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  1. Hello, I'm trying to book for the 11/7-11/12 portion of my Disney trip (already booked 11/12-11/15 @ Sheraton Safari for $52 via Priceline). Almost everything is booked solid for the week, and I'm striking out on Priceline but keep turning up these two hotels on Hotwire: 3-star hotel in Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate for $57, with pool, fitness center, laundry 3-star hotel in Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney for $76 with resort, restaurant, pool, fitness center, kitchenette, children's activities, laundry I'm guessing that the Main Gate property might be the Holiday Inn Nikki Bird, the Radisson Worldgate (which is what I'm hoping for) or the Ramada Plaza The Lake Buena Vista might be Best Western Lake Buena Vista or the Grosvenor The descriptions don't match exactly with what's in the hotwire hotel list, so hopefully someone else might be able to help. Thanks!
  2. Yes, I can confirm the 4* rating. That 3* hotel you mentioned was also there when I booked my room, so it's definitely a different place. Since it's a boutique, it's probably another Kimpton. I would guess the Hotel Helix (because Hotwire lists the Hotel Rogue and Topaz Hotel with different amenities).
  3. Yes, it has to be the Hilton Hasbrouck Heights. I'm involved in a wedding there that weekend, and during past wedding-related stays at this hotel, I've been able to save lots of $$$ via Priceline - until very recently, it was the only 3* hotel in that particular zone. Now, Priceline has rezoned the area, and I don't want to take the chance of ending up at another hotel. I was hoping someone else might have previously booked this Hotwire property; otherwise, it looks like I'll be paying full price on this one.
  4. Sorry. Dates of stay are 5/22-5/23, but this property comes up on EVERY random combination of dates I put in for that area.
  5. I'm trying to figure out the identity of the 3.5* hotel that keeps coming up in Fort Lee and Hackensack. Amenities are restaurant, pool, gym, business center, tennis. I can't match it to any of the package hotels. I'm HOPING it's the Hilton Hasbrouck Heights, which is where I actually need to stay, but other potential candidates would seem to include Hilton Fort Lee, Teaneck Marriott and Radisson Inn Paramus (it's definitely not the Radisson Saddle Brook, as that shows up under packages as 3*, with fewer amenities). Has anyone booked this property on Hotwire? Thanks.
  6. Booked this last week. Four stars, only amenities listed are boutique and restaurant. $184 for 2 nights, + $31.95 taxes/fees = $215.95 Cheapest internet rate is $139 per night.
  7. I was referring to the Orbitz/hotel website $130 rate disappearing - I just checked Hotwire and they're still offering the $145 price for that night. The Orbitz website is down right now, but as of last night, their rate was up to $149 or $159. I had the same worries as you about the rate going up before Hotwire had a chance to confirm it. Luckily, following Hotwire's recommendation on the form they sent me, I included a screen shot of the Orbitz page showing the $130 rate, the hotel, and the dates of stay (however, make you that you include the screen shot in the body of the e-mail and not as a separate attachment - they said they can't open attachments for security purposes). In any event, the whole process only took a few hours. I e-mailed them, they replied within an hour or so with the form (which is really just a list of info they want me to e-mail them). After I e-mailed the info and the screenshot, they replied within another hour or two, saying that I was entitled to a credit of $30 and it would show up within 10 days (I'll obviously have to make sure that the credit does in fact show up). I'm not sure if including the screenshot sped up the research process or not, but it took much less time than I had anticipated.
  8. I can confirm that the 5* Mag Mile/Wacker Drive hotel that always pops up- amenities are Restaurant, Fitness Center, High Speed Internet, Business Center - is the Le Meridien Chicago. I booked a room for Sat. 8/30 at $145, but the hotel and Orbitz were offering the same night for $130 (that deal has since disappeared), so Hotwire is refunding me $30 per their price guarantee. There are only a few legitimate 5* hotels in Chicago and I had been hoping for one of those - from what I've read of the Le Meridien, it's really a 4* or 4.5*. So keep this info in mind during any future bids in this area.
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