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  1. I had a good idea that this would be the hotel. However on the Priceline main hotel list it does state that there is an airport shuttle and there is not. Was able to use the local bus. Taxes for two nights were $37.58 so total for 2 nights $177.58 Started off at $50 and went up with $5 increments using area which did not have a 4 star hotel. Rooms small but very comfortable and clean.
  2. Started bidding 2 1/2 stars at $55 with free rebid $60 using West Jersey City with no 2 1/2 star hotels. 24 hours later same strategy with bids of $65 and $70. 24 hours later success with bid of $75. There was a 2 1/2 star on Express Deals going for $89. Upgraded to a 3 star Springhill Suites by Marriott.. Has 24 hour airport shuttle and free breakfast.
  3. Started $50 using free rebids with areas with no 31/2 star then upped by $5 each time. City Hall, then Delta, then Pitt meadows and won with $65.
  4. Pretty sure that I would get this hotel as only one that seems to come up at this star level. Bid $60 , taxes $17 but with $7 Priceline coupon only $70 total.
  5. Started at $50 added Airport North, no 3 star, at $55, then added Beach (unlikely to get) at $60 and successful. Have stayed there before. Great hotel with free airport shuttle and free breakfast.
  6. Clicked on Airport West Doral by mistake as was hoping to get Marriott Miami Airport again. No airport shuttle and resort fee of $20 makes it more expensive. Still lots of renovations going on.
  7. Booked this hotel a few months ago. This is a busy weekend in New Orleans. Unable to get a hotel downtown of FQ for under $100 so decided to stay near the airport.
  8. I had an idea that I would get this hotel from reading previous wins. Lovely hotel, free cooked breakfast. Free airport shuttle but need to phone from airport. Free shuttle to nearby mall.
  9. This was a lovely clean hotel. Bus stops outside to Hounslow West tube. A bit far from the airport though.
  10. I want to warn people about bidding for a 4 star hotel in London Gatwick. This hotel is supposed to be a 4 star but does not even have an elevator. I had contacted the hotel prior to arrival asking about this as I had seen the dismal reviews on Trip Advisor and was told they would give me a room on the ground floor. The room they gave me was upstairs. The room I was allocated was grubby and in need of a good clean. Cannot imagine how this hotel was 4 star and people who bid in London need to be aware that there are some very poor hotels.
  11. Started at $60 and worked up using free rebids. Total including tax $88.57
  12. Tried $43 declined, accepted $45 Free breakfast, airport shuttle. $25 per room shuttle to port.
  13. Last minute travel is showing a 4star hotel for $60 which is the Holiday Inn Express. I know because I have booked it for August. Includes free breakfast. Not sure if I can post this as it is a Priceline/Hotwire forum
  14. This is not Hotwire or Priceline so not sure if I am allowed to post this on here but Last Minute Travel has a 4 star LHR hotel for $60. This is The Holiday in Express T5 and includes free breakfast.
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