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  1. After unsuccessfully trying to bid a 4* hotel and/or resort on Priceline for a one night stay in Whistler, I was able to book the following:

    Whistler Westin Resort & Spa

    Ammmenities: Resort, Suite, Slopeside, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, Kitchenette, Business Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service)

    Room Price: $103.00

    Taxes& Fees: $ 22.95

    Total Price: $125.95

    Booked using the SB link.

  2. Looking to stay in Whistler one night, 6/18. Considering a 4* or 3.5* location.

    Hotwire shows two 4* hotels at $104 (seems to be the Westin Resort & Spa) & $113. The 3.5* is listed at $87. Any ideas which hotels the other two are?

    Does not seem I have any free rebid opportunities. Suggestions for bid strategy? Looking to stay below the Hotwire prices.

  3. Trying to complete my trip to Vancouver/Seattle, I needed a hotel for 6/19 and 6/20 in Vancouver. After unsuccessfully bidding those days together, I decided to split the dates and use the PL add an extra night feature.

    I was unsuccessful on 6/18; started at $85 and bid in increments of $1 until reaching my final bid at $93. Then tried 6/19 and started at $95 and bid in increments of $1 until I was awarded the Sheraton Wall Center at $100.

    Thought I might be able to add the extra night of 6/18 at the Sheraton, but was rejected. Now thinking of finding a hotel in Whistler since this is our first trip to BC.

    Any Whistler suggestions for 6/18 would be appreciated.

  4. Success! Scorp, I took your advice and bid for a 4* Downtown Vancouver for the night of 6/15 only. Here are the bid results:

    Bid #1 - Vancouver - $86 (rejected)

    Bid #2 - Vancouver+Delta - $88 (rejected)

    Bid #3 - Vancouver+Langley - $90 (rejected)

    Bid #4 - Vancouver+Surrey - $92 (rejected)

    Bid #5 - Vancouver+Delta+Langley - $94 (rejected)

    Bid #6 - Vancouver+Delta+Surrey - $96 (rejected)

    Bid #7 - Vancouver+Langley+Surrey - $98 (rejected)

    Bid #8 - Vancouver+Delta+Langley+Surrey - $100 (accepted)

    The property awarded was the Marriot Pinnacle Downtown. I then elected to add another night and was able to obtain it. Total price for each night will be $118.85.

    Now I need to book the end of my trip which is 6/18-6/19.

    Thanks again Scorp for your help and advice. Will keep you posted on the end of trip hotel search.

  5. Scorp Posted on Jun 5 2005, 04:59 PM

    What is your comfort level for price and how quickly would you like to get this confirmed?

    My confort level for price would be around $100 for 6/15-17. I don't mind going a bit above that (let's say $105-$110) in order to get the hotel booked by the end of this week (6/11). I would prefer to have both my 6/15-17 and 6/18-19 stays booked by the weekend before I travel.

    Can you give us a bit of an idea of your bidding history? Have you been bidding on this for a while? When did you bid last and when can you bid again?

    As far as my bidding history, my first attempt was on 6/1. It was very similar to my last bid, started at $60 and worked up to $85, but I did not have as many bids as I had not discovered this forum yet. Since I bid again this morning, my next bidding opportunity is 72 hours from 11AM today.

    I will take you advice and try again in 3 days starting at $86 and working up to $100 - $105 for the 6/15-17 stay. Once I have that booked, I'll figure out what to do for the weekend stay 6/18-19.

    Thanks again for you help and advice.

  6. Thanks for the information on the events going on in Vancouver that weekend, Scorp.

    You are correct, we are traveling to Seattle on Friday the 17th, not the 19th. Our departure date is the 20th, not the 21st.

    The hotel stays in Vancouver will be the nights of June 15-16, then June 18-19. Our preference would be to stay in downtown.

    With the information you've provided, I'm guessing I have two options:

    1) Increase my max bid to be greater than $100, but below the rates Hotwire is showing for 4* & 4.5* properties, or

    2) Choose a 3* hotel in downtown Vancouver.

    Thanks again for you replies. Oh, btw, once I submitted the post I noticed it was in the wrong section and I've emailed thereuare to see if he can move it to the Priceline section.

  7. My wife and I plan to take our first trip to Vancouver 6/15 - 6/21. We plan on driving to Seattle on Friday (6/19) for a concert and then back to Vancouver the next day for the rest of the stay.

    I've secured a hotel in Seattle but I'm having trouble securing a 4* Downtown Vancouver hotel on Priceline. Here are my bidding results:

    6/15 - 6/17

    Bid #1 - Vancouver - $60 (rejected)

    Bid #2 - Vancouver+Delta - $62 (rejected)

    Bid #3 - Vancouver+Langley - $63 (rejected)

    Bid #4 - Vancouver+Surrey - $65 (rejected)

    Bid #5 - Vancouver+Delta+Langley - $67 (rejected)

    Bid #6 - Vancouver+Delta+Surrey - $70 (rejected)

    Bid #7 - Vancouver+Langley+Surrey - $73 (rejected)

    Bid #8 - Vancouver+Delta+Langley+Surrey - $85 (rejected)

    I would like to keep my max bid below $100 since I've read other folks on this forum winning 4* Downtown Vancouver hotels in that range.

    Any suggestions/advice would be very welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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