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  1. HOTWIRE link used. $85.30 with taxes. Amenities listed included pool, laundry, internet/wifi, pet friendly, free parking. Good price and excited about central location.
  2. Used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link to initiate my purchase, of course. Been doing incremental bidding for the past 2 days. Went from $100-$121 yesterday with no luck. Started at $122 today and finally got a taker at $131... at 4* none the less! Was hoping for a 3.5* in a different area (Lake Union, UW) but got thrown this curveball. I guess the point here is that if you're looking for a hotel on the same day, wait until it gets closer for a potential better value or choose areas without 3.5* hotels instead of Downtown for your rebids. I didn't have the luxury of last minuting this one. Cheers, Jim
  3. Hello again! Was shooting for the Deca in Northgate based upon Priceline Maps info. Bid $65 with Northgate only selected and no dice. Upped to $67 and added Pike Place, and BAM, I ended up with Hotel Max. Definitely not my first choice but still a stellar deal for this property IMO. Now just to figure out how not to get bent over on parking in the 'hood. As usual, I used the PRICELINE link from this site. Cheers, GBO
  4. Need to add this one to the master list! This was not a previously listed 2* hotel for Bend on here... Not only is it a screaming deal, but its actually walkable from downtown (unlike many of the other Priceline hotels!) Yesterday I bid $57 for a 2.5* and got a counteroffer of $72. Naah. Try again tomorrow. Today, I didn't want to mess around since the weekend was approaching. I had bid $60 for 2.5* and got another counteroffer of $74. I added 2* and lowered my price to $52 and got it right away. Reviews on google seem legit and VERY positive. Will report back. Very happy with this deal (as of now, anyway). Thanks, and as always, I used the site's PRICELINE link. -Jim
  5. Just wanted to share the experience of my recent visit booked thru this site/Priceline. My friend also booked this deal separately and had the same experience. Pan Pacific Seattle typically includes free valet parking and entrance to the Experience Music Project with all rooms. When I asked about it, I was flat out told that it was not included with my room because I had booked through Priceline. I kind of understand this but wanted to share the experience!
  6. Going up to Seattle for an event and saw these deals popping up so I thought I'd give 4* a whirl. Of course, I used this site's PRICELINE link. After seeing the $69-$70 successes, I started at $67/Space Needle figuring I'd go up $1 whilst adding Pike & Northgate. On my first bid ($67), I got an immediate rebound offer of $80. F that! Next bid was $68 with Pike Place added, NAILED IT. Happy with this price!! Jim
  7. Used the PRICELINE link, as usual. Bid 3* at the forum-recommended $45, it came back with a counterbid guarantee of $53. I went back to the options and added 2.5* since the Red Lion typically goes for low 50's. Bid $47 and got the Hilton, just as I wanted. Bid smart! -Jim
  8. After seeing the $117 4* win recently, and having no luck with the 3*'s in the $95 range, I went for this and hit it on the first try. Used the PRICELINE link, as always. $277.28 after fees and taxes and whatnot. Happy with this deal, and hotel appears to be in the center of the action. Now on to dealing with parking!! :)
  9. Used the PRICELINE links as always.. As you can see, I couldn't manage 3*. Went all the way up to $99. Ended up dropping down to 2.5 and 2*, got the Days Inn on Aurora for $55, $70 after fees. Allows me more $ for my BC hotels, and I can have a few at the Naked City Brewpub and walk back to the hotel.. Bonus! Just got to avoid the meth dealers and hookers on Aurora :) Now off to bid on Vancouver stuff... -Jim
  10. im trying to pull off 1 night in seattle & 2 nights in vancouver for $350. no go up to $93
  11. Of course, I used the PRICELINE link here on the site. Went all the way up to $83 adding zones 4,11,12 & 13. Tried shifting down to 2.5* at $60 as well, another rejection. I'll keep trying, fingers crossed these absurd prices take a break.. otherwise I'll be staying in the 'burbs.. :) -Jim
  12. Ive been following this price increase.. wondering if it's a seasonal thing, or just the fact that these dates are so far out. Anyone see this as an annual trend for the summer or what?
  13. Well, I tried for 3* at $55 and got denied with a $70 counteroffer yesterday. No takers. Tried $56 for 3* today ($70 with taxes/fees) and got denied. No counteroffer. So I went for the Travelocity link and hit up the Top Secret hotels. There was a 3* on there for $62, which was less after taxes/fees ($69). Booked it! Turns out to be the Phoenix Inn. Good stuff, thanks for the assistance.
  14. word. im going to do some aggressive increasage this afternoon and will report back. hotwire's upped the red lion to $71, so i'm hoping i can get this taken care of in the 50's.
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