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  1. I started bidding about a week before my travels. The bid started at $45. I kept going up incrementally by $5 until I reached $60 and kept getting rejected. Then I went up incrementally by $10. I knew if I couldn't get the 3.5* hotel downtown for $80, then I could buy the express deal of $81 for a 3* hotel. So I went for my final bid two days before I'd check in, at $80. It was accepted! Best part, I got a 4* hotel, which is even better! Saved about 50% off rack rate!
  2. My first bid of $52 was accepted for 3.5* Milwaukee Downtown hotels on Saturday, May 11th, 2013. I won Hilton Milwaukee City Center. I've stayed at this hotel before and thought it was a GREAT deal back in 2011 when I paid a little more and even more now, especially for an even better price!
  3. I checked Better Bidding first so I knew I would be able to bid $35 and get the Ramada Plaza airport for my stay in Milwaukee from 9/2-9/5/11. I have had very good experiences with my Priceline wins, but quite honestly, you couldn't PAY ME to stay at the Ramada Plaza Airport hotel in Milwaukee EVER AGAIN! I don't care if the rate was $35 per night. The lobby looked gloomy and plain. Front desk was under par. I've had better service from McDonald's. What was wrong? I arrived at my hotel room to find out that my room key cards successfully swiped but the door would not open. So I had to walk all the way back to the front desk to inform them. They reprogrammed my cards and we walked together all the way back to my room. The card swiped successfully again and she showed me how I had to push down and then quickly up and push/kick the door in to open it. Then she smiled and left with no apologies for having to deal with that crappy process. The room was ok. The ceiling had something black/brown on it as if something was swatted and died but never cleaned up. Gross! The following day, I ventured out and returned to my room later at night very tired. I just wanted to relax. I couldn't get into my room again only this time the swiper was not reading my card. So I walked all the way back up to the front desk to get my cards reprogrammed. I returned to the room successfully to find that housekeeping never cleaned my room. I had all dirty towels and couldn't shower right away as a result. I called front desk. They made me walk all the way back to the front to pick up towels. It's a long story, I know. But as you can tell, my experience was negative because they were pretty crappy in general but didn't even care to make the stay more comfortable or safe for me. A couple of months ago, Priceline put me in the Fairfield Inn by Marriott right across the street for only $10 more per night and it was almost perfect. So, honestly, there's NO excuse for this ghetto hotel. DON'T do it, not even for $35! You're better off getting a motel instead for that rate! Good luck bidders!
  4. 4* Chicago (Millennium-Loop-Grant Park) Palmer House Hilton, $77, 4/1/11-4/4/11 1st bid of $55 - REJECTED 2nd bid of $77 - ACCEPTED - Won Palmer House Hilton Will leave review of hotel after stay.
  5. 3.5* Milwaukee (Downtown) Hilton City Center, 3/30/11-4/1/11 PRICELINE: First bid of $45 (after reviewing betterbidding.com wons first) for 4* Milwaukee (Downtown) - REJECTED PRICELINE: Immediately rebid $55 and changed to 3.5* - WON Milwaukee(Downtown) Hilton City Center Haven't stayed there yet, but will see what I think. Will leave reviews after stay.
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