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  1. Well this list is directly from the site: 4.5* Sofitel Chicago Water Tower (previously 4*) Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet , Business OR Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Blind Accessible, Deaf Accessible, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Roll-in Shower I realize it was 4.5 stars but as we all know, they move up and down. The amenity list was very similar.
  2. just booked a 4* hotel, Mag Mile - Water Tower that had the exact same ammenities as the Sofitel, it was for 6/19/12. It ended up being the Whitehall. What really threw me off was the deaf and blind part. Here is the complete list: Boutique Hotel, Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center, Restaurant, Business Center, High Speed Internet, Golf Nearby, Accessible for the blind, Accessible for the deaf, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Roll-in shower you can use this information to update the Hotwire list. Hope this helps.
  3. I just got the Embassy Suites for 1 night for 9/21-9/22 for $76. The amenities that were listed were only Restaurant and Fitness. I figured it would be the Hyatt.
  4. 3.5* Star Hotel in Downtown Cleveland for $80/night amenities were Rest, Fitness, HS Internet and it was listed as a Customer Favorite ended up being the Hyatt.
  5. Amenities listed are Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness $89/night Booking today for stay of tonight (2/2/06)
  6. I just got the Hyatt Regency on a booking for tonight. It was interesting b/c the listed amenities were only: Restaurant Fitness Spa Nothing else.......me thinks that they change some of these around to trick us.
  7. Next week is CRAZY in Chicago due to the Motivation show. I was able to get a 4* Boutique hotel listed on Hotwire for $182. I thought for sure it would be Hotel 71. It was not. It turned out to be the House of Blues. Amenities listed: boutique, restaurant, fitness, business center. Please update accordingly. is it my imagination or are these things changing so frequently that it is hard to keep track? I don't even see House of Blues listed under Hotwire here.
  8. Just got Swissotel with 4* for $156, amenties included: Rest, Fitness, Spa, Tennis. It was also listed as a Customer Favorite. Please update the hotel list. Seemed to be a pretty good deal considering that most other hotels 3.5* and above were all over $200 in the loop and mag mile.
  9. After going through this process yesterday (see previous post) i just started at $55 in Southwest for a 3* This time I got the Sheraton West (it looks nice online)..dang...hoping to get the Marriott again so I wouldn't have to leave my room. I didn't know I'd stay 2 days otherwise would have started with 2 days anyway.
  10. I bid yesterday at $45 for a 3* in Southwest...didn't get it, added Maplewood (no 3*) and rebid at $50 that got rejected and then i added another zone without a 3* (forget which one) and bid $55 and got the Marriott West it is a nice hotel!
  11. this is likely the Swissotel, on Wacker...nice hotel, I just got it for $113.
  12. Priceline has shrunk their bidding areas. This makes it even more difficult to get hotels you want, and get in the area you want. For example, the Hilton Towers that is listed as Millennium Park, Loop & Grant Park Area. That area is HUGE and if you want to be on Wacker, being WAY out at the Hilton is very different. I have almost universally switched to Hotwire for this reason.
  13. my bad in the subject I put "priceline" but this was on hotwire
  14. This was listed as 4 stars with only restarant and fitness. Not a customer favorite.
  15. Just booked the Hilton at the Airport for 8/12 (tonight) for $44, total of $57.XX. It was listed as Best Value and 3.5 stars. Love this site!!!
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