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  1. We are traveling Thursday June 23 returning Monday June 27. I don't know what the taxes are. It looks like I can get a fare on Southwest for $150, but was rejected on PL at $135.
  2. I have used this site for Hotwire and Priceline hotel bids, but have never had much luck with either PL or HW for airfare. I am trying to get 3 airline tickets for around $100 to San Francisco or Oakland, from Oregon but with no luck. Advice?
  3. Just succeeded on SavingsBarn with $93 bid getting SF Hilton USW. :) I modified my dates to Thur to Monday June 23-27. I started at $65 and last rejected was $86. THanks for the help and the great site.
  4. 1. I did add the USE zone with my second bid, then continued to add zones as I increased my bid. I am in no rush and will keep bidding. 2. Thanks for the information on the conference! Bad timing on my part, but I am sure there is often something going on in SF. We are going for Alcatraz challenge biathlon, but I don't think that is bringing in many out-of-towners. We are traveling with our 3-year old, so need somewhere nice to just hang out, while Dad sinks-or-swims.
  5. I have been bidding on 4* hotels in SF. I started around $65 in USE, then added areas and continued to increase my bid. We tried four times, stopping at $85. I notice several recent winning bids at $75, so wonder what I am doing wrong. I am trying for June 24-28th (Friday to Tuesday.) Any advice? Thanks in advance. :)
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