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  1. Hi all, I wanted to check and see if anyone else has heard of issues with booking at the Omni Parker House via PRICELINE. I went online and read some troubling reviews from other Priceline customers who were told that they would get ONE double bed as a PRICELINE customer at the Omni and if they wanted to upgrade, the fee would be $50/night. I spoke with an Omni representative today who confirmed that with me. So, there is no way even if they had 20 extra king rooms available that they would give me a king bed. That seems absolutely ridiculous! Aren't we guarenteed at least two double beds as a PRICELINE customer? And, why would Priceline support a hotel that clearly discriminates against Priceline guests? This is concerning to me. I am glad my bid was accepted and quite low at nearly 40% off traditional rates, but does anyone else think is crazy - especially for a 4* hotel?
  2. Won Omni for $127/night for 5/31 - 6/3/11. Wondering if I wouldn't have gotten it for less if I waited a few weeks, but not a bad deal for a property located in prime spot.
  3. I was able to book 3* Stamford Plaza Hotel and Conference Center at $55/night. I initially bid $40 and Priceline indicated that if I upped my bid to $55, I would have better luck. Got the hotel for 5/25-5/26 for $55! Not a bad deal, I don't think.
  4. I haven't made any progress on the PRICELINE Boston stay of 5-31 to 6-3. I'm still staying around $120 or so though. I've found Ames hotel for $144/night on last minute travel site so may not go above this price on PRICELINE as I think I'd be happy there. I'm definitely ready to begin bidding on my 5-25 stay today! Thanks.
  5. Hello all, I am hoping someone has a good suggestion for me. I am traveling from NC to the Cape and am willing to stop most anywhere in NJ/NY (near Tappan Zee bridge area) and lower Fairfield County CT. I think pretty much anywhere in there will be a good place to stop on our way to the Cape. I am hoping for a pretty nice 3.5 or 4* property for relatively cheap (less than $50 would be GREAT) for the night of 5/25. I want a safe area and somewhere that doesn't charge an arm and leg for parking. I was thinking Stamford area and bid on any of the 3.5* properties there... I hope this is enough information and my question makes sense to everyone. Look forward to hearing any suggestions! Thank you for your time.
  6. No, this isn't my maximum bid - I am willing to pay $150-$180/night for a hotel that is 3.5 or 4*. Any suggestions on when to start upping the bid? How close to my dates of travel (5/31-6/3) do you suggest I wait to begin upping the bid? Is it safer to wait until closer to travel date just to ensure getting a lower rate - DOES that guarentee getting a lower rate? Thanks for everyones help!
  7. I was under the impression there weren't any 4* properties in the Harbor Front area? Am I reading the map wrong?
  8. clicked the link, and will always use that for future priceline bidding - no such luck today. im bidding around $90 now since my trip is still a few months out. Looking forward to hearing some strategies. ive tried adding different regions that don't have 4* hotels to increase bidding chances per day. thanks for your help!
  9. Desired max budget per night is around $130/140. I prefer to stay in either Boston HarborFront/Aqaurium, Copley Square area, or Financial District/Quincy Market area. Thanks for your help!!
  10. Hello, I am new to this forum and really enjoyed reading some of the posts thus far. I am also completely new to Priceline. I am trying to get a 4* hotel in the Quincy Market/Fin District area in Boston from 5/31-6/3. I have been bidding around $85-90. I see others who have gotten deals for that price in that area, but havent had much luck thus far. Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps I am still a little early in the bidding process? Any suggestions on how high I should go before moving to maybe the Theater area? I really prefer 4* or better! JUst trying to see the city, walking as much as possible. Thanks for your help!
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