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  1. Started at $38 on 7/5 for four nights; rejected for a 2-1/2*. Added Alpharetta north and rebid $39 but rejected. Waited 24 hours and rebid $40 for a 2-1/2* Alpharetta South (Roswell, GA). Won bid at $40 on the first bid. Was awarded a 3* Doubletree Roswell for the $40.
  2. Well, just returned from my stay. What can I say; I thought I was on a domestic airline. Everything was a-la-carte. For starters, parking was an option of $17 plus tax per day valet parking or two block away self-parking for $10 plus tax. Local calls were $1.25 per call I believe was the price. Wi-Fi in the public lobby areas was free if you can believe that. Wi-Fi in your room was by ethernet cable for $9.95 per day. Buffet breakfast was in the neighborhood of $20 plus tax of course. When you add it all up; what started out as a good deal is only average at best. The hotel is old but clean. Carpeting is old and buckling in the hallways. The pool area is not very modern or appealing. Few people used the pool. Rooms have no balconies. On the positive side, the ocean views are impressive. Also, the bathrooms are spacious and clean. The valet parking attendants are very aggressive and do their best to get you to take valet parking. The hotel is 100% non-smoking. However, I had a new guest arrive next door to my room and began smoking. The side by side rooms have doors that connect the two rooms. All the cigarette smoke was coming into my room. I contacted the desk attendant and she took care of the problem promptly and the problem did not reoccur. I never wanted to stay at the Hilton because of all of the negative reviews but Priceline upgraded me from 3* to a 4* and gave me the Hilton. The Hilton may have been a 4* when it was built but it is certainly no more that a 3* today because of the wear and tear of the years. Do not stay here if you have options. You will not find it a pleasant experience.
  3. Began bidding Monday thru Thursday for a 4* at $48 plus $5 bonus bucks; rejected for early August. Reduced rating to 3 1/2*; rejected. Finally moved forward to middle of August and bid of $48 plus $5 bonus bucks accepted for two nights; August 15 and 16. Final price of $48 plus $11 fees and taxes.
  4. No luck the day before for a 3*, 2 1/2*, or 2* for Andover, MA at $40, or $45. Waited 24 hours and bid $40, and $41 for a 2 1/2* or 2* at Andover, MA; rejected. Added the Tewksbury area and bid $42 for a 2* and was awarded Extended Stay America for Tewsbury. Amenities suite with kitchen but no breakfast. Not too excited about the location but it will do.
  5. I agree it is not the easiest thing to post a new winning bid on BB. How to fix, once the member signs in; there should be a site pop up to "click" on with the mouse to open and post a winning bid. This site that you are taken to should then request if the bid is priceline or hotwire; and what state.
  6. Tried to book a 3* room on Monday night but was unsuccessful at $40 to $45 using 3*, 2 1/2*, and 2*. Waited 24 hours and rebid for a 2* at $45 for Augusta, Maine and was successful on the first try at $45 and priceline upgraded to a 3*. It appears that the Augusta Civic Center Inn was formerly the Holiday Inn. It has been refurbished recently and has gotten good reviews. No breakfast, but restaurants nearby. Will see how this turns out. :) Used the PRICELINE link.
  7. I read through your post with interest. I tried to find a decent motel in Florida City-Homestead several years ago with zero success. Hope your choice proves out better. Please give a review after your stay and let those of us following your journey know how it turns out.
  8. Upon check-in, was informed that the $4.95 wireless internet fee had been dropped to be competitive with other chains in the area. So this is no longer an issue with me. After the first day, all is fine.
  9. $50 2*Fishkill/Poughkeepsie Extended Stay America (6/25 to 6/29) Bid $40 Poughkeepsie 3*, rejected Bid $45 Poughkeepsie 2 1/2*, rejected Bid $50 Poughkeepsie and added Fishkill 2* accepted Winning bid was for "Extended Stay America" Amenities: remote tv, kitchen with microwave/refrigerator, (no internet provided in the room) Internet was available for a one time fee of $4.95 (I believe this is the price) for the stay. No linen change if the stay is less than seven days. Fresh towels are available if you go to the front desk and request. Not that wild about this choice as I have never heard of Extended Stay America. Has anyone ever had any experience with this chain?
  10. Post Review: Room was very clean. As might be expected; room was located next to the ice machine and laundry room for guests. However, the room was completely soundproof and I never heard any outside noise. The only negative was the tv was the old tube type (not flat screen). The picture quality was what you would have expected (clear but not crisp). The tv was short on channels. It did NOT have any of the following: CMT, travel channel, HGTV, Turner Classic movies, MSNBC, and many more. On the positive side; many eating establishments were within one mile of the restaurant. Overall, a pleasant experience.
  11. Made bid today at 2pm for 06/21 to 06/23 (two days) Used PRICELINE link bid $34 for a 3*, rejected reduced to a 2 1/2*, increased bid to $36, rejected added Alpharetta zone, increase bid to $38 and was awarded a 3* Courtyard by Marriott ammenities: Remote control tv with premium channels Radio Alarm clock Business services Telephone w/voicemail Iron and ironing board Hairdryer 24 hr. front desk on-site-dining
  12. First time user of priceline. Bid $43 per night for Tue,Wed, Thur May 24-26 next week. Bid was accepted the first time and I was booked at Boca Raton Bridge Hotel. Listed as a 3* hotel. Ammentities did not include any breakfast. Expect to have added a charge for resort fee. Room price from priceline was $43 plus $7.87 per day taxes and fees for a total of $50.87. Does anyone know if parking charges will be included with the resort fees to be determined later?
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