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  1. Thanks so much! Went with your suggestion and got the New York Hilton Midtown for $194. Total including taxes $282 Much less than website! Very happy! Thanks again!
  2. Hello, Looking for hotel near Lincoln Center. Budget would be ideally less than $250 Was thinking Hells Kitchen area, Central Park South? The Hilton Garden Inn seems to be the 3.5 star express deal but would like to bid to see if I can get it under the $297 Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I wasn't including airport as a free rebid with the 4* but I was using it as a free rebid when bidding the 5*. Any suggestions on the 5*?
  4. Hi, my bids have been increasing on both 5* and 4*with no luck. Bid of $165 for 5* turned down, no counteroffer. Bid of $115 for 4* gave me a counteroffer of $142. The rates are high that weekend for Easter and I am wondering if there isn't much inventory? Do hotels release more rooms as the dates get closer? Thanks.
  5. My bid for 5* of $145 was turned down as was my bid of $105 for 4*. I am worried if I put all zones I will get a hotel too far from City Centre. Any advice? So far have used all zones except South.
  6. So far up to $95 for the 4*. I've used the City Centre, Museum Quarter..added zone City Centre South and then added North. Still rejected. My $133 for 5* was rejected as well.
  7. Ok Thanks. Any advice for Priceline bidding? I see some winning bids for the 5* Grand Hotel Amrath and the 4* NH Amsterdam Centre but I am having no luck. Tried different re-bid zone combos and still nothing. I would bid up to $120 for a 4* and $160 for 5* but I would rather not have to go up that high. Just had $133 for 5* turned down.
  8. Can anybody help identify this Hotwire 5* property. I will be needing one room for the dates April 24-26 2011. Thanks. Offering for $197 a night. 5-star hotel in City Centre - Museum Quarter Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center
  9. Hello, I have been using Priceline to bid for either 4* or 5* in Amsterdam for almost a week. I have been following the boards suggestions about re-bid zones etc. I have been bidding up to $95 for 4* and $110 for 5* without so much as a counterbid. The dates are Easter Sunday and Monday so that might be the problem. There seems to be inventory at most of the hotels. I would prefer a 5* but would like to stay away fro NH Barbizon so maybe I should stick with 4*? Any suggestions? Thanks so much! April 24-26 2011 Thanks