mention quiet? Enjoy
  24. Started at $70 at Waikiki North - no, but got offer to bid $22 more - no thanks Added Ihilani area at $75 - no Added Airport area at $80 - winner winner chicken dinner Am very pleased to win this property. The Radisson has not come up much since last summer. Hotel in renovations - Lobby, bars and restaurants already done - rooms starting from the top floors down to be redone. IMHO this is the nicest 3* hotel....On Kuhio Avenue, but a few blocks away from the main hustle and bustle of Waikiki. With Priceline, rooms usually are at the lower floors. Do yourself a favor and ask for a mountain (mauka)view room. Why? Kuhio is very busy and noisy - being on the mauka side means quiet. Happy travels
  25. Started off at $95 for 4* - no Added Kona at $105 - no Added Hilo at $110 - no Started over at $115 for 3* (no 3* in Waikoloa) - no Added Hilo at $120 (no 4* in Hilo) - this rebid tries 3* and 4* - won the Marriott Waikoloa. Right across from the Kings Shops. Hotel in renovation stage. Two wings - one just opened last month, the other to close while renovating - Stayed here in January. If you win this - you will enjoy!
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