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  1. You may have is read my post - infants are an example. I am stating that you are legally required to state the correct number of persons at the time of making the booking. Trust me, i have magedhote reservations departments over 5800 rooms. YOU may not have heard about it it, or it may not have happened to you, but I am giving some advice so it does NOT happen to others. This is particularly prevalent in Europe.
  2. Love this hotel, i do know that parking is expensive but who cares. Lowest public prepaid rate 258 Won on first bid, very happy.
  3. Amenities See description Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Spa Services Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  4. $113.00 before taxes on Hotwire hot Rate / Secret Hotel Lowest rate on hotel website is $164 so NOT $300 as shown by Hotwire however still a savings 5-star hotel in L'Eixample - Passeig de Gràcia Amenities Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Looking at the hotel website now there is an offer of EUR15 per night to spend at the hotel if you book directly with the hotel ... so almost a wash but not quite
  5. Although it seems as if you have pretty much completed your search, as a hotel professional having worked all over the world INCL Europe would like to mention that I do not see the following mentioned enough in replies for people looking to have more than 2 people in a room. It is not whether you care or not if your kids/uncle/brother in law are squeezed into one room. There are VERY strict fire regulations in many European countries with regards to number of persons in a room, in some countries you are still required to hand over your passports. If you state you are 2 in the room, and there are more than 2, NO MATTER IF IT IS A 2 MONTH OLD INFANT - the hotel has the right to CANCEL your reservations with NO REFUND. And no, your cc company cannot back you up in these cases. I really would like to see this fact mentioned more for those wanting to sneak in an extra person. And no, it does not matter if you "put it in the notes or special requests", or call the hotel after. Forewarned is forearmed, and don't yell at the reception on arrival if you have issues in this regard.
  6. 3* Secret Hotel Was showing at $55 now showing at $57 however after taxes = $71.01, Hotwire shows a "regular rate of $97" Free parking Free breakfast free internet pet friendly Now showing up as $57 with a "regular" hotel rate of $97 however the current hotel rate is $65.00 and after tax 72.15 USD This is very misleading and I have to admit that I have never had this happen before, my fault I should have checked the La Quinta website directly first in the same way I checked other hotel websites before booking it on Hotwire
  7. I am Jewish and sympathize with your situation, however you have to understand that ALL BIDS on Priceline and Hotwire are final, and that they are under under obligation at all to refund you, and I would be surprised if they do. If you have special needs as you do regarding Shabbat, you need to purchase the hotels that you need directly, and not use sites where you do not get to choose, or you need to take insurance (but be sure to read the insurance fine print as well)
  8. "Around Atlanta" is a very big area. Are you referring to outside the perimeter, or inside the perimeter but not Buckhead or downtown? Parking in downtown can be up to $32 (Ritz Carlton) or less depending on if the hotel has it's own garage or use's a contracted garage, whether you self park or valet. Areas like Druid Hills, Stone Mountain, Decatur, Vinings probably don't, as may some hotels on the outskirts of Buckhead but inside the perimeter, as well as some in midtown. If you are concerned about parking costs using PRICELINE/HOTWIRE "name your own price" are NOT the best idea unless it specifically states "free parking" - you would be better off using their named hotels/named pricing so you can check the facilities directly
  9. Just an FYI that "airport shuttle" is more than likely a service.... Not free
  10. Just stayed at millennium CDG 2 months ago and can recommend it. (booked on PRICELINE $79 which is an excellent rate for that hotel) The east hotels are literally on airport property ..the west hotels are in what is generally referred to as a zone industrielle .. They (west hotels) are from what I believe serviced by the same shuttle bus which can take up to one hour because of numerous hotel stops and then 2 airport terminal stops however are really only 10 mins from airport. Most intl flights to the us leave from terminal 2 which is HUGE, you are dropped at the top of the bus drop off area which is NOT the same as arrivals/ departures, have to take one slow elevator down and then have a VERY long walk to whatever terminal you're at example 2A 2B. I used to live in France, speak French and even I felt it very confusing. There is no one to help with bags when bus drops you off. In short, nothing wrong with the west hotels however take a cab and don't rely on he bus unless you really have plenty of extra time ie arrive at chek in TWO hours before AND allow one hour travel
  11. having lived in France and worked in hotels there, I can tell you that what you can expect in Paris for $100 is not something that you will be happy with, think of the equivilant which is "what could I get in NY for $60". (taking into account big city and the exchange rate.) Certainly nothing near 4* and remember 4* Europe is not the same as 4* USA. Personally I would recommend sticking with a Chain type hotel (Novotel, Holiday Inn or Best Western) and visit their websites directly esp since you need a room with triple occ Remember if you book a double room and arrive with 3 people they have the right to cancel your res and NOT refund you, think FIRE REGULATIONS
  12. Original bid $75 per room for 2 rooms - rejected offered rebid of $89 which I did not do Waited 24 hrs and rebid at $79 for 2 rooms accepted YAY Don't have to share a room with aunty! No 5am wakeup!! :D
  13. I think that is a fantastic rate and the Millenium hotels are generally pretty good ...
  14. As mentioned before I love priceline and hotwire but sometimes (like the upcoming trip with aunt I needed to know what I was getting I reviewed literally hundreds of hotels on all the sites and read the reviews on tripadvisor. Having lived in France I know both that 4* and 5* hotels in Paris are enhorbitant and that the hotels in mid range are often not the same standards that we know in the usa So . .. this time I decided not to take my chances, even the Best Westerns, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inns were in the $250 range. I found a $319 (EUR 202) rate at the St James Albany, booked directly with the hotel - NO advance payment and cancel up to 24 hrs before with no penalty. Can't beat that or the location or the property for that price Otherwise there is a BRAND NEW hotel that is offering OPENING PROMO web only EUR 145 CANNOT BEAT THAT!!! http://legendhotelparis.com/
  15. great! I am looking for hotel in Paris - can you tell me HOW you searched? You say LOUVRE MARAIS but I can only see bidding options for LE MARAIS - REPUBLIQUE and I don't think it falls in there? Thanks in advance
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