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  1. Sorry. I don't know how to edit my original post. The hotel is Holiday Inn Downtown - Market Square.
  2. Wanted downtown but cheap. I'm happy with the result, as this hotel has free parking and internet, is close to the Mercado or 1/2 mile from the heart of the Riverwalk (or a $1, 5 minute bus or trolley ride), and has just completed a multi-million dollar renovation. Bidding history: Downtown - $48 Downtown + East - $50 Downtown + South - $52 Downtown + West - $54 Downtown + East + South - $56 Downtown + East + West - $58 - they made a counteroffer to raise my bid by $17 Downtown + South + West - $61 Downtown + East + South + West - $65 - Accepted! Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $65.00 Subtotal: $195.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $42.32 Total Charges*: $237.32
  3. Turns out to be the Clarion. Amenities: Airport shuttle, fitness center, pool, restaurant, business center, laundry facilities. Not a happy camper. Tried for 4 days to get the 3* S. CS at prices that varied from $56 to 62. It was a perfect match for Doubletree. Every time, it came up with an error ("We couldn't process your request. We're sorry, but we are unable to complete your request. We are currently experiencing problems exchanging information with our hotel partners. Your credit card has not been charged. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again in 10 minutes. etc., etc.). Twice I called Hotwire's Customer Care, they just sort of scratched their head, couldn't do anything or advise anything. They did help get multiple holds off the credit card. Other 3* were much more expensive. Decided to drop to 2.5*, have had good luck in the past getting rooms with kitchenettes in this class. Was very saddened to get Clarion. Hope its OK. Checked a few hours later, they'd dropped the price $4/night for the same property on Hotwire, just to pour salt on the wound. My consolation is that the best rate on the hotels website is $129/night for those dates. Also, checking multiple hotel sites (ICH, Hilton, Marriott, Choice) shows over half the hotels already full with high rates on those available for this holiday weekend. Also, the location is very convenient for most of the sights.
  4. From Providence, you can catch Amtrak into South Station in Boston (a $10 shuttle bus from airport to train station), transfer to the Silver Line T to the airport. You can then do without the car - useless in Boston anyway.
  5. Oops. You wanted a strategy. Fortunately, you have plenty of free rebid zones if you want 4* - Airport (A), Executive Center (EC), Diamondhead (D), even Ihilani (I) since I've never seen it awarded. With Waikiki North (WN) and Waikiki South (WS), you have lots of permutations of bids: 1. WN 2. WN + A close browser, start new session 3. WN + EC 4. WN + EC + A close browser, start new session 5. WN + D 6. WN + D + A close browser, start new session 8. WN + I 9. WN + I + A close browser, start new session 10. WN + EC + D close browser, start new session 11. WN + EC + I close browser, start new session 12. WN + D + I 13. WN + D + I + EC close browser, start new session 14. WN + A + EC + I close browser, start new session 15. WN + A + D + I close browser, start new session 16. WN + A + D + EC close browser, start new session 17. WN + A + D + EC + I You can then repeat the 17 bids with Waikiki South. Then do it all over again with WN + WS and each permutation. 51 bids, all in one day. If no luck, start all over the next day a few dollars higher. Sorry, I got carried away. Pretty silly, since it'd take you lots of time to do this much bidding, but it's possible. Seriously, If you start bidding in Waikiki North at $130, you've got a good shot of getting it on first bid. If not, start adding a few bucks and a free rebid zone. If you want Waikiki North, you'll probably have to start higher. And I wouldn't bid the two together if you don't want Hawaii Prince.
  6. True - Hawaii Prince goes for $130, sometimes $140. Rarely see 4* in Waikiki South for that low - usually the Marriott goes for $160-180. So make sure if you are wanting the South and you are well above $130 that you don't include Waikiki North, else you might wind up with the Prince at $150 or more and will have overpaid.
  7. Also, regarding your question about whether a week before would be to late to start bidding - possibly. I'd start bidding right away, with each session working its way up to a reasonable cap ($70 or so). If I had no success by a week before the trip, I'd start each session a little higher than the one before. While it's true some hotels don't release inventory until very late, it is also true that some sell out their inventory quite early. According to the convention checker, Siggraph expects to draw 20,000, one of the largest convention crowds of the year. Also, still at the height of the tourist seaon. I wouldn't wait too long.
  8. Siggraph is 8/1 - 8/3, so there's a bit of vacation/exploration included in the timeframe. Unfortunately, you aren't going to find much, if any, in the $50-$60 range. The Revere/Logan area has lowest PL prices, sometimes in that range, and is quite convenient to WTC area by the MBTA Silver Line. I think you'd have to go to Peabody/Danvers, Waltham/Newton, or Woburn/Wakefield to find similar values. Consequently, I'd include the Revere/Logan in all free rebid permutations. You might get lucky and get DT, Copley, or WTC, but I'd bet almost any amount that you'd get acceptance from Revere/Logan first. If you wind up with anything other than DT/Financial, Copley/Back Bay, Revere/Logan, WTC, or Cambridge, you may be well outside your 20 minute commute. Brighton/Brookline, South Boston, and Medford/Somerville might be close. Good luck.
  9. Just booked the second half of our trip (after 5 days in Boston). Could have probably done better by waiting, I'm just glad I've got it out of the way and can start planning activities. I bid $60 for Portland-Portland West - rejected. I bid $70 for South Portland-Scarborough - rejected. Added Portland-Portland West, bid $75 - rejected. Added Biddeford-Saco, bid $80 - accepted. Your Offer Price: $80.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $240.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $29.58 Total Charges: $269.58 I used the SavingsBarn link.
  10. We really wanted to stay downtown or in Copley area. Perhaps could have gotten a better price if I'd waited until more inventory opened up, but I'd been tracking prices for my dates in a spreadsheet for about 2 months and some had started to go up. 3* downtown rates for my dates were $309 at Marriott Long Wharf, $250 at Holiday Inn Govt. Ctr., $243 at Radisson, $259 at Doubletree, and $253 at Park Plaza. I've read all the reviews here, "that other website", TripAdvisor, Yahoo Travel, both good & bad. I think we'll be very happy (we're not very demanding). The location is FABULOUS! I'd tried to lowball this ($60's & $70's) with weekly bids for a couple of months, decided to go up to $100. I bid $70 on Downtown-Charleston - rejected I bid $80, added Copley - rejected, but with a $22 higher counteroffer I bid $90, added South Boston - accepted Your Offer Price: $90.00 Extend Your Stay Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 5 Subtotal: $450.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $70.14 Total Charges: $520.14 I used SavingsBarn.com link.
  11. Accepted on first bid :) , which means I paid more than I had to. This is a holiday weekend and the start of the high season for CS hotel rates. Several properties were already showing no vacancies on Expedia and Orbitz. So I bid about where I'd seen other successful bids and was prepared to go up with free rebids. Surprise. Best rate on Sheraton's website for those dates was $119/night. 2 nights @ $55 = $110 + $19.51 taxes & fees = $129.51.
  12. Oops. The $30 rebate requires the Entertainment Book. The $50 credit only requires that you enter "GIFTCARD06" when making the Hotwire reservation (enter it as a coupon or discount code on the bottom half of the payment screen). Still, the Entertainment Book will pay for itself several times over with all its restaurant and attractions discounts and 2 for 1 offers, and you have plenty of time to get one before your trip.
  13. Yes. I booked the same hotel for 9/24-10/1. We paid $78, but note it has gone down some. We saved an additional $50 ($10/night for up to 5 nights) by using the Entertainment Book link to HOTWIRE. The credit is given at purchase time. There is another $30 rebate you can file for after that. If you haven't gotten an Entertainment Book yet, do it - they only cost $10 + shipping, and coupons are valid until end of October. But back to your original question - yes, this is the exact amenity listing for the Radisson Prince Kuhio.
  14. Just got back from our trip, thought I'd post a review on the La Quinta in San Angelo. We stayed 1 night, 6/1 - 6/2/2005 on our way to San Antonio. The La Quinta is on the far southwest end of town and would be convenient for Angelo State University, but not downtown San Angelo. This hotel looks old and run down from the outside, but was very clean and everything worked well mechanically, from the A/C to the TV to the shower and commode. They had free wireless internet, which I had not expected, as well as free local calls. The TV had Lodgenet with about 20 channels, including HBO. The sink and counter were outside the tub/commode area, and had lots of room for all my wife's stuff. Breakfast was assorted breads, pastries or cereal, apples or bananas, make-it-yourself waffles, juice, and coffee. It wasn't great, but it was free. Sheets and pillows were thin, but this is par for the hotel class. Noticed a slight smoke odor in our non-smoking room, but my wife thought it was just mustiness from the filter in the wall A/C. Checkin was simple. Since it was prepaid, they didn't even ask for a credit card for incidentals. All in all, an extremely pleasant stay from a budget hotel.
  15. The title pretty much says it. Will be in San Antonio June 2-5, but decided we'd leave after work on Wednesday the 1st and take part of the drive before bedtime. That way we can spend a few hours in Fredericksburg before heading into San Antonio. Tried Abilene first, no luck with bids of $38 (for 2.5*) and $42 (for 2* - no free rebid zones). Decided to try San Angelo - it's about the same distance, just a different route. No bid history on this site or that other one. Priceline's Shop and Compare showed HoJo, Days Inn, & La Quinta as 2 star - nothing higher. I bid $38, accepted first bid. $50.35 with taxes & fees.
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