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  1. Amenities: Free parking Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Self-service laundry Internet access Hotwire probably shouldn't have this as a 3 star, we were hoping for one of the downtown waterfront properties. This price was available on PL regular booking for about $10 more. Used the BB HOTWIRE link.
  2. That is most likely the Residence in, Corporate Ctr W, Creekbank Dr, Mississauga. That property and the adjoining Courtyard offer free parking while most other hotels in that zone charge for parking
  3. ok thanks for clearing that up ...there was two wins reported that were close together in time for 4* Toronto DT, and the difference in the price looked to be about the difference in the exchange rate, but I guess it was one of the many factors that can affect winning bid prices.
  4. Priceline now allows users to toggle between USD and CAD for making bids or searching for express deals. (When I first used priceline circa 2006 I used a California zip code because the priceline forms had no format for Canadian addresses) I suspect that some of the price differences reported on the board for similar properties in Canada may be the result of posters posting two different currencies and not even realizing it. For the longest time CAD was near par with USD but it has been in the 80 cent range for the better part of a year. Clarifying currency in the subject lines of wins might be helpful to other users. I realize the board policy is to post in USD, but for Canadians bidding on Canadian properties using CAD as a default, posters may be posting results in CAD without even realizing the other posts are in USD.
  5. Bid $92 and 95 knowing PRICELINE EXPRESS had a 4 star for 103. Got counteroffer of 111 when I bid 92. Went with PRICELINE EXPRESS and got Sheraton. It's Thanksgiving here in Canada, so the Monday is a holiday and this may reflect weekend rates at a business hotel -- in re-zoned DT Montreal this is now the Financial District Zone. Going to watch CFL football Saskatchewan at Montreal at McGill stadium, on Thanksgiving Monday. Great atmosphere there I would recommend it to any serious football fan. Used [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link
  6. Bid up from $65 over 2 days, first SE zone, adding SW zone. I live in Canada, so Price.line bidding done in C$ ... So I'm assuming that 72 would work if bidding in US dollars. When I looked at PRICELINE EXPRESS, there was slight differences in price on the main site and a popup that appeared. Noticed the main site was C$ and the popup didnt say, so assuming it was US$ ...given the exchange rate, the differences seemed to mesh. On PRICELINE EXPRESS there was 3.5* in SW zone for 82, which could very well have been the Eaton Chelsea, so I knew what my bid ceiling was. Used link.
  7. Hi Weldergirl, I live near Toronto and go there alot. If you want to go to Wonderland and the concert, you'll pay alot less for the hotel if you don't stay downtown. Wonderland is in Vaughan, so that would be a great place to bid, there are many new hotels there. Which would have free parking. Downtown hotels charge around $20 a night for parking. I would suggest 3* and up, and since you aren't travelling for awhile, I would suggest bidding on Price.line at around $55, or less depending on whether or not there are HOTWIRE or PRICELINE EXPRESS deals less than 65 for your dates. Just rebid the next day rather than adding zones. Unlikely you can walk to Wonderland from the hotels in Vaughan, but parking is like $10. If you bring a cooler with food and leave it in your car, you can leave the park and go to your car and have a picnic, save alot of $ on Wonderland food which is not that great. You can also leave the park and walk across Jane St to some restaurants. There is a huge new mall in Vaughan called Vaughan Mills, and it has a legoland and a Bass Pro Shop. There is also two huge movie theaters with games rooms in that area, one of them looks like a giant UFO. Based on the hotel list here, if you bid North York/Vaughan zone 3*, the hotels are all in Vaughan, not North York. To go to the Rogers Center from there, drive to Yorkdale Mall ( hwy 400 south to 401 east, exit at Yorkdale road) and take the southbound TTC subway to St. Andrew station, then walk west on King St and south on Blue Jays Way. You can also take the subway to union station where there is a walkway to Rogers Center. Union is the stop for Air Canada Center as well. Or if you drive downtown there are small lots around Blue Jays Way/King St area that are less than the ones adjacent to the stadium. Hope this helps and you have a fun holiday.
  8. I think I found your hotel -- Comfort Hotel Airport North -- it matches the overall tripadvisor ratings and has free outdoor parking. It is on Rexdale blvd, so a bit further from the airport, but closer to the racetrack/casino.
  9. Very curious to know which hotel offers free parking. The only one I know of for YYZ is Courtyard/Residence Inn Corp Ctr West - which is in Airport West Zone. There are several 3 star type properties along Eglinton Avenue between Renforth and Dixie which would have free parking and would likely be in the Airport West zone. Residence Inn Airport shows $10 parking, (which is a great value for Airport East). If this is the Residence Inn, it would be an amazing deal at that price.
  10. Bid 48, given counteroffer of 62. Added Airport West, bid 53, rejected. Added Toronto West, bid 56 accepted. This is a nice hotel. I have changed my YYZ bidding strategy. I'm almost always driving when staying in this area, and have often stayed at Corp Ctr West Courtyard .. free parking, great rooms with either 2 queen or 1 King. That used to be a virtual lock bidding Airport West 3 star, however, Delta Airport West often is what comes up now, which has almost all 2 doubles, tiny rooms, paid parking and is much older. So now I avoid that zone, know that I will pay for parking in Airport East. However, I stick to 4 star -- as there are some terrible properties in 3 star YYZ East -- specifically the holiday inn, where there have been car break ins, and disgusting waste in the stairwells --- and the Radisson, which was pretty unkempt the last time I stayed there. Used the PRICELINE link.
  11. Same day bid...would have stayed downtown if the price was right, so bid downtown zones 65 then 70, then added Airport West, bid 48, and used don valley zone to rebid 55. Avoided using Airport East, as I like to target the Airport West Corp Center Marriott campus, which has free parking and is IMHO often one of the best values on priceline in Toronto. I use rebid zones where the price isn't generally as low as the airport...and the airport east zone has lower quality properties that charge for parking that are often won with similar priced-bids. Used the PRICELINE link.
  12. If you bid on "airport west" you are about 50/50 to get marriott courtyard (free parking) or delta airport west (paid parking). I would call delta airport west and ask them if "park and fly" can be added to an existing booking, then bid airport west. They are further from the airport but have shuttles. As far as airport east goes, I would ask the same question to radisson and holiday inn, the most likely 3* pricelines. For sure it would be better to book a "stay and park" rate directly with the hotel than to priceline and use one of the off airport "park and fly" places or the airport economy lot.
  13. wow that was a great score -- a friend's sister works there--apparently its an amazing place...should still be some fall colours then, and its nice to know this property can be had on priceline. enjoy.
  14. I live an hour and half from Toronto and priceline there alot for various reasons. Generally the airport area gets the best priceline deals, and weeknights DT successful bids needed to be in the $100 range (at least for me last fall when I needed downtown on a few different nights) ....during the film fest though I imagine this is right out the window. The DT hotel I found to be the best priceline value is DT south 3* --Radisson Waterfront Admiral...very nice location right on the lake with great vistas for photography, a short walk to the Rogers Center/CN tower, on the harbourfront LRT streetcar line. You might want to just try their website. DT North zone 3* gets a bit dicey as the Best Western Primrose comes up -- its not a great hotel, (I got a room on the smoking floor) and is not in the best area -- same thing for the Hilton Garden Inn on Jarvis St. IMHO the best bargain on priceline is airport west 3* where you you are virtually assured (based on many bids and monitoring boards) of getting either Marriott Courtyard or Delta Airport West in the 45-60 dollar range... (both nice properties in commercial areas and not on the usual airport "strip") -- sometimes less on weekends. These hotels however are not in Toronto but Mississauga so for transit downtown you would take a bus to the subway and need a separate fare (2.75 for TTC) not sure what it is for Miss. Transit. That trip would be about an hour. The airport east zone is the hotel strip where transit would be a bit easier (one fare), but the hotels are not as nice, usual 3*'s are Radisson airport and an older holiday inn. sometimes you could luck out and get the doubletree or one of the marriotts, but don't count on it. From anywhere in TO, the best way to get downtown is the subway, and getting hotel right on a subway line would be tricky with priceline. You would most likely be looking at bus+subway, 1 hour trip. Don Valley zone would be a good one to try. Avoid Scarborough-Pickering. Markham and Vaughan zones would have a transfer between 2 transit systems, like airport west, but have decent hotels that can sometimes be had and the transit situation would be somewhat bearable. Avoid all the other non "Toronto" zones (Oakville, Oshawa etc) they are farther out and you would be looking at a bus or taxi to the GO commuter trains which would be pricey and inconvenient. Hope this helps and good luck. Oh, from the airport to downtown there are "airport express" buses -- greyhound type buses that go to downtown hotels and union train station for about 25 bucks, you can store your luggage and its much quicker less of hassle than TTC from the airport, worth the $ for going downtown. All the airport east and west hotels have shuttles to the airport. Sadly the subway goes nowhere near the airport, so as I mentioned it's always pretty much bus-subway. But any hotel on priceline would have some kind of bus service nearby that would eventually connect with the subway, except for the outer suburbs. If you got an counteroffer for anything downtown, for around $100 I would either accept it or if you have time, try splitting the difference 24 hours later. I would be very wary of a "B and B" for 65...could be a slightly polished rooming house in a questionable area, unless their website has alot of pics...and you could use google street view to check it and the area out.
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