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  1. Personally my order of zones for London would be Mayfair/Soho, Westminster, Bloomsbury/Marble Arch and then Kensington.

    Re prices, I think your chances of getting a 5* at $85 are extremely slim. Cheapest I've seen them go for was $95 as that was before the recent strengthening of sterling.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy your visit :)

  2. I was lucky enough to get this hotel back in May for $65 even when availability was really tight due to the LA Screenings (website rate $295 prepaird).

    I found that the vacation product served as a good indicator for when priceline had access to inventory. When there were no 4*s showing for my dates my bids of up to $100 failed - as soon as the Park Hyatt appeared available on vacation product, I was able to secure the booking at the then standard rate.

    No idea what triggerred the hotel releasing inventory, but I would keep checking.

    If it is showing as available on the vacation product, then I don't have a clue what is going on.

  3. The negative that i have with splitting  up 'busy' states is that it adds more confusion as to whether the city i'm bidding for lies in the northern/southern part of the state. 

    If I have bid/or am planning to bid for a location, I would have found out, at the very least roughly, where it was first. Splitting. at least the busy states, geographically would actually help as it would limit the amount of places I would need to locate on a map.

    I also had no idea where Destin was and still wouldn't if another site hadn't listed it in Florida's panhandle. Without that split or if I had been reliant on text searches only my choices of journey break would have in all liklihood ben limited to Pensacola or Panama City.

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