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  1. Thanks for the great information and insight! I have a win on Priceline for Saturday, 10/29/2011 at the 3* Oakland Marriott City Center for $45 using the PRICELINE link! I'm totally happy with that. Thanks again!!
  2. Thanks for the insights! I'll check HOTWIRE before deciding how to proceed.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I would like to name my own price on a three star in Oakland that is close to BART, and don't want to mess with something by the airport that would require that I use the connector bus to BART.
  4. in a recent post the two 3 star hotels in downtown Oakland (Eastbay (Oakland - Alameda)) were identified as 3* Courtyard Downtown 3* Marriott City Center (previously 3.5*) I need to have something within walking distance of BART. These two would be fine. Can anyone confirm that this is the population of downtown Oakland hotels? When I look at the "buy it now" option the Clarion is included, which would be fine, as well as airport selections. The "name your own price" Oakland/Alameda seems to exclude the airport area, as it appears to be separate. Can anyone confirm my observations? Not sure why the Clarion is not included in the downtown/Oakland-Alameda list, and want to make sure I'm not by the airport and have to deal with the shuttle. Thanks.
  5. What am I doing wrong if I see PRICELINE offerings near Oakland Airport when I select Oakland 3-star? I want to pursue the two Mariotts in city center. Thanks!
  6. Started at $90 in downtown, no go, added the Latin Quarter, still no go, hit at $95. Used the BB PRICELINE link of course! Thanks BB and users for the valuable service and information!
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