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  1. Ammenities for this 2.5* are Suite, Complementary Breakfast, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Laundry Facilities, High Speed Internet Access, Kitchenette, in that order. If it is the Comfort Suites, the parking is only $12 as opposed to $29 at some of the 4* hotels. What do you think?
  2. This request is for my daughter-in-laws parents who live in Australia and are stopping in Hawaii for 4 days. Yes, we will be in Glendale, WI. Still trying Priceline for that stay but it is early yet. I will report when we have something.
  3. This one does not show "Children's Activity Program" so it has me guessing. Amenities are: Resort Beach Fitness Pool Restaurant Business Center Laundry High Speed Internet Any ideas? I have figured out the other three listed in Waikiki Beach Area but not this one.
  4. I have commented on Cancun and Cozumel on that thread.
  5. I have been asked to comment on my actions regarding Cozumel in 2005 as most of the questions on this thread were mine. We ended up booking the Fiesta Americana in Cozumel as it had the best snorkeling by the hotel. However, we did not go because Hurricane Wilma hit both Cancun and Cozumel and closed them down. We booked a few days at the Dreams in Cancun using HOTWIRE and this board. Hotwire was very respopnsive and returned our money right away. Maybe 2008 will be the year we try this trip again.
  6. I never went to Cozumel or Cancun because of Hurricane Wilma. This storm closed both places for over six months. Maybe in 2008 we'll try again. Dates we plan to go to Glendale WI are September 4-6, 2007. Three days in a hotel if I can find out which one the 2.5 star with Breakfast and High Speed Internet might be.
  7. Hotwire has a 2 1/2 star hotel in Glendale showing Breakfast and High Speed Internet as the amenities. Any idea what it is? Price is $72 per night.
  8. I have been watching Hotwire for over a month and the Dreams in Cancun has been replaced by the GR Solaris. Maybe they read this board and will bring it back. I am booking for early December. I will wait a few more weeks and hope.
  9. I too saw the Dreams on Hotwire and want to get a few days in December before going to Cozumel. The Dreams seems to have disappeared from the list and now we have the Royal Solaris and the GR Solaris. Is it usual (besides when a hurricane closes the place) to see hotels vanish? Is it customary that they will come back? Will the Dreams return or should I book on Orbitz at $213 per night? It was $191- $195 on Hotwire.
  10. I have been bidding for Sydney 5* for October 13-15, 2005. I started bidding at $95 and got the same $22 counteroffer when I raised to $120. I was going to try again two months out.
  11. I was reading Trip Advisor and found out what happened to the Occidental Grand in Cozumel and apparently all the hotels south of the Fiesta Americana and El Presidente. They were all hit by Hurricane Emily and are closed. They are expecting closures until November or December. Now I know why Hotwire took them off their website. Good move on their part because with so many hotels damaged, the reopening dates will be unknown. Guess we will stay in the north part of the island.
  12. The price for the 4* All Inclusive was $156. It has not been replaced. The only 4* left is a non-inclusive which should be the Presidente. The 3 1/2 * AI is still there (you did not know which one it was, so I called it the Mystery Resort on my posts) and the 3* AI, identified as the Cozumeleno. This one has dropped in price from $133 to $113 since I have been watching it. The 3 1/2 has stayed in the $140 range. My plan was to book 5 days at the Grand (south end of the island) and 3 days at the Cozumeleno (north end). Both of these have good reviews.
  13. I was planning to bid for a trip to Cozumel in December. As of early this week the Grand Cozumel by Occidental- 4* all inclusive, identified by the amenities by this board, has disappeared from the listings. Is it customary that the resort will return eventually? I wanted to wait a month or so before booking due to the non-refundable nature of the deal.
  14. I started this thread and would be happy to snag the Allegro. Still looking for the identity of the 3.5 Mystery Resort listed above. Your Allegro amenities do not have a Spa and the Mystery one does. I am wondering if the 3* listed above at $145 is actually the Allegro as the amenities match?
  15. What do you think is the identity of the 3.5 Star mystery resort?