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  1. Im looking at the bid and there is a 4 stars being offer but when I check the Hotel listing in santa cruz there aren't any... what's up with that ?
  2. 2 things pop up while doing my research with going to Cancun 1) if I get an infection who get to pay for that ? I can't do a lawsuit in mexico 2) I talk to some people and they said that most of them regard going to mexico. so staying home and cough up the bills
  3. I just need my teeth to be repair.. I m thinking of taking a "dental vacation." so far I have a list of American Dental Association Members that do dental work in Mexico I have a list of city to avoid they are Nuevo Laredo Matamoros Tijuana, Monttery City that seem to be safe to travel to is Los Cabos Guanajuato San Miguel de Allende Queretero Todos Santo mexico city puebla Huatulco Campeche merida Yucatan playa Del carmen Cozumel cancun Nogales, Sonora not sure when I will be traveling But will do more research on which dentist to go to. and will post more information thanks
  4. might as well go to motel 6 Check-in Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011 Check-out Date: Monday, September 26, 2011 39.99 Check-in Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011 Check-out Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011 $45.99
  5. We're sorry, but we can't accept your offer of $50 Pinedale - UC Fresno We're sorry, but we can't accept your offer of $60 for a hotel room in the Fresno, CA area pinedale and clovis..
  6. looking for 2.5 or better stars hotel in fresno 2.5 is more likely to provide breakfast than 3.0 is what I understand. but only 2 hotel in fresno provide breakfast.. motel 6 $39.99 USD SR 99 at West Olive Avenue -not safe walking around at night 4080 North Blackstone Avenue area is okay 09/25/2011 for one night HOTWIRE have the lowest rating for $42.00 but the area Roeding Park area hotel (2.2 - 3.0 mi from city center) is NOT safe.. price line 4 area.. fresno airport 5 * - none 3* 5 2.5 * -3 2.0 -3 1.0-1 pinedale 1 * -4 hotel 2* -4 hotel 2.5* 7 hotel 3 * 2 hotel Fresno central 3* - 1 hotel 2.5 -1 2.0 -1 1.0 -2 clovis no 3.0 * so use that as my advatage.. will finish later tomorrow..
  7. next time I go to the hotel and if I win I go to that hotel and apply for one of their loayal membership card and show it to the lobby askin for an upgradre would this also work ?
  8. Very comfortable hot and cold Breakfast was good They had egg sandwich Waffle they had applebee a block down the road. next to freeway.. this may bother some of you but not for me.
  9. Hi I am back I had a good time there. The staff was friendly and helpful I did asked for a upgrade but didn't get it. My friend came and we went to applebee next door. Very comfortable hot and cold Breakfast was good They had egg sandwich Waffle Is there a rating I should post here ? thanks for your help!!
  10. keep in mind that the SF has ALOT of hills so you may not want drive that much. if your close to the pier 49 you can walk, ride the cable car. Another thing to think about is the bart if you want to stay at hotel out side SF you can take the bart and get off powell go to the cable car and it will take you to pier 49 to avoid traffic. use google map to get an idea what the area looks like. yes Carmel is too far.. those guy have good suggestion keep those in mind
  11. $72.00 plus all the fees end up to Rate per night: $72.00Nights: 1 Tax recovery charges & fees:$14.40 Subtotal:$86.40 BEST WESTERN PLUS Pleasanton Inn Midscale See ratings guide 5375 Owens Court, Pleasanton, CA, 94566 (925) 463-1300 Amenities See description Complimentary Breakfast Pool(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Since I couldn't beat PRICELINE price. i m surprised here. I will use both and sometime directly
  12. I went with hotwire and took their deal $72.00 but they gave me BEST WESTERN PLUS Pleasanton Inn I guess I got lucky on this round because hotwire could have gave me one in Dublin area.
  13. another thing I see what Iw as doing wrong.. I was reloading so that area and stars would "reset" but now I see why I m getting reject it was doing too much at a time.
  14. 3 Star Upscale Hotel, Livermore Area 3-Star Check-In Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011
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