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  1. Extended Stay America - Ft. Lauderdale - Convention Center - Cruise Port Bid 55 which totaled $67.69 same as the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal price. Glad it has shuttle & breakfast.
  2. EXPRESS DEALS: 3.5 $66 3.0 $70 2.5 $57 But using this link prices were $1-2 more, Why? Concluded by guest review ratings 3.5 might be Cambria (restaurant & no comp b'fast); 3.0 Comfort Suites Airport South; 2.5 Quality Inn & Suites. Bidding for at least a week adding Cruise Port which I wouldn't mind but know it's higher priced. Got up to 3.5 $51 (don't really want it) 3.0 $52 2.5 $53 Always have found that bidding I could pay a little less but it looks like I should take the Express Deal and be satisfied. I'm looking for inexpensive, clean, airport shuttle & maybe b'fast but I don't want to use all of the $100 or so I saved in airfare by overnighting in FLL. North hotels in this category don't seem very nice but I have used it in the 3.5 & 3.0 for rebidding.
  3. Today, the day before my travel, I see Hot.wire has 3 stars for $95 and now I wonder if i was in too much of a hurry. Ah well you never know. The difference of $24 would have nearly covered my taxi. This trip started with frequent flyer miles, but with these extras I should have bought my ticket outright and saved my miles for a better itinerary.
  4. Yes, I'm traveling solo; but if need be I'll have a local friend meet me to travel with me.
  5. I hope we're just being pessimistic in thinking there's no way they will transfer my bags, but it's one continuous ticket with an 18 hour layover. Any ideas on the cost of a taxi? Otherwise I'll use ETS's airport to door service where they'll take me to the hotel for $38. Anybody know what a taxi would be or what AA's policy is for dealing with bags when going out of a different airport on a one-ticket flight?
  6. I'm on a connecting flight so I'm not sure if American Airlines will make me transfer my bags from LGA to JFK. So far I've thought that after my 1:30 PM arrival at LGA I'll take the NY Airporter or ETS, to the JFK terminal, then going with AirTran to Federal Circle, then the hotel shuttle. Supposedly that's less than $15, but I'm not sure how many dollars worth of trouble that might be.
  7. Started 12 days ago preferring the three star, bidding as low as $80 but inching up from 101 to 119. Expect it to be okay. Now I got to figure out the best way to get from LGA to JFK and to the hotel, as I'll leave out early the next morning from JFK.
  8. WON AT $92 Unsuccessfully bid $86 yesterday. PRICELINE EXPRESS had 3.5* for $98 and Hot.wire had 3.5* for $95 so I started with $92 and won. $111.43 total. Went for the higher stars but actually prefer the freedom of the other Marriott related properties on the complex, like Courtyard or Residence Inn, which have breakfast and free Internet. The difference I found a couple years back is in the higher starred Marriott brand, everything costs more and you need to tip more often for services. It's for one night so I'm sure it'll be okay
  9. Admin, is the Comfort Inn & Suites JFK which you guess It might be, a 3*? I was looking at another time and also wondered what the 3star JFK properties might be.
  10. Bid $39 for one night, and suggested to adding $7. Added another night and bid $42 and got this one. Wanted to be close to Staples Mill Train Station. This is 2.9 miles away.
  11. Two nights of bidding starting at $37, going from 4* down to 2.5* focusing on BWI or Inner Harbor. Son takes LSAT at University of Maryland Baltimore County, 9 minutes, 6 miles away. Used Baltimore West and Glen Burnie as rebid zones as they only have 2 star properties.
  12. Started at $35 between 2.5* & 3*. One thing I'd never done before was get three tries by bidding one day 7/22, then 7/23, then 7/22-23, $40, $45, and $48.
  13. Overnighting between flights; very pleased to get a suite hotel for three of us--parents and a teen. Only regret is after I was rejected for $50, I thought I might have to get outside of hotels that have airport shuttles so I tried for a car rental. Since Hotwire was listing for $24.95 I was so surprised to get a car for $17. I get in from one flight at 6:30 PM and leave at 9 the next morning, hopefully I can get some use out of the rental. Fortunately too the hotel has free parking.
  14. Would have been okay with the 3* Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore which others have gotten for $50 or even the 2.5 Mount Vernon. So tomorrow, what should I bid? Funny thing I find is the higher up in stars, the more you have to pay for other things--like Internet, breakfast, and parking, whereas the 2* and 2.5* have free Internet and breakfast. Don't see any other bids for this weekend with Elton John at the 1st Mariner Arena.
  15. Staff was kind and quite accommodating especially as I sought a scale to check luggage weight (when they were alerted that the one in the exercise room wasn't working they found another for me to use and then went about to replace the broken one). Thought I'd have to pay $20 for valet parking but found a space on the street. Good coffee available all hours; computers and boarding pass printer in lobby were convenient. Room was pretty spacious with fridge. Shuttle to airport was convenient so I accompanied my son for his flight and came back to leave later in my rental car.