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  1. Lowest available rate on website is $249. Saw $64 for the same resort on Hotwire, but the fees and taxes were $118.03 making the total for 4 nights $374.03. I was a little worried this deal would go away, but I decided to try priceline anyway since the fees were MUCH less. Tried $60 expecting not to get it, but I got it. Total for 4 nights over the 4th of July only $276.09! Subtotal: $240.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $36.09 Total Charges*: $276.09 The total is 26% less than the great Hotwire price and 75% less that the hotel website. I should have tried a lower amount first, but I'm still very happy with this deal. We love the Hilton Head Westin and we love saving money. We also this board. I just now realized I forgot to use your link. I'm really sorry about that :)
  2. After bidding several dates up to $80 for 4* and $70 for 3*, finally got offer accepted for $70 at 3* Brock Plaza for 07/25/06-07/28/06. This would not have been my first choice, but that is the chance you take. I could have booked it directly for about $82 and been assured a room with two double beds. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.
  3. Not the lowest price I have seen, but still good. I started at $40 and went up $2 with each free rebid. I stopped after $46 and started bidding 3* and 2.5* for less. Went as high as $38 on a 3* and $36 on a 2.5* before decing I would rather go a little higher on a 4* instead of continuing with 3* and 2.5*. Got the 4* for $50 after being turned down at $48. The prepaid non-refundable rate on the Westin web site is $89+tax for this night. This is just a one night stay on my way to Hilton Head Island from Nashville. I would have paid as much or more for a 2.5* booked directly, so I am pleased but not thrilled.
  4. Hotwire shows a 3* hotel on the beach for $43 per night from 06/19-06/23. The total with fees and taxes is $195.95 for the four nights. After applying the first time user code it would be $155.95, then with the Entertainment Book rebate it would be $125.95 for four nights on the beach in beautiful Hilton Head Island. What a last minute deal! Unfortunetly for me, I cannot take advantage of this deal due to a scheduling conflict.
  5. Another reason you may not able to get a good rate in Nashville now is that the CMA Music Festival is going on this week.
  6. Thanks for the info. My family is staying at the Hilton Head Westin in July. I will try the same thing, but I doubt it will work that week since they will likely be full. When were you there?
  7. Has anyone here ever used Restaurant.com certificates? Were you happy with them? I am planning a trip to Hilton Head Island. You can get $25 certificates for $10. There is also a 60% off code (52619) that is good through 5/20/05 making them only $4 each. This sounds like a good deal, but is there a catch?
  8. Yes, it does say Tennis Nearby. Sorry for omitting that.
  9. The amenities Hotwire lists for this hotel are Resort, Beachfront, Oceanfront, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, High-Speed Internet Access, Children's Activity Program, Golf Nearby and Business Center. I looked this morning and it was not available anymore. Of course, inventory comes and goes so it may come back. I'm glad I went ahead and booked it while I had the chance.
  10. :) Got the Westin resort on Hilton Head Island 07/10/05-07/14/05 for $73 per night. The Hotwire price the week before and the week after averages about $130 per night. I'm not sure why this week is so much less. Lowest price on the Westin web site for 07/10/05-07/14/05 is $229. There is a $10 per night resort fee due at check-in. Fortunately, this was my first time to use Hotwire so I was able to use the GIFTCARD06 code for $10 off per night. Total price with taxes and fees was $332.95, before the resort fee. I also ordered the Entertainment Book for $14.99 shipped to get the $30 Hotwire rebate. Without this site I would not have know about the code or the rebate. Thanks!!!
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