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  1. My budget turned out to be $520 per night :-) I actually bid on the 4.5* hotel all the way up to $535 and did not win. I then concluded I could probably successfully bid a room at one of the 4* options for $350-375 or so (including the express deal at $375 right now). Faced with a bidding option of $375 for the lowest end room at an uncertain property, or a $520 per night "AAA Rate" option at Starwood's Le Meridien Delfina for a full Ocean view room with a balcony (and including FREE valet parking), I splurged and bought the $520 sure thing. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Being unable to catch a 4.5* up at $350, I will now consider the 4* options. The 4* Express deal was at $369. Will probably try for something in the low $300s. (Maybe I will try 4.5* one last time at a higher 300 level first.) I will probably just post once more at the conclusion of actually booking something rather than further distract everyone here with my drama along the way.
  3. Just had a failed bid of $351 for Santa Monica 4.5* August 10-14. Probably won't bid any higher on this without understanding what the range of possibilities is.
  4. I am noticing that Hotwire has 4.5* rated hotels in Santa Monica whereas Priceline does not. I'm pretty sure I know what you are going to say, but, is it safe to assume the 4.5* ratings in Hotwire (and star ratings generally) are equal for the same property between Hotwire and Priceline? Hotlines 4.5* properties are: Shore Hotel, Fairmont, Mirimar
  5. Thanks for the help. Can you help me understand why your are guessing those two properties at the 4.5* candidates? I completely understand that it is not reliable, but I would like to gauge that basis for the guess. If I felt reasonably confident that those were the two "most likely" chances, I'd be inclined to bid more aggressively. Thanks. again. Alan P.S. - Finally figured out how to locate and close the old Hawaii thread. Sorry.
  6. I wound up using frequent flyer miles for free nights this trip instead. Nothing won or learned this time unfortunately Thanks for the help..
  7. I just bid $320 per night for the 4.5* Santa Monica hotel and Failed. I know I can get a 4* PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for $369 now, so I would probably not "Bid" at or above $320 for a 4* hotel, given the lower information rate available in bidding. My view is that I'd like to have narrowed the list of possibilities for both the 4* group and the suddenly new 4.5* group down before seriously bidding on either.... How do you propose to do that, given my previous comments, which i've reiterated below: I THOUGHT THIS BOARD COULD HELP WITH THAT. I GUESS YOU ARE SAYING THAT 4.5* IS A COMPLETELY BLIND CRAP SHOOT NO MATTER WHAT (WHICH IS FINE IF THOSE ARE THE FACTS).
  8. My view is that I'd like to have narrowed the list of possibilities for both the 4* group and the suddenly new 4.5* group down before seriously bidding on either, which is why I started with such a low bid and asked for help trying to identify and understand the new 4.5* group I described above. My maximum might be $350 for the 4.5* and $300 for the 4* group hypothetically, depending on the list of possibilities within each. The Express Deal that initiated this thread is now down to $369, interestingly....
  9. I just bid $260 for the 4.5* and lost and then added the 4* and still lost at $260. I would make better decisions if I knew which were possible in the 4.5* category as mentioned above.
  10. OK. I AMm going to try and bid for a lower price than the express deal. When I go to bid, I am given a distinction between 4.5* and 4* in Santa Monica for the Name Your Own price screen. However, when I view the Express Deal screen and/or the List View Screen there are only 4* and 5* categories, no 4.5*. How do I know which are falling into this strange 4.5* category for Naming My Own Price.....? I'm not sure if I'm ok with the 4* or prefer to go with the 4.5* category for my bid.
  11. I just purchased the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for $128 per night on a 3* hotel for one night in Saratoga Springs NY (amenities = pool, parking internet, business center and fitness center). The property turned out to be the Hilton Garden Inn. Its a great deal. Currently advertising a $359 per night rate! (During racing season no less)
  12. Checkout on the 14th. I feel like the hotel will Beach the Ocean Beach Club, which I'm not overly happy with. So I think I will re-evaluate other options and not bid.
  13. Yes, I am seeing something different. Express Deal. 4 star, with pool. August 4-10. $406 per night.
  14. I wound up using frequent flier miles for free nights on that trip to Hawaii instead of buying or bidding on anything. Bidding to win stays at the Makena Beach and Golf resorts has been among the best deal I've ever found anywhere though, thanks to you guys. Highly recommend the property or fantastic value in Maui. The pool is a bit plain, but otherwise its a fantastic property with great landscaping in a beautiful and quiet-ish ritzy part of Maui. And nearest to Little Beach, which is our favorite! Anyway, the $406 Express Deal I am trying to ID here is described as a 4-star property with pool in the Santa Monica neighborhood. those are the only criteria producing the $406 Express option. I'd like to stay in a 4 or 5 star property in Santa Monica for under $400 (before taxes and fees). Is there any way to guess what the most likely properties are that I would be bidding on with that criteria....? Thanks.!
  15. Any good guesses as to what hotel is being offered for the Express Deal of $406 per night for 5 four-star nights in Santa Monica starting Monday August 10? Is it reasonable to assume that this same hotel would be the one I would get if I successfully bid on a 4-star hotel in that area at that time? Thanks!
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