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    Been to London since I joined here (like 5 times w00t!!!), can't wait to find a new destination to bid on :D
  1. Used the Bidding.Helper for this PRICELINE EXPRESS win, very happy with the experience, at first price was $76 per night then when i went to purchase a little note came up saying something like "prices fluctuate, we're happy to give you a reduced rate" and the rate was $75. Had been hoping for the Ayres Anaheim near the Honda Center, but this was good too. I didn't know that the Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) stopped here, but happy to discover that it does (Route 14). Will be spending my birthday in DIsneyland, and 1 day running around the area (Pirate's Dinner Adventure, the outlets, Gardenwalk, etc.) so proximity not an issue as long as we had transportation (and no-hassle parking at the hotel); preferred a "fancier" hotel vs. a tourist hotel since this was more of a getaway. At bidding/selection, these were the amenities: Angels Stadium Anaheim Rated 8.0 out of 10 (or higher) - $76 per night Indoor or Outdoor Pool Pets Allowed Restaurant Fitness Center Free Parking Free Internet Free Breakfast Business Center
  2. Hello, Sorry I forgot to post that, I booked this hotel the 2nd day of Comic-Con 2009, can you believe it?? I booked it on Thursday, July 23rd for a stay from Friday July 24, through Sunday July 26th. Did I post a review? I thought I did. In a big nutshell, the hotel had just opened in July 2009, and is 6 blocks from the Convention Center. The staff is fun and young, look for Brandon the ONLY bellman the whole crazy weekend, and a cute Irish or British front desk staffer. Major CON - parking is Valet Only, $25 a day I think, and you cannot access your car unless you call them and have them bring it to the front each time. I had to call them to get my toothpaste (they brought the bag, sweet guys), to pack my Comic-Con goodies, to get my Comic-Con goodies, to get my glasses, you get the picture - the Valet staff was good-natured, although busy, and said they have calls like mine all the time. I did leave my car there after check-out for no additional charge - I figured for that price, I deserved a few extra hours of parking. The hotel view pics are REAL, you can see the field at PetCo park from the bar patio. Toiletries were by Aveda, great bedding and fluffy towels. This location and newness of the hotel were some of the only good things that happened at this hotel though, our main complaints were: 1) the room thermostat was on HEAT the entire weekend and could not be adjusted, the staff did not notify us and it was only when a sweaty me cornered the Maintenance guy in the elevator that he said there was a problem. 2) The first room we checked into wasn't ready, it was completely stripped. The front desk said the hotel computer had marked it as "Ready". The second room we had was the one with the AC problem, plus, it never got cleaned! We called for towels on Saturday night and the Bellman Brandon, who seemingly never slept the whole weekend brought us towels. The next day the housekeeper came after me for snagging soap and stuff from her cart, but we needed them since we had to shower so much from being in the hot room :) The cute guy at the front desk comped us breakfast when we checked out - sadly breakfast was over by that time, so we had juice and pastries. Bathroom was shower only with one of those rain showerheads. Another note is that the rooms are not carpeted, so easy to slip if you walks around barefoot like me. Hotel stationery and pencils and stuff had nice haikus and eco-friendly sayings. I would stay there again, but I think I'd take more of a stand for the minor mishaps, even as a Hotwire customer. BTW, the only mention of Hotwire was when we asked for 2 beds. ~W
  3. Hello Moderator :) The Annabella Hotel is on the same street/Side as the Anaheim Convention Center and the Hilton, which logically may make it Disneyland South, but logic doesn't always translate to Hotwire :) Orange County (Anaheim - Disneyland North) 3.5* Anabella Amenities: Boutique, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Laundry (VP currently showing Boutique icon again)
  4. Hotel was listed as a 4* with the following amenities: Boutique Hotel Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) High-speed Internet Access Hotel Indigo San Diego Gaslamp District 950 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92101 Great Location. Looks like the hotel just opened in July 2009 based on TripAdvisor reviews. Can't complain for the price as we paid $179 last year during Comic-Con for the Hampton Inn and I booked that months in advance. I think we're going to love the rooftop fireplace :) ~W
  5. Thanks much for the info, exchange rates, the economy, I need to escape :) I'll check out the transport website, sounds like it is just what I need. The $20 US/night or so saved by staying at the Airport may not be worth the commute, but we'll see... Can't believe to board Buffy costs almost as much as a hotel room! W
  6. Hello All, I have had a birthday trip planned to London from 10/24-10/30-ish. I am using miles and am flexible with dates. Due to all sorts of stuff including the high price of gas and boarding my dog for $40 a day here at home, I'm on a very limited budget. I'm considering bidding and staying at a Heathrow Airport hotel and commuting into London in order to save money. It looks like most winning bids have been around $60 USD and the Oyster cards would help save on transportation costs. I can't see on any websites what hotels are actually near an Underground or Train line to London - most sites say catch the Underground at the Terminals, but I'm not sure if that means that's the only place to catch it or if there are other stations. Does anyone have experience with this particular commute? And no, I can't postpone this trip until I have more money saved, I refuse to be in the States on my birthday :) Thanks! W
  7. Backstory: I live in LA, Inglewood near LAX, and am attending a convention this weekend. I was registered for all 3 days but only planned on attending on Saturday. Given traffic and the price of gas, I decided to see if I could get a room at the last minute. Anaheim Hilton 777 Convention Way Anaheim, California 92802 714-750-4321 Original bid was for $55 for Saturday night only, 3/1. First bid was $55 and accepted: Check-In Date: Saturday, March 1, 2008 Check-Out Date: Sunday, March 2, 2008 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $55.00 Subtotal: $55.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $14.35 Total Charges for Original Reservation*: $69.35 After thinking about it and deciding that I also wanted to go to Disneyland and possibly Friday workshops, I clicked on the link to "Extend your stay". I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if I could change my check-in date as I'd never used this feature before. New check-in date of Friday 2/29 was accepted: Check-In Date: Friday, February 29, 2008 Check-Out Date: Saturday, March 1, 2008 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $55.00 Subtotal: $55.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $14.35 Total Charges for Original Reservation*: $69.35 Note that the additional extended date reservation shows a check out the next day - the final confirmation shows a 2-day reservation, not two 1-day reservations. It looks like I probably paid $10/day over the recently posted winning bids, but given that this convention has about 30,000 attendees, I'm thinking the rate isn't too bad since the hilton.com website lists the lowest available rate at $159, now I can relax and get some work done too without driving back and forth for 3 days. It's a church convention too, so I guess I should attend for as much as I can :)
  8. Really? When I go to "View my trips" and then click on my trip it shows two links, one at the top and one right above the info I cut and pasted and it says "Happy with your hotel? Extend your stay!" Darn, I was keeping my fingers crossed. I'll try what the other poster said and call the Hilton Islington, but in looking at room dates and prices, the room rates have gone up to $500+ a night starting the 30th from their usual $300 a night, so possibly there's a convention or something. All in all, heck I'll be in London, so I guess it won't matter :)
  9. Things are in a bit of a tizzy right now - got lucky with my Paris bids - so I may just take what I can get for London and bid for another night elsewhere, but I think I will just go on Priceline everyday and click on "Extend Your Stay" as that link is always there and see what happens. FYI, I won the Islington Hilton and to my recollection did not bid on The City zone, but the Islington Hilton is listed on the hotel list here and elsewhere as in The City zone, so that just adds to the minor confusion for me :)
  10. Was getting a little desperate as we leave tomorrow for London and I hadn't had any luck after about 4 weeks of searching. In all my bidding I was only countered once, at $119 I think. Even after taht counter I had gone up to $120 several times for 3* and 4* with no luck. My basic strategy today was to start with 4* hotels and add zones until I ran out (you can use Batignolles - Montmartre - Republique as a free 4* re-bid zone), I bid up to $110 and then I added the 3* designation, but lowered my price as I was afraid of getting a horrible hotel :) This is what I got for a winning bid of $83 with all zones selected and 3* and 4* checked: Hotel Mercure La Defense Parc 3-star La Defense - Neuilly Rue Des Trois Fontanot 17/20 Esplanade Charles De Gaulle Nanterre, France 33 146696800 See Hotel Website Check-In Date: Sat, Oct 27, 2007 / After 12:00 PM Check-Out Date: Mon, Oct 29, 2007 / 12:00 PM Amenities: Remote Control TV 24 hour front desk Breakfast room Bar/Lounge Direct Dial Telephone Private bath Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$83.00 Subtotal: US$166.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$20.26 Total Charges: US$186.26 Hotel website lowest price was $360 total for both days, so I'm very happy. The hotel appears to be in Zone 3 right on top of an RER stop, so getting around will be a breeze. And I used the Savings Barn Link :)
  11. Got this hotel on my third bid, happy (extremely) with the price and location. Bid 5* Soho just as a lark - $70 Added 4* because I knew I didn't want to put in for all the free rebids for a 5* and added Marble Arch - $75 Added Islington - $80 The bad thing this is I put in the wrong dates, I needed a room from 10/29-10/31 and when the bid was confirmed and it asked me if I wanted to extend my stay, it said no rooms were available for 10/30-10/31. If I look up this hotel on Hotwire is it pretty sure I will get this hotel again? What does anyone think of me just bidding for a 4* in Islington for my extra night, how likely is it I would get this same hotel? It's really important that we don't need to switch hotels on Tuesday as we plan to be out starting at 6am for a day trip and can't come back to check out and move our luggage and don't want the hassle of checking out at 5am and going to anther hotel to store our luggage until we return. Moderator, feel free to move to run of the house or "stupid bidding tricks" or "check the dates AGAIN" sections :) Thanks, Wishful
  12. Keep in mind that I'm pretty new at this myself, so this could just be luck :) This is what I did for my $90 per night stay from 10/25-10/27 at the 4* Hilton Metropole: Started with Marble Arch $70 then basically added zones that had 4 & 5 star hotels only and added $5 to each previous bid. Zones Marble Arch $70 Rejected Westminster $75 Rejected Notting Hill $80 Rejected Earl's Court $85 Rejected Regent's Park - $90 Accepted HOTWIRE seems to have some 4*s starting at $130 a night for this weekend. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for all the Tube info, I'm very excited! I was so excited I also forgot to post my total price: Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$90.00 Subtotal: US$180.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$40.64 Total Charges: US$220.64 Bidding for Paris hotel rooms tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed :)
  14. Used the Savings Barn Link :) Started with Marble Arch $70 then basically added zones that had 4 & 5 star hotels only and added $5 to each previous bid. Zones Marble Arch $70 Rejected Westminster $75 Rejected Notting Hill $80 Rejected Earl's Court $85 Rejected Regent's Park - $90 Accepted Lowest Hilton.com rate $305.94 USD a night, so no complaints :) I've been to London before, so location wasn't too big a deal. We do have a 5:30AM Eurostar train to catch on the 27th, so it's going to be interesting in the morning, but heck, we'll be in London :o We'll also be back in London on the 29th and 30th, so we'll see what rooms I get later this week. Now if someone could point me towards some info on how to get to this hotel via Paddington Station - we're taking the Heathrow Express into Paddington - that would be lovely. Thanks, Wishful
  15. Thanks for the responses. I've heard some comments about the area not being so "nice", so your info helped clarify that - I'm in LA and used to pretty much everything, so it's probably not the worst area, but it's good to know to keep an eye out for things. I can't seem to be able to tell what if any public transport runs at 5am, I've checked several websites and I guess there are some bus lines that run all night but I can't tell what hotels they pass by at this point, the Metro seems iffy-ish as well. Yes, WillTravel, I was also wondering what we'd look like walking around with our luggage, so that was a consideration, but I guess I can't worry too much, I'll check out the Ibis Grands Boulevards. I'll probably make a changeable reservation somewhere now and then then do the SavingsBarn link thing in a few weeks (and pray for a cab). Now the actual excitement of going is overshadowing the fun of planning, I may not care IF we sleep when we get there much less where :) Thanks again, W
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