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  1. Hi Mods, No I did in fact choose the LAX area as I originally posted. If you view the map, you will see this is correct. N. Sepulveda Blvd appears to be the border between the 2 zones, and the Hacienda hotel is in fact on the west side, which is the "LA Intl Airport LAX area" zone. Could be why the information was incorrect on the Hotel List? Anyways, thanks again. Feel free to change the title back :)
  2. Spending some time here before a Christmas cruise. Almost booked the Hacienda for $85 simply because I had stayed there before and rather enjoyed it. Decided to go for the cheaper $53 2.5* on Hotwire, fully expecting it to be the La Quinta from my research, when I was pleasantly surprised to see it ended up being the Hacienda! Free Internet Airport Shuttle Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Self service laundry Internet access Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower Used the HOTWIRE links on top!
  3. Didn't see the posting from the guy that got The Arc for $75 T.T Put in $90 after seeing the other Marriot wins at this rate and was accepted at the first try. Still over a 50% discount off booking com and other sites so overall pleased as usual!!! Used the PRICELINE links to make the purchase. Thanks, Betterbidding!!! :D
  4. Kinda mixed feelings about this one....Happy with the price, but was trying to get the Holiday Inn for around $47, as I had already seen a few other board members get this deal over the last few months. I needed the hotel for today that's why my rebid increments are rather large.... $47 - Rejected $50 - Rejected $60 - Rejected Removed one day from the end of my trip as there were no more zones to add for more bids $65 - Accepted Was offered to add another day to my trip for the same price so I happily accepted, bringing my dates back in line with the original plan. $65 for the Sheraton is not bad, as it is an excellent property, so overall I am pleased. Just would have been nice to save a few bucks as I am staying 4 nights and it adds up. As always I used the PRICELINE link up top. Thanks betterbidding!
  5. Yeah don't be too upset, that hotel is *the* closest hotel in all of Vancouver to the airport. Richmond is so small you can throw a stone clear across town with ease (/sarcasm). The skytrain is a few minutes walk from this hotel, and I really think you would be much happier here than if you were at the Sheraton or Four Points (Both 3* hotels as opposed to your 3.5* win). Anywhere you could have walked to from the Sheraton/Four Points, you can walk to with just as much ease from the Delta :) Heck you could even walk to those 2 hotels from the Delta within 10 minutes.....No need for a car rental!
  6. Successful bid on the first try. Quite happy with this, as I stated in previous posts I very much enjoy this hotel, and for $60 it is worth every penny. To get it on the first try just makes my life that much easier :) As always, I used the PRICELINE link on top to make the purchase. Thanks, betterbidding! :)
  7. Have been trying for the past week to get a 3* hotel for anywhere between $60-$70, made a final try today as I need the hotel for tomorrow and it was finally approved. Got it on the first try at $60. Extremely happy to get the Holiday Inn, I have had the Sheraton here before and honestly the Holiday Inn is much nicer in comparison. As always, used the PRICELINE links on top, thanks betterbidding!!! :)
  8. Was originally trying to get the 2.5* Holiday Inn Express for around 50 bucks like another poster. Been trying this for a few days with no success 3.5* $55, refused 3* $55, refused 2.5* $50, refused Tried it today and decided since it was getting close to my date of stay I would up the ante by 5 bucks each bid. HOTWIRE was showing the cheapest hotel at $75 for a 2.5* 3.5* $60 declined 3* $60 accepted, four points sheraton Haven't stayed here before. I usually get either the Holiday Inn or the Holiday Inn Express when I'm visiting YVR and haven't had to bid more than $50 over at least 20 successful bids. We'll see if the extra $10 is worth it this time! Used the PRICELINE links on the top of the page. As always, thanks to this forum for helping me out! :)
  9. Good deal! I've stayed at both the Holiday Inn YVR and the Holiday Inn Express. Have to say I preferred the Express, even tho its 2.5* as opposed to the full blown Holiday Inn's rating of 3*. Rooms were absolutely identical between the two establishments, down to the T. The express has a bit better location, closer to the airport/skytrain, and also includes the free breakfast. Enjoy your stay!
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