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  1. Started at $85 and went up $5 increments. Retail rate is $165/night.
  2. 1st bid - $135 USE 2nd bid - $143 added Embarcadero 3rd bid - $150 added SFO-North - San Bruno
  3. Thank you BEAV. I did not know about the 24hr re-bid change and the 6 free rebid. I always thought it was 72hr & 3 free rebids but have read up on the new rules and now I'm aware. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  4. 1st bid for 4* in Financial district/Embarcadero was $95 and not accepted. 2nd bid for $100 not accepted. 3rd bid for $120 accepted for Hyatt Regency Embarcadero. I was sure $100 would be accepted at the Hyatt since folks were getting that already. I didn't want to risk going to $105 or $110 since it was my last try. Anyone know why?